Do you have any good news?

What is your good news?

For my part I am – touch wood – not ill or cold or hungry, there is sunshine, the coffee is very strong and delicious, a few encouraging donations have come in, I found large bags of grapefruit on sale, and I have a concrete list of doable things to do.

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  1. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Made it to Mass again. Saw friends who make me feel better. The priests were nice to me. The weather was sunny. My new hydrangea survived the winter. My new socks work great. I can sometimes not worry.

  2. BaedaBenedictus says:

    Heard Palestrina’s “Sicut Cervus” sung at yesterday’s Novus Ordo at my local cathedral, a diocese known for its AmChurch sensibilities. I could have fainted out of joy.

  3. Chrissy says:

    We celebrated a birthday with family over the weekend, so there were eight of us around the table. It felt nice! Yesterday afternoon the kids spent an hour blowing bubbles on the deck, and we parents got to sit and watch them. Bubbles are oddly fascinating, and just as interesting as I remember from childhood. It snowed sometime Saturday night, and during breakfast Sunday morning we saw two industrious cardinals hopping through the snow. Beautiful.

  4. Ben Yanke says:

    Polyphony for Sunday Mass at the cathedral. Heavenly….

  5. Fr Matthew says:

    We are starting a Gregorian chant schola at my parish, and I hope to start offering a Missa Cantata more or less regularly (we already have a Low Mass every Sunday).

  6. The first mass at the high altar of York Minster for over 450 years was celebrated on Saturday in honour of St. Margaret Clitherow. I had the privilege of singing the Byrd 5 part mass with the Rudgate Singers. Unbiased observers tell me that the occasion was deeply moving (and that the singing wasn’t bad either!)

    More details at the Latin Mass Society Chairman’s blog:

  7. K. Marie says:

    The snow is melting, the sun is (sort of) shining, my youngest nephew is almost through with the most painful parts of teething, I discovered where to get the best schnitzel in the Kansas City metro area, and Merv Griffin has a lovely bunch of coconuts!

  8. I’m taking a much-needed vacation in May, to walk Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. I’ll also be stopping by the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, and visiting His Hermeneuticalness in Blackfen.

  9. Ruben says:

    Ave Maria!

    I have been accepted by the Franciscans of the Immaculate and will enter as an aspirant on August 2nd.

    Please remember me in your prayers and I will do the same for you. Thank you.

  10. NobisQuoQue says:

    My CT scan was negative (praise God, His Blessed Mother, and the holy Saints and Angels!). I also have a new nephew, Thomas William, who was born today!

  11. Agnes says:

    The sun is out, the coffee is strong. I have an interview on Wednesday for a summer catechist position. Saturday Confession, Benediction, and Mass brought abundant grace and healing.

  12. priests wife says:

    After 3 weeks- the little kids seem to be getting over their coughs (the doc suspects mild pertussis)

    Husband gets to be trained by the police in everything for the day so he can be a (volunteer) police chaplain- he won’t be carrying a gun while driving with the police, but he needs to know how to shoot the extra shotgun in the car (!)- not good news for me, but for him

  13. digdigby says:

    Robins bobbin’. I don’t know my botany but those trees that turn entirely into flowers are entirely flowers.

  14. Servant of the Liturgy says:

    Let’s see…
    My birthday is soon. Holy Week and Easter are around the corner. First Holy Communion for about 50 kids. Confirmation for about 80 kids. A Silver Jubilee of Ordination. An Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate. Yesterday I overheard our funeral director say “No, I’m sorry, even if you talk to Father, they will not allow a eulogy in Church. You can do it here or at the cemetary” ( I could’ve kissed him). Everyone is healthy and working; school is back on track.

    Boy, when you sit down and think about it, there’s a lot to be happy about, even through all the grief.

  15. Jason C. says:

    My wife may be with child (though the bad news is she’s not feeling well). :)

  16. GirlCanChant says:

    @Jeffrey Pinyan: That is awesome! I’ve wanted to do that for years! Any possibility of posting pics?

    Okay, my good news: it’s looking like I’ll finally be moving up at work *crosses fingers* and it’s because someone is leaving our team for another in the company, not a firing. Thank God.

