L’Osservatore Romano is going for baroque.

Now about that … content.

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  1. RobertK says:

    To bad I cannot understand a word it says. Any full English editions in pdf. VA website only shows Italian edition.

  2. Centristian says:

    The crowned head of Peter: portent of things to come?

  3. seanl says:

    Spiffy indeed. The Vatican website gets a face lift, then launches the new news.va. Are they trying to keep the printed version around with this spiffy-ness to compete with the new digital versions?

  4. pewpew says:

    The daily Osservatore is published in Italian only. It’s about the 60th priestly anniversary of the pope, and also the 150th anniversary of the Osservatore Romano.

  5. irishgirl says:

    Yes, that does look very spiffy!
    I recently got an old biography of Pope Pius XII, which said that his father had a hand in founding L’Osservatore Romano, I didn’t know that-pretty cool!

  6. Samthe44 says:

    Cool! I hope that the tiara will come back to regular use!

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