Publishers of the new, corrected Roman Missal! Attention!

Pretty soon people are going to be buying LOTS of new missals.  They are going to have to decide whose to buy.

I understand that Liturgy Training Publications and Midwest Theological Forum are both preparing edition of the new, corrected translation, the Roman Missal.

Readers here may recall that I did a careful side by side look at the editions of the 1962 Missale Romanum from both the Vatican Press and also the Benziger edition redone by, I believe, Angelus Press.

I have had questions already about which edition to purchase.   Also, someone today reminded by by email that these books were going to come out, and that they are much nicer than English books of the past.  The editions in England look great, by the way.

I would happily do a comparison of the new books… but I need the new books.  The actual books, when they are ready.

If there are readers of this blog at either Liturgy Training Publications and Midwest Theological Forum or for that matter any other publisher of the new, corrected Roman Missal who would like a review on a blog that gets my traffic… please contact me by email.

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