Wirral’s Dome of Home: Institute of Christ the King in England?

Brick by Brick.  Wirral’s Dome of Home.

First, a related story: Mass marks re-opening of Wirral church (with video).  The accents tell you we are close to Liverpool!

From the Beeb.

Catholic order could reopen Wirral’s Dome of Home
St Peter and St Paul’s The church was closed in 2008

Church officials are in talks with a Roman Catholic religious order to reopen a landmark Wirral church.

Ss Peter and Paul’s in New Brighton was closed by the Diocese of Shrewsbury in 2008 because it was deemed too large and expensive for its congregation.

Its side chapel was recently reopened to the public after a local campaign.

Now the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, a group which has experience of reopening churches, has expressed an interest in the site.


Should the order take over the running of the church, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, the Right Reverend Mark Davies, will consider provision of Mass in English.


The Grade II-listed church, which first opened in 1935, is known as the Dome of Home because it is one of the first things seafarers see when they sail back to Liverpool.

It stands above the Bay of Liverpool on a sandstone outcrop and can be viewed from as far away as Llandudno in North Wales.

Although its side chapel was recently re-opened for use, the main part of the church needs significant investment and repairs, the diocese said.

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  1. It’s amazing to me how so many people are quietly working to restore the beauty of the Church all over the world.

    Brisk by brick…

    God bless

  2. *brick by brick… :-)

  3. asperges says:

    Great, but I wish they or someone would buy Ushaw seminary before it’s too late. The authorities seem determined to close it still.

  4. irishgirl says:

    Well, if the Institute can ‘resurrect’ the former Carmelite church in Chicago ( where their national headquarters is), they can certainly raise back up the ‘Dome of Home’.
    ‘Brick by Brick’ indeed!

  5. joanofarcfan says:

    “Should the order take over the running of the church, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, the Right Reverend Mark Davies, will consider provision of Mass in English.”

    Does this mean if the IKC takes over the church they must say the Holy Mass in English?

  6. Canon Hudson says:

    No- should provision be necessary it would be provided by a diocesan priest.

  7. Fr_Sotelo says:

    It looks like a beautiful church from the outside. I wonder if the inside will need a lot of work in order to have the EF Mass there.

    Usually, if the bishop were going to ask for the Novus Ordo to be offered, it would be customy to place that work in the hands of one of his own diocesan priests who could just go in there for that purpose.

  8. JARay says:

    It rather looks as if the bishop just wants this church closed and is deaf to the pleas of those on the ground. He has had to withdraw the closure because of an appeal to the Vatican which ruled his previous action invalid. Interesting times ahead!

  9. dominic says:

    JARay – Bishop Davies is newly appointed (he was installed as Bishop in October). It was his predecessor (now retired) who ordered the closure of the church.

  10. JARay says:

    Thanks Dominic. There’s hope then!

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