    Also, woke up today without hip pain. This would be awesome if I were 80, but I’m in my 20’s. I don’t know what the heck I did but they’ve been bothering me for about a week.

    And, as always, Novena tonight, to pray for all the amazing blessings and grace God has given me, and all the wonderful people in my life.

  17. DisturbedMary says:

    I made my confession on Saturday and was given a very unexpected, unusual penance. I am very happy about it.

  18. wmeyer says:

    My wife’s annulment having been finalized, I am now among the Elect, and she is a Candidate. We look forward to my baptism and our confirmation and First Communion.

  19. snowowl1234 says:

    My oldest will be turning 15 on Friday. No fooling.

  20. Baylor_convert says:

    I just got 3 lb. brisket with various and sundry ingredients in the slow cooker. I found out recently that my best friend, who joined the Ann Arbor Dominicans in August, will be visiting me for a week in the summer. Deo gratias! I have a good, albeit humble, job that helps my husband and I pay down school loans faster. And I’m looking forward to spending the day catching up on a few of my Lenten activities – Lentcastz and other things. (On that note, Fr. Z, please understand how much some of us love and are nourished by them, even if we cannot always get on a computer each day.)

  21. JaneC says:

    We started our dog on new anti-seizure medication, and he is not experiencing any bad side effects. He has been a difficult animal–a rescue dog with various problems–but he’s improving in both health and attitude.

    Also, despite an unusually harsh winter, the new landscaping we put in last fall has all survived (which is great news, as it was an expensive undertaking). The azaleas and dogwoods are spectacular.

  22. Marcin says:

    Dei gratia, I started a new job last Monday involving quite a career change from the bench biomedical research to the (sensu lato) clinical data management at the hospital. I am very excited and thankful to God.

    My son is receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation next Saturday and I still need to find a good quality icon of St. Nicholas for him (any suggestions for the DC area?).

  23. Joan M says:

    The prayer shawls and blankets that I and my group knit and crocheted recently got blessed today at Mass. Fr. let the people know that some of them are going to Japan. I am sending 4 ladies shawls, 2 men’s lap blankets and 2 children’s blankets. Of course, I know that this is but a tiny drop of water in an ocean of need, but we pray that they will being comfort and peace to those who get them.

    I spent the morning selecting the lightest ones and packaging them ready for air parcel post, along with the bags we use to present them to recipients. All I have left to do is wrap them in brown paper and bring them to the post office.

  24. Stephen says:

    I chaperoned a youth retreat this weekend. The Holy Spirit was truly moving in the hearts of these kids. Thanks be to God.

  25. AvantiBev says:

    I was walking Nikki Sue, my dachsie who came into my life last year on the first day of Spring and watching her cute little walk and her enjoyment of – quite literally — stopping to smell the flowers (or the markings her Corgi boy pal left on them) I realized that in MY view of Heaven the angels have cold noses and wagging tails. I thank God for her everyday. She reminds me to enjoy life NOW not someday.

  26. APX says:

    I have heat again. I got home yesterday from Mass in the big city only to find out my furnace was broken. Like night follows day, the repairman was two hours late this morning, so I missed my morning classes, but the furnace is working again!!!

    The 10 years and recent frustration of flakey confession times are over. I drove into the big city to for confession with the FSSP priest, who offered me some sound lecturing and advice. My great experience actually made all the other frustrations of not getting to confess more of a good thing.

  27. Rose in NE says:

    Our parish Youth Group spent Saturday afternoon at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary (FSSP) participating in a Catholic Quiz Bowl and had a great time. I’m amazed at how knowledgeable some of these kids are! We stayed for Solemn Vespers in the new chapel afterward.

    On Thursday we’ll begin our parish Forty Hour Devotion with a Solemn High Mass.

  28. Maggie says:

    Yesterday almost 1,000 middle school students attended the first ever Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally in Milwaukee. It was wonderful. The talks and games were fun and relevant, and best of all, the kids finished the day with Holy Mass and Adoration led by a wonderful, orthodox young priest.

  29. Father Totton says:

    Lent is in full swing (get the rose vestments pressed!), (at least) two men in the parish are seriously considering seminary, I am in talks with a permanent deacon candidate who MAY be assigned to exercise ministry in my parish, the diocesan offices have relocated to their swank new diggs downtown (and closer to St. Joseph!) and I scored my first ever goal in Friday night’s hockey game.

