D. El Paso and Fr. Rodriguez: Fr. Z makes a request.

A diligent reader offered me a text template for when some scandal or outrage takes place:


Yes, I know about _________________ [insert description of scandal or outrage at issue]. You can stop emailing me asking whether I have heard or read about it.

When [unfortunate/ unseemly/ scandalous/ dispiriting] news like this is made public, please remember that, at this time, we do not know all the facts. Until we know more facts about the situation, I think it is best not to comment.

In the meantime, I will be praying for all those involved. I suggest you do the same.

Please don’t send me email telling me that the Administrator of the Diocese of El Paso, Bp. Armando Ochoa is reported to be pursuing some kind of legal action against Fr. Michael Rodriguez, who took such a public stand about a moral issue with his local city council.

I know. I’ve already received several dozen notes about this.

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