Jesuit-run school directing interns to Planned Parenthood and NOW?

Via the blog Followers of the Way by Fr. Jacob Mauer I learned about this on the site TFP Student Action about something going on at the Jesuit-run Seattle University.


Here in the archdiocese of Seattle, there is a lay group known as the Gospel of Life Institute that offers regular updates about needs and progress in the work of defending and promoting life locally. Their mailing today included notice that Seattle University is currently endorsing and directing students to Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women, the first of which provides the most abortions of any organization in the country and the second of which lobbies heavily in offense of life for abortion.

Does that seem right to you?   Should a Catholic school direct students to get involved with Planned Parenthood?

You can follow the links above to read more and get involved if you choose.

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  1. EXCHIEF says:

    Just like my alma mater, another Jesuit school, most Jesuit run universities and colleges gave up supporting Catholic teaching a long time ago. The number of truely Catholic colleges in this country, unfortunately, can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand.

  2. Random Friar says:

    Besides the bishop, perhaps a letter to their Superior General is in order. Again, polite, concise, and factual. Actual documents, pamphlets, links, etc, from the source will go a long way to gain credibility.

  3. Ef-lover says:

    In answer to Fr. Z’s question – this does not seem right– the bishop needs to step in

  4. Bornacatholic says:

    As an employee of the Dept of Mental Health for the State of Maine I was part of a Crisis Stabilization Team that had a contract with Catholic Charities in Portland, Maine and I worked out of their offices.

    The Supervisor at Catholic Charities told their workers that if a client solicited help with an abortion then they were to refer them to Planned Parenthood.

    I objected that such direction was objectively evil and that it made no more sense for a Catholic Charities entity to do that then it would be for them to put a suicidal client in contact what The Hemlock Society.

    That started a huge argument that ended with the supervisor publicly accusing me of trying to force my religious beliefs on the Agency.

    Really, you just cant make-up this stuff and such stuff happens all over the United States in Catholic Charities and Hospitals but the USCCB, apparently, has better things to do than to eliminate this evil and halt this scandal

  5. James Joseph says:

    Here’s another…

    The website for Rivier College in the New Hampshire Diocese of Manchester informs (informed) coeds that they will send a woman who is pregnant to St. Joseph’s Hospital for a pre-abortion physical, and that St. Joseph’s Hospital subsequently refers the woman to a non-Catholic local hospitals/clinics for the abortion procedure.

    The website had said (it still may) that this process is neccessary in order not to endanger funding from Catholic institutions.

  6. jravago says:

    As an alumnus of a JESUIT catholic high school and law school (emphasis added), I am not surprised. Add this to preaching about Liberation Theology and the homosexual concubines that is known as the Jesuit Residence and it is clear that the Order has strayed from the beliefs of its founder. They are a distant image of their past glory as the “Pope’s Marines” and need to be suppressed. St. Ignatius, pray for them.

  7. James Joseph says:

    Found something…. had to look…

    search ‘Morning After’ and/or emergency contraception

  8. pyrosapien says:

    People… People,… please, the situation isn’t so black and white. Its all very complicated. Totally opposing Planned Parenthood just because they counsel people to get abortions and perform abortions is closed minded. You must also consider all the good Planned Parenthood does like provide contraceptive medicines to oppressed girls under the age of 18 who can’t get them otherwise because their parents are intolerant. Just because the School supports and promotes Planned Parenthood doesn’t mean that the school is indifferent to abortion or supporting of abortion any more than referring a depressed patient to Dr. Kevorkian means you support suicide.

    College is first and foremost about a person making their own decisions and developing critical thinking skills. The persons own conscience is of primary importance. The University has no place filtering content and expressing an opinion of what is right and wrong, what is moral and immoral. After all, you don’t see Seattle University making an kind of political stand on other issues of the day such as;
    Gay “marriage”,

    Seattle University ~ “Tolerance Reigns As Supreme Hegamony”

  9. Geremia says:

    Wasn’t NOW the first to rejoice when most women stopped wearing chapel veils?

  10. Agapified says:

    You ought to check out their theology school’s site. Yikes!