  30. Maxiemom says:

    Leaving for California on Thursday with my husband and parents. On Sunday, we will leave on a two week cruise through the Panama Canal. Will attend Palm Sunday mass on a cruise ship – now that will be different.

  31. Gregorius says:

    My class schedule next semester includes, among other things, both Greek and Latin, something that may sound crazy to other people, but something I’ve always wanted to do.
    And for some odd reason, a bunch of my friends are also happening to take Greek.

  32. MissOH says:

    I woke up with a headache for the fourth day in a row, but I was able to remember to offer it up for the poor souls in purgatory and it went away during mass.

  33. Margaret says:

    Southern California just held it’s first (and hopefully annual) Walk for Life this past Saturday at the Rose Bowl. A friend from up here in northern CA drove down over the weekend to attend. She said they had ~ 5000 people!

  34. David Homoney says:

    While this past week has not been one of good news, there has been a bright spot. Dominus Est! – Discover the Eucharist, a retreat I am hosting, now has 52 attendees. Registrations have been climbing quite a bit. A lot of people in the Diocese of Tulsa are looking to deepen their love and devotion to the Eucharist. We have 4 talks scheduled followed by a Latin Mass. It is happening on Sat. April 2nd. If you want to come, it is free, and you can sign up at

  35. rakesvines says:

    1. Arch. of Washington DC & Arlington Diocese have Confessions every Wed. night during Lent.
    2. College students are more pro-life that their predecessors.
    3. Pope points to Mohammed as Antichrist in his new book – albeit indirectly.

  36. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Two items of good news: Bishop Alvaro Corrada of Tyler, Texas diocese will celebrate Mass at St. Joseph the Worker on May 6 and dedicate the newly renovated sanctuary. At the same time, St. Joseph the Worker will be elevated from Mission to Parish. Father Allen, FSSP, will transform from Chaplain to Pastor. We have about 35 households now in our little Latin Mass community and a Sunday Mass attendance from 80 to 100, with many young families. Deo Gratias. The second item: After just shy of one year, my house in Grass Valley has a buyer. The house is now in escrow. While taking a huge loss (as are many), the net will take me through the remaining years of my life (and I turn 80 this year) if I’m careful. It will allow me to share expenses with my two daughters with whom I now live in Texas. Another Deo Gratias. Thanks to the Infant Jesus of Prague and His Holy Mother and to St. Joseph, all of whom have been hearing my prayers. I have some thanksgiving Novenas to make and Masses to schedule.

  37. jenne says:

    All kids healthy! Husband is on tail end of year long deployment. Baby will crawl anyday now.

  38. amandakop says:

    By the grace of God, my dear husband survived brain surgery and is now recovering at home. I thank God for the skilled surgeon and the other doctors and nurses who took good care of him.

  39. thesheepcat says:

    A friend of a friend has made a Confession after having been away from the Sacraments for a long time.

    On the Feast of the Annunciation, Mass was celebrated according to the Anglican Use for the first time in Canada, as part of a conference on implementation of Anglicanorum Coetibus in this country. Music included portions of the Byrd Mass for Four Voices.

  40. mrose says:

    I made my first Confession last Friday, on the Solemnity of the Annunciation, and received absolution for twenty-one years of sins. May I, by the continued intercession of Our Lady, continue to say ‘yes’ to God’s call.

  41. Maria says:

    My good news?

    I have just, this last weekend discovered John Henry Newmans’ “Dream of Gerontius” and have been deeply moved by it.
    It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

    As a fairly recent convert/revert (8 yrs ago) to The Catholic Faith, I find this portrayal of Purgatory comforting yet a good warning to keep on The Path.

    God Bless you all this Lent.

  42. Baron Korf says:

    Strawberries just came in season. So the Baroness and I went out to an orchard where you can pick your own fruit. We have 10# of fresh, ripe, strawberries waiting to become trifles.

  43. beez says:

    My very good news is that, this afternoon, I received an unanimous vote of the faculty for the transitional diaconate.

  44. capchoirgirl says:

    It’s almost warm here, good things to eat, good coffee in the Mr. Coffee, and good music in the CD player. “Who could ask for anything more?”

