Blogs You Might Consider

I like bloggers who work and play well with other bloggers. Some don’t, you know. Some bloggers think that others bloggers are competition. I think we can all help each other out.

Here are three who have lately caught my eye.

For your consideration.

  • Catholic Fiction: Responding to Myths & Half-Truth is run by a young man with zeal. He is into apologetics and has quite the grip on web development and social
    networking.  He also adds this blog’s new entries to his Twitter feed!  I appreciate that!
  • Ex Fide is the blog of another young man, an Anglo-Catholic and the sacristan of the beautiful (quite high) Anglican Church St. Magnus Martyr in the City (for people in Rio Linda, that’s in London, which is in England, a whole other country).  I am particularly glad to add this blog, because of the link between the church, which I have visited and posted on here, and a favorite poet of mine T.S. Eliot.  The blogger says, “I have a particular interest in the liturgy and devotions of the Church.”
  • The Crescat… what does one say?  Her not quite comprehensible blog title does invite a little head scratching.  She has a mordant sense of humor and great openness about her personal travails, be it marriage and dating or, on the other hand, her admiration for real women religious.  Her “DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to sanity or rational thought on this blog is purely intentional, though may be highly incomprehensible.”  She also has some useful contests including Ugliest Vestment, Tacky Catholic Kitsch Award, Ugliest Church Art Contest, “Is it a Catholic Church or a Prison” Contest, Bad Art Makes Baby Jesus Cry, and Every tacky nativity scene every created.

Go spike their stats and enjoy.

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