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Vespers with no frills

For the Feast of the Cathedra of Peter with a commemoration of Ash Wednesday from the Breviarium Romanum, Vespers in Latin comes straight at ya’ without any bells or whistles. The meter of the hymn is interesting. Quodcumque in orbe … Read More

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Chris Matthews: anti-Catholic catholic

NBC oaf Chris Matthews, yes, the guy who experienced a thrill up his leg when he saw Pres. Obama, has this to say about Catholics and probably also Anglican/Episcopalian converts. From Newsbusters: Chris Matthews appeared at Ford’s Theater in Washington … Read More

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Animal activists annoy hunters with a flying drone. Guess what happened next.

Yesterday when I was reading the story about the 30000 year old seed that grew, I also saw this fun story. And since I hate pigeons, I’ll post it. After Animal Activists Track Pigeon Hunt With Drone, Pigeon Hunters Shoot … Read More

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Ash Wednesday glimpses and papal liturgical music observations

First, lunch was a cup of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. This was consumed while viewing the Holy Father’s Mass at Santa Sabina, the Roman Station.  The day began at the nearby San’tAnselmo on the Aventine Hill for the collect. … Read More

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False accusations of priests

I have posted before about priests who are falsely accused of crimes against minors and other crimes or sins. I saw an entry at The Media Report about new evidence which may exonerate a priest, Fr. Gordon J MacRae who … Read More

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PODCAzT 128: “Veterum sapientia”! 50th Anniversary. On Latin in the Church. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Nolite oblivisci hodie quinquagesimum esse anniversarium promulgationis Apostolicae Constitutionis Veterum Sapientia! Surely one of sorest points of our enduring shame as a Church is the way our shepherds have entirely ignored John XXIII’s Apostolic Constitution Veterum sapientia. It isn’t long… … Read More

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“Today, I went to confession for the first time in nearly 27 years.”

From a reader: Today, I went to confession for the first time in nearly 27 years. I am 34, so this is my first time as an adult. After some trembling at the beginning, I managed to push through with … Read More

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George Weigel offers a suggestion to liturgically narcissistic priests for Lent

At the site of First Things, there is a piece by George Weigel which includes a rather spiffy idea. He relates a recent experience of a priest screwing around with the texts of Mass and then continues: Bad habits built … Read More

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