Before and After

On a recent visit to Westminster Cathedral I found some publications available to the public.


I decided I better have a look.

Not that I want to influence anyone…. you decide.

Oh… by the way… click the image, above.

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  1. tianzhujiao says:

    Smile… are on “Catholic” camera!!!

  2. JimmyA says:

    I glanced at the front cover of the Tablet this week – can’t quite remember what was on it but I do remember the combination of articles appeared almost calculated to send my blood pressure skywards. Sorry to have missed the Blognic by the way – duty called at home.

  3. Did you find the paper recycling bin on the way out?

  4. pelerin says:

    I love the Before/After picture! It is bit worrying that there are only two copies of the Tablet left however. There always seems to be a high pile of them whenever I visit and I have to admit that I make my modest protest by turning over the top copy when I pass. Belated thanks Fr Z for organising the blognic where it was good to see so many younger people present.

  5. catholicmidwest says:

    I’ve met you before and I know you’re a good guy, but your before picture is awesome…LOL. Just sayin’.

  6. CJD89 says:

    Father, it seems that there are more Catholic Heralds than there are Tablets… does that mean more people are reading the Tablet?

  7. jbosco88 says:

    We use the complementary copies of the Tablet at my Parish to line the Rectory’s cat litter trays.

  8. MyBrokenFiat says:

    I think this may just be my favorite post on account of the hilarious before/after pictures. :) :) :)

  9. jarhead462 says:

    …Well, you see it was raining, and the people who were leaving grabbed something disposable to keep the rain off of their heads, so naturally they grabbed the “Bitter Pill”
    -That is why there are less of them on the table ;)

    Semper Fi!

  10. Joanne says:

    haha, cute : )

  11. Rich says:

    Well done, Father. I cannot believe how much older you can make yourself look by merely allowing your facial muscles to droop so. You were even somehow able to make your hair look grayer in the “before” picture, too.

  12. Jennyfire says:

    Very cute Father.

  13. MJ says:

    What MyBrokenFiat said!! :)

  14. Stephen D says:

    My parish church sells the Tablet and it infuriates me. What is this anti-Catholic rag doing in Catholic churches?

  15. irishgirl says:

    Haha, very funny, Father Z!
    Who took the pictures? Did you have a timer on your camera?

  16. Supertradmum says:

    Is it a sin to throw away The Tablet when found at retreat centres, or Catholic gathering spaces?

  17. ivan_the_mad says:

    @Supertradmum: Doing so will likely garner you at least a partial indulgence :P

  18. ReginaMarie says:

    @Supertradmum: I hope not, as I’ve been known to “gently assist” crummy, so-called Catholic publications in finding their way to the trash can at parishes on occasion.

    @ivan_the_mad: Glad to hear it. ;o)

  19. Glad the photos came out ok!

    It was really good to spend some time with you and hope you liked the Cathedral.

    God bless.

  20. wanda says:

    I’m surprised the Tablet didn’t burst into flames in your hands, Father Z. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of that scowl! Great post!

  21. RichR says:

    I’m glad we don’t have any periodicals like the Pill in America………….oh wait.

  22. uptoncp says:

    Dare one hope that the relative size of the piles reflects the anticipated take rather than the leftovers?

  23. MyBrokenFiat says:

    “Doing so will likely garner you at least a partial indulgence :P”

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodnes, oh my goodness… I’m giggling like a maniac. Ha ha ha. Thank you for that, ivan!

  24. contrarian says:

    Your ‘before’ face is hilarious. Heh heh heh…

    Three Cheers for The Catholic Herald.

  25. Dr. Eric says:

    Ooooooh! I get to be the first one to type this on this thread:


  26. Phil_NL says:

    Father, that’s a set of facial expressions of which Fernadel would be proud!
    (not jealous though, but keep practicing!!)

  27. Quote of the day?

    ivan_the_mad says:
    12 October 2011 at 11:12 am

    @Supertradmum: Doing so will likely garner you at least a partial indulgence :P

    Naturally a prayer for the pope’s intentions would also be in order whilst so doing?

  28. albinus1 says:

    To pick up on Dr. Eric’s comment, may we see the day when the Tablet is a tabula rasa!

  29. Charivari Rob says:

    “Is it a sin to throw away The Tablet when found at retreat centres, or Catholic gathering spaces?”

    Well, God is the true judge of sin.

    That being said…

    You’re under no obligation, of course, to keep/read something like that when given to you (please use the blue recycling bin for mixed paper, thank you)

    However, if you’re talking about being a self-appointed censor, making a place safe for orthodoxy by swooping in to expunge deficiency wherever you see it (in this case by taking the whole stack and throwing them out)… At best, you’d be discourteous (and a little bit immature) to the pastor/chaplain/whomever who is responsible for the place by not discussing it directly and openly (and similarly discourteous to others in the pews, by appointing yourself to make decisions for them). At worst, you’d be usurping the rightful authority of that pastor, however poorly he might have exercised it.

  30. irishgirl says:

    Dr. Eric,
    That’s ‘Tabula DELENDA Est’!
    Don’t know if there’s such a word in Latin as ‘Delinda’…
    Just sayin’….

  31. I think he meant “Tabula de populo in Rio Linda est.” :)

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