A sermon explaining what Pres. Obama is doing.

A good sermon on 5 February 2012 by Fr. Sammie Maletta at St. John the Evangelist Parish in St. John, Indiana.

You will not regret the 11 minutes you spend.


Good job, Father.

WDTPRS kudos.

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  1. acardnal says:

    I think a Gold Star is in order.

  2. Johnno says:

    Wow! Excellent stuff!

    And the answer to the good Fr. Malletta’s questions as to why Obama et al are doing this is simple:

    They are closet Communists, and are intend on spreading the errors of Russia and transforming America into a Communist nation as Our Lady of Fatima warned.

    The birth control drugs are just the wedge to give more power to the government to control drugs and have a bargaining chip with the American people. The spread and encouragement of sexual addictions are their way of conditioning the American people to become good little Pavlonian dogs who will obey them in exchange for satisfying their addictions, just like Lenin intended to do to the Russian people.

    It is transforming society into the false utopia that Huxley described in Brave New World. In exchange for pleasurable drugs and sexual addiction the people become complacent and dependent on the government. This is the ‘heroin’ of the Left meant for addiction and control, versus the ‘opiate’ of the Church that is ‘hope’ to ease the pains and sufferings of those living in a harsh and cruel world.

  3. xsosdid says:

    Wow….and AMEN!!

  4. Tewkes says:

    Today at my church where I volunteer sometimes, my priest had anyone and everyone that came in, listen to this homily. I am lucky, my parish priest understands right from wrong, good from bad. He can get a good homily fired up, himself – but today, he would say to people that came in, “You thought I could get excited giving my homily, listen to this guy!”. I think it got him even more motivated than before, if that is even possible. Thank you for posting this!!!

  5. HyacinthClare says:

    Barack Obama and his administration doesn’t “let me be Catholic”. I AM Catholic. I will remain Catholic, with or without his permission, and I will behave as one, if I hold on to grace and don’t run like the chicken-liver I really am. It’s a rousing sermon. I was saying, “Amen! Amen!” right until the end. But we should ask NO ONE’s permission for us to “be Catholic.”

  6. Facta Non Verba says:

    Truly outstanding! Father Maletta has the courage to speak the truth to his congregation. I pray that all priests possess such courage.

  7. tcreek says:

    “President Obama, let us be Catholic!”. ??? This, at the very end was a turn off for me.
    Maybe that is nitpicking but a truly courage ending would have been — “President Obama, contraception is a grave moral evil and faithful Catholics will not obey this directive.”

  8. letchitsa1 says:

    Amazing homily. Thanks for sharing!

  9. americangirl says:

    God Bless this Priest who has the courage to speak the truth on what is transpiring in this Country. I believe time has arrived for every Catholic to stand up for what we believe and profess. The Attacks upon our Church are becoming more frequent. We need to wake up from our malaise and understand we can no longer wish this bias, prejudice and the birth pangs of persecution away. I pray as more people become aware of the dire situation we are facing they will pray more often,attend Eucharistic Adoration and let our voices be heard by our elected officials. Tomorrow (Thursday) the Senate will be voting on the Rights of Conscience Act please contact your representative and tell them to vote yes and vote to Support the Rights of Conscience Act

  10. Warren says:

    Amen! Thanks be to God for a preacher with guts! Can you send a few like him up to us in Canada?

  11. guans says:

    Another reason why is the firmly embedded overpopulation myth: http://www.pop.org/

  12. Peggy R says:

    Awesome! Amen. God bless Fr. Maletta. Is the IRS Gestapo going to knock on his door soon? St. Michael, pray for him.

  13. irishgirl says:

    Amen to what this priest said! Awesome, indeed!
    If I wasn’t in the library, I would have stood up and applauded him like his congregation did!
    @ Peggy R-Yes, I’m afraid of that, too. May Father Maletta be bold like St. John the Baptist!

  14. irishgirl says:

    What diocese in Indiana is Father Maletta at?
    We ought to send him messages of support!
    I’m glad that our Bishops and priests are speaking out!

  15. smmclaug says:

    There are a lot of extremely good Catholic parishes in Indiana, for whatever reason (it isn’t because of outstanding ecclesiastical leadership, I can tell you that much, though the Vicar General, Msgr. Schaedel, is an outstanding priest). I lived there for several years and it literally saved my faith.

  16. pvmkmyer says:

    Great homily. I know I will never hear anything remotely close to it at my parish in Pasadena, CA. My pastor has limp spaghetti where his spine should be.

  17. StJude says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. God bless you, Father!

  18. irishgirl says:

    In answer to my own question, Father is from the diocese of Gary, Indiana.
    His parish has a website and an email address.
    So I sent him a message of support, telling him ‘Bravissimo’!

  19. sjm says:

    I wonder if Fr. Maletta is still working with the Catholic Health Association (Sr. Carol Keehan)?
    If so, I would think the Mandate would not have come as a surprise to him based on their organization’s values.

    Hopefully, he has joined the Catholic Medical Association whose values are in line with the Church’s teachings.

  20. Joe Bakhos says:

    I disagree with the way that Fr. Maletta describes the issue:

    First, all chemical contraceptives can be abortificants. Sometimes when