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Brick by brick in Trenton

A friend sent photos of what may have been the first Solemn Mass in Trenton for… well.. since… you know. I’m told that some 650 people attended the Solemn Mass at the Church of St. Anthony in Hamilton, NJ. The … Read More

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A glimpse at the pastoral style of His Hermeneuticalness. To find out what this is all about, click HERE. (Darn good idea, if you think about it.)

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QUAERITUR: Purifying fingers after handling the Eucharist… not.

From a reader: I went to a well said Latin low Mass this morning. The celebrant and a deacon gave communion to the faithful. The celebrant followed the rubrics after communion to consume the sacred particles and rinse his fingers. … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Ashes, Very Small Children, and You – An annual discussion.

From a priest: Reverend and Dear Father, Ash Wednesday is soon to be upon us, and I am faced with the situation I am often faced with: whether to impose ashes on cute, angel-faced infants. It never fails that, as … Read More

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Catholic Herald notes

In the digital edition of the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, I saw a great pieces. First, and I think this is only on the full, digital edition and not on the website, there is an article by … Read More

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Feast of the Chair of Peter – transferred

The Feast of the Chair of Peter was transferred in the Vatican Basilica to today. It is normally on 22 February. This year the Feast, important in the Vatican Basilica for obvious reasons, would conflict with Ash Wednesday. A shot … Read More

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Liberal social engineering is destroying us

National Review has a mordant piece by Mark Steyn. There are good points here. He links the so-called “social issues” (and if they go wrong, everything else must necessarily go wrong) and the partisan political mud fight, and the rapidly … Read More

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