    The Brian Swimme lecture is particularly confounding. He’s the “director of the Center for the Story of the Universe at the California Institute of Integral Studies”. Uh…

    And the intro is priceless. The earth as the “primary context” of theology? O-U-C-H

  11. green fiddler says:

    A number of historically Catholic colleges and universities are no longer governed by the religious orders which founded them. Following the “Land O’Lakes” statement of 1967, control could have been given to a lay Board of Directors. Catholic values become overshadowed by a secular vision. The President at such a school might be a Catholic priest, but he was elected by the Board and would not seem to have authority to veto un-Catholic activities.

    According to “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” by Pope John Paul II, a college cannot claim Catholic identity without recognition of the local bishop. There is precedence for Catholic status being revoked for the reason of referring students to Planned Parenthood; this happened at a U.S. college in 2003. I hope and pray Seattle University will not continue on this path.

    The bottom line is money. If enrollment is steady and alumns continue to make automatic annual contributions, these situations are not likely to change.

    Please, if you financially support a Catholic college or university, go to
    The Cardinal Newman Society’s Guide
    to see if your recipient is listed as authentically Catholic. If not, find the reason why. Then write a letter to the college/university’s Board of Directors explaining why you are withholding a donation this year. Send a gift to one of the schools which does follow Catholic doctrine. Resist any temptation to believe that your actions are too small to make a difference.

    We have been given eyes to see and ears to hear. We must not be complicit in these killings. Lord, forgive those who do not know what they are doing.

  12. PostCatholic says:

    It seems that the link to Planned Parenthood has been removed.

  13. KerryLee says:

    Planned Parenthood is still listed as an internship with the Public Affairs major ( on Seattle University’s wesbite. It makes me really sad that a Catholic university, especially in my archdiocese, would do this. I sent a letter to our archbishop and he president of the university expressing my concern. Hopefully this will change…

  14. Andrew Mason says:

    It’s getting to be difficult to find a “Catholic” Catholic college. My school (Marymount Univ. in VA) wasn’t that bad, and yet this past year the Graduate Commencement speaker was Sr. Carol Keehan. I couldn’t believe it when I heard. Of course, the RSHM who run the school are mostly older and had few if any new members coming in that I was aware of, so who knows if they’ll have a presence much longer. The President there is a layman, so eventually it may become indistinguishable from a secular school.

  15. Bryan Boyle says:

    Let’s see…

    – Jesuit institute of higher learning? Check.
    – Out of sync with the Church? Check.
    – Sold its soul to the public ‘zeitgeist’? Check.
    – Bishop of the diocese sitting on his hands? Check?
    – Pimping for PP and other anti-life and viciously anti-Catholic organizations? Check.
    – Catholic visuals to the parents and agents of satan after they have the money streaming in? Check.

    Anyone surprised? I’m not.

  16. BobP says:

    Seems like the only commandment of the Jesuits is “Thou shalt not attend a TLM.”

  17. robtbrown says:

    The SJ’s in that province have shelled out some cash.

  18. benedetta says:

    So let’s get this straight, we have male clergy, members of a religious order, basically saying to young women of college-age, sure, go, train in how to deny other women their dignity…? These Jesuits obviously care nothing about the young college women they are supposed to serve and they care nothing for the women who are dehumanized in the hands of PP. I thought the Jesuits were supposed to be all about peace and justice in these times. You mean to tell me they can’t find life-affirming, family supporting internships for their college students? Now that they seem to have fully assimilated to the culture of death, maybe they should forego all the trappings of honor, clericalism, authority, elitism that they wear on their sleeves as cachet. It certainly is no act of leadership to just hand off young people into the jaws of the death culture without question or critique. No courage there.

  19. Jenny bag of donuts says:

    Very good Pyro tee hee!

  20. s_schmude says:

    Just FYI – I don’t believe that the Jesuits answer to the Archbishop. I believe you would do better directing your complaints to Fr. Patrick Lee, who is the Provincial of the Jesuit Province. Here is a link to the NW Province… <a href="; Contact Us Page
    Otherwise, if you want to go higher, contact the Superior General.
    I am a proud alumna of a Jesuit university, I know some VERY orthodox Jesuits, and I try to remain chairitable to the Order by remembering the fact that the Jesuits don’t always know what every lay member of their staff does at all times.

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