A priest who prays for priests is cold

I am always grateful when I see donations pop up in my email.  I get a real shot in the arm from your generosity and great practical use: they lift my spirit and make ends meet.

You have from time to time also directed your generosity toward some causes I have pointed out as worthy of attention.

In one case you helped a priest who, with the permission of his religious superiors, begun to live a more hermit-like life.  He spends a good deal of his prayer time praying for priests, as a matter of fact.  He has offered Holy Mass even for my intention, which I, being a poor and miserable sinner, take very kindly indeed.

It seems that, with the advent of autumn and winter pressing, Father is now cold.

He doesn’t have adequate heat in what he is building.

I bring this to your attention and you can do with this information what you will.

Here is an excerpt from a post on his blog:

Hermits who live in rain forest mountains[!] can know a wild range of temperatures, though perhaps not so intensely severe. Yet, the other day, it went — in the fahrenheit scale — from the mid 80s during the day down to the 30s at night. 50 degrees in about six hours. Yikes! Great football weather. Great lumberjack weather. But hard to live in outdoor temps 24/7. Which is the reason for a cave, or, lacking a cave, a hermitage, with a stove, with stove pipe!

The cost is $1,506.98. I can’t solicite donations under Obama’s administration. So I won’t. I’m just informing you of my personal project!

This morning it was near freezing again. Tomorrow it might just freeze altogether. And then… Winter!

Daniel 3,66-72

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