Your State of Life – WDTPRS SURVEY

Here is a survey about YOU.  Pass the word to others.

IMPORTANT: Anyone can participate in this survey.  I cannot tell who you are or even where you are. If some bishop or priest out there is worried about being identified, I can’t tell. You are entirely anonymous.

The combox is closed.


From the email I am getting I sense that the “seminarian” category is vastly undercounted.  For that reason I will ask all seminarians who have tried to vote and couldn’t to try again and/or drop me a line.  If you can’t vote (probably because someone from your same institution already voted) send me an email and I will add a vote for you.  Indicate how many guys to add from your seminary.

State in life of WDTPRS readers. I am a...

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There are other, more complicated ways to do this, but choose the best answer.

I already know the Pope reads, so I didn’t have to include that option.  o{];¬)

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