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Sunday Supper: The Christmas Pudding Adventure continues

We should make a special occasion of Sunday Supper, using the time for family and friends… connecting in the best way, at the table. I have a follow up for you. You may recall that I was resolved to make … Read More

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PRAYERCAzT: Sunday Vespers, with lots of frills (Liber Usualis) – 3rd Sunday after Epiphany – Fr. Z rants a little.

Lots of frills this time, for the tired brethren. However, I did something different time. I sang the whole thing from beginning to end using the Liber Usualis. NOTE: Most of the year people will sing the Salve Regina rather … Read More

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A thought for the “Lord, I am not worthy” at your next Mass

No one is, in the strictest sense, “worthy” to receive Holy Communion. Yet the Lord wished it to be so, and so, he makes us “worthy” in our membership in His Mystical Person by our membership in the Church, by … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: freeeeezing cold edition

It is cooooold here and all the visitors are doing their puff-ball imitation.  They fluff up their feathers to hold in their body heat. They need a lot to eat in this sort of weather, and they are eating! Some … Read More

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New… Newer… Newest Evangelization

We have yet to see action from the Vatican’s new office for “New Evangelization”, which was created… to.. ehem…. to… well… Archbp. Fisichella is the President of the new office to help promote a restoration of the Faith in places … Read More

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