  45. jray says:

    Spring is here. On March 25 the schola from Franciscan Univ. sang Solemn Vespers at St. Peter’s Church in Steubenville. Beautiful!

  46. Mark Pavlak says:

    My baby niece was baptized yesterday and the Church rejoices!
    I bought the Pontiff’s new Jesus of Nazareth book.

  47. Agnes of Prague says:

    I found the paper to renew my car registration, so I won’t get arrested!

  48. tioedong says:

    The second season rice harvest here in the northern Philippines is going on now, and it looks good. No rain to spoil it for the poor people who dry it by laying it on the roadways.

  49. The mystic monk coffee keeps me going, and allows me to read and keep up with WDTPRS. I’m in need of some prayers for my girlfriend (future lady fideidefensormilite) though. She has been out of work and could use some intercessions in her favor.
    St. Michael, defend us!

  50. cicada380 says:

    My last day at work is Thursday and we leave for Ohio in a couple of weeks to join my parents. Praise God I have one interview lined up and another as a possibility once we get there. My husband has plans of starting a training program once we get there to get him started, so there will be possibilities of work for him soon. Now praying for trust since we will be without income or insurance for an unknown length of time.

  51. ipadre says:

    Two great things have happened in my parish:

    1) During our Lenten Mission last week, we signed up 120 for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
    2) During our Day of Evangelization on Saturday, 900 homes were visited and over 450 contacts made.

  52. mvhcpa says:

    Well, I got a glitch in my Unemployment benefits worked out, and, after a couple-month drought, I am finally getting a few bites on some job applications, with a few phone interviews scheduled for this week.

    Michael Val
    (who has been out of work for over a year, and is tired of being un-monetarily-productive at home!)

  53. JoAnna says:

    I received a significant raise today (0ne that was, in my opinion as well as my supervisor’s, long overdue). God is so good to our family!

  54. Actosrep says:

    I am being received into the Church at Easter. I really appreciate your blog, Father Z and have been a regular reader since starting on my journey.

  55. shortside40 says:

    I was able to attend Eucharistic Adoration and Bible study last night! And my sister is coming in from out of state with my ADORABLE little 4 month old nephew, for a week-long visit!

  56. randomcatholic says:

    So many blessings this year. It looks like my position will survive this next round of budget cuts. My wife is loving homeschooling our children. My daughter made her first communion kneeling at an altar rail this past year! I have had the opportunity to take some really great classes this year in history. I am going to be taking Latin this summer. I am having a prayerful Lent. My eldest child especially in on fire with love of Christ and the Church. I see them growing in their faith every day.

    @Michael: I am praying for you! Hang in there!

  57. On the Solemnity of the Annunciation, I went to Mass with Abp Gomez, where the Benedictine Arrangement was used and the Liturgy was done by the books.

  58. I have a great family, fantastic friends, a good job, and God never ceases to surprise me and bid me to trust Him entirely. I have been given many blessings, and for all of these, I am truly grateful.

    If I could ask your prayers for a friend who is despairing and for my boyfriend’s conversion (sooner rather than later!), I would much appreciate your charity.

  59. tealady24 says:

    I am, too, neither ill nor cold nor in want. Winter is still hanging on here, yet the sun is strong and Spring is near. I have a loving husband, wonderful grown children, a beautiful home, two dogs, the ability to attend the Latin mass weekly, and a mind turned towards Jesus and his Mother. How blessed for all this!

  60. ByzCath08 says:


    Check out Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline, MA. They have wonderful Icons and St. Nicholas is one that they sell.

  61. Centristian says:

    Marcin says:

    “My son is receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation next Saturday and I still need to find a good quality icon of St. Nicholas for him (any suggestions for the DC area?).”

    Have you tried the gift shops at the National Shrine (in Northeast)? Last time I was there they had a nice selection of icons.

  62. Marcin says:


    Thanks for a suggestion. I had been there before and didn’t find what I needed.

    But I dug out somehow an “Icon and Book Service” store, and bought St. Nicholas icon there. It’s a worthy place to buy icons and books (not exclusively Eastern), as they are the main source of support for a small Ukrainian Catholic Monastery. Something akin to the Mystic Monks Coffee.

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