Feed the birds!

There is a sale on feed going on at the bird store right now.   I want to go to the store in a couple days and stock up while the prices are lower.

Will you help?  I feed the birds from donations alone.

It is really cold right now.  This morning when I got up is was -5°F.  They need food with a high nutritional content.

Thank to all of you who have helped in the past.

You can watch some of my feeders (and sometimes my office) via a live stream.  There is also sacred music (mostly) on the stream and prayers in Latin, such as the Rosary in Latin and Litany of Loreto, etc.  (As I write there is Russian polyphony of the Our Father.)

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  1. Charles E Flynn says:

    An article in a recent issue of The Spectator makes this surprising point:

    The BTO believes that we should not confine supplementary bird feeding to winter since, counterintuitively, April is the cruellest [sic] month. This is because forage foods are exhausted, flowers have not yet set seed but the breeding season has begun, when adults need calorific foods to lay good egg batches and to give them energy to search for insects for their young.

    The article begins at:


  2. TmeDoyNel says:

    JUST bought bird feed for the first time in YEARS yesterday!

    Beautiful photo. One of my favorite sights is a bright red cardinal sitting on a bare branch on the maple tree outside our dining room window. Hopefully someday I’ll have the patience to sit and wait to capture this in a photo.

    Charles – I never knew that. I’ll be sure to remember to save/buy some more seed in April!

  3. JaneC says:

    That bird looks like he’s saying a prayer before eating! Perhaps I should send my bird feeder money to you instead of spending it on my own feeder. I’ve had a suet feeder out since November, and only half of it has been eaten! I think my dog, although he’s usually in the house, scares the birds away.

  4. AnAmericanMother says:

    If you add a variety of seed along with the suet, you’ll probably attract some birds who don’t care for suet. I find that the woodpeckers and chickadees here are the suet hounds, while the cardinals, towhees, titmice, thrushes and robins go for the black oil sunflower feeders and all the finches head for the finch feeder.
    The feeders are located near bushes and small trees, so that the birds don’t feel exposed in the middle of the yard. The birds don’t seem to mind my three rambunctious Labradors, they run out and bark, the birds fly up into the azalea bushes, the dogs lose interest, the birds come back. And so it goes.

  5. Random Friar says:

    Mr. Flynn’s article points out that along with some species, the Starling has plummeted.

    How do we get that to happen here in the States, the ridding of Starlings, I mean? That is one annoying species (always flocking to every cast off french fry) that has harmed native bird populations.

  6. Lynne says:

    I clicked on the link just now and it’s working fine. There was 132 of us looking at a bird-free feeder…in the dark… lol I’ll have to check back during the day…

  7. Lynne: There is also some music! And prayers in Latin! And people who forget the page is open!

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