RADIO SABINA STREAMING – Rosary in Latin and Prayers for Pope Benedict

Z-Cam & Radio Sabina,Twitter or “Fr Z TV” is on the air most of the time!

Because of a special prayer intention right now I have just entirely Latin chaplets of the Rosary followed by the Litany of Loreto and also prayers for the Pope in Latin and English cycling constantly. I will leave the chat box open so people can communicate, though beware of idiots.  Also, I cannot control the ads without paying Ustream a stupidly high fee.   One of the versions of the Prayer for the Pope, Oremus pro Pontifice is sung in the Greek liturgical style but in Latin!  Very interesting.

Watch the bird feeders and occasionally also my office.

In these days, I may also occasionally co-host the live stream of the webcam on the building of the new Mars Rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory or maybe live space walks during the Shuttle Mission.


There is Z-Chat in a chatroom from time to time. I send out Tweets about when it is open via Twitter. (Latin pipata, or “tweets” from pipio “to twitter, chirp”)

These critters are hungry. Will you help feed them? It’s just “tuppence a bag…

Well… far more than tuppence, actually…. HELP!

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