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WaPo bigot attacks Rick Santorum’s Catholicism

The unhinged lefty liberals are having a spittle-flecked nutty about Sen. Rick Santorum. Liberal hack Richard Cohen of the WaPo: Mullah Rick has spoken. He wants religion returned to “the public square,” is opposed to contraception, premarital sex and abortion … Read More

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REVIEW: New 3-volume (Extraordinary Form) Roman Breviary in Latin and English from Baronius Press

Have you wanted to use the older form of the office, the Roman Breviary, but haven’t been able to do it because your Latin isn’t strong enough or you couldn’t figure out how to do it? You are in luck. … Read More

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Santorum’s Catholicism, candidacy, and Archbp. Chaput’s address “The Vocation of Christians in American Public Life”

It is timely to haul this old PODCAzT out of cold storage.  In light of presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s comments about Pres. Kennedy and Catholicism and the public square, let’s review Archbp. Chaput’s outstanding address in Houston in 2010. This … Read More

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