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  1. Supertradmum says:

    As per my post here earlier, put the name Stupak on that shirt.

  2. Clinton says:

    Harsh, but all too true.

  3. tealady24 says:

    Evil doesn’t prosper on its own.
    I often wonder how all this will be made right someday.

  4. flyfree432 says:

    Given the 50+ million people who were slaughteref, I would say the picture is rather accurate.

  5. ContraMundum says:

    It’s not even 30 pieces of silver. It’s 30 slugs.

  6. AvantiBev says:

    Actually as a 56 year old Catholic who has seen bishops, priests and nuns cheering on every “Great Society” big guv program since I was age 10 — all in the name of “social justice” while singing Marty Haugen tunes — I would make the cartoon figure on the left a modern suited Sr. Joan Chittister type and her tee shirt would say “Catholics for Tax Payer Funded Nanny State”.

    I remember 1996 being told what an uncharitable Catholic I was for supporting welfare reform by a priest who is now one of the bishops on that list of Bishop Speeches Father Z posted last week. What irony to read his homily worrying about Constitutional limits on the State…..NOW.

  7. KAS says:

    I think this is a very accurate commentary. My husband would be a lot friendlier to Catholcism if the priests he knew his whole life were not all socialists first and Catholics second– makes it really difficult to get him to see that the social teaching of the Church is NOT socialism! After all, that is what he heard preached from the pulpits of the Catholic churches when he was growing up. Very depressing that our own hierarchy has done such a BAD job on knowing and teaching what the Popes have written into the documents– since anyone can find those documents in our own language there is hardly any defense for the massive ignorance. It is nice that the current Bishops are now speaking out against a government mandate but the truth is I have little hope that we will win this one simply because the hierarchy and the majority of Catholic voters have been pro-big-government programs, favoring that all social justice efforts be funded from government coffers filled by force rather than through the efforts of private citizens and funded by God inspired charity.

    Those wonderful Bishops who have been speaking out are few and only recently joined by others. I feel it is too little too late in the face of the masses of Catholics who will still vote for pro-abortion big government social programs politicians even if it means the end of religious freedom.

  8. Elizabeth R says:

    I was pleased to learn that our liberal pastor is fighting angry about the HHS mandate. He’s talking about placing pre-printed postcards in the pews for us to sign and send to our Senators and Representative. God bless him – and all of us.

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