Prayer request

I am coming down with something, a case of the crud.  I thought I might dodge it, but it seems to have me in its grip.

A prayer, please.

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  1. Allan S. says:

    I have no idea what the crud is, but I prayed for you all the same. Feel better Father. The world needs you ;)

  2. avecrux says:

    Definitely, Father. Will say a Rosary for you tonight. My sympathies – or maybe empathy. Thanks to some antibiotics, I’m just over the most miserable part of a sinus infection – so i am happy that I now have more energy to pray. God bless.

  3. RichardT says:

    Prayers, certainly.

    But may I also suggest a huge brandy? Allowed even in Lent for medicinal purposes.

  4. brianvzn says:

    Done. Hope you feel better soon Father. We need to keep our solid Priests healthy!

  5. Andrew says:

    Prayers for sure. Cold fx works well.

  6. APX says:

    I just got over the Crud I caught on the plane coming home from Oregon. It’s nasty. One word, Buckley’s. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. An Ave and a Memorare for you Father!

  8. Flambeaux says:

    Praying here, too.

  9. Random Friar says:


  10. wanda says:

    Prayers absolutely, Father. I pray it leaves quickly. Chicken noodle soup! Even from can!

  11. digdigby says:

    Sure the Fishwrap didn’t put a hoodoo on you? Be well, by God’s Grace and for our daily guidance (baa! baa!).

  12. guans says:

    use lots of coldeze (zinc) and antihistamines (will make you sleepy, but helps with drainage and sore throat) Hot tea with lemon and honey is soothing too.
    Ps. no germs grow in honey. It was used on wounds prior to antibiotics.

  13. guans says:

    … and aspirin of course!!!

  14. Geoffrey says:

    One Lent I came down with something. Put a serious wrench in my planned penances.


  15. David Collins says:

    God must not have wanted your planned penances, Geoffrey, so He gave you a better one.

    Buckley’s? I don’t what that is, APX, but when I had the mother and father of all colds recently, I would gladly have taken a swig of it.

  16. 8latinfans says:

    Prayers for you, Father!

  17. With prayers Father.

    Raw garlic, ginger and honey work wonders on a cold. I take it every day. Just chop the garlic, mix in ground ginger, cover it with honey and swallow it down. No problems with taste or bad breath.

    God love ya

  18. frjim4321 says:

    Hope you feel better soon. The Crud is going around.

    No darn fun being sick.

  19. irishgirl says:

    I offer my daily Rosary for you, Father Z-and I hope that you will be able to ‘chuck out the bug’ soon.
    No fun having ‘The Crud’, whatever that is!
    I echo what Allan and brian said-we need our strong priests to be healthy!

  20. APX says:

    David Collins says:
    Buckley’s? I don’t what that is, APX,

    It might not be available in the US. It’s a nasty tasting cough syrup that really works. It’s made out of some potent natural ingredients that really enhance the flavour: menthol, Canada Balsam, pine needle oil, and tincture of capsicum. Just taking a whiff of it will clear out your sinuses.

  21. MikeM says:

    I hope you don’t have whatever kind of flu I had… I was out of commission for a week. I slept through almost all of the first three days of it.

    You’re in my prayers, Father. Feel better, soon!

  22. green fiddler says:

    prayers for you, Fr. Z.

  23. Singing Mum says:

    Prayers for you, Father.
    I’d have to chime in with those who advocate the use of strong drink. Hot Toddies (sp?) are a favorite at our house. I figure if the alcohol can’t cure you, it can at least help with a little comfort and sleep.

  24. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Only saw this now and am praying for you, Father.

  25. AnnAsher says:

    I second the fresh garlic consumption, along with real, preferably pasture raised, chicken soup, plenty of fluids, zinc, vitamin C and sleep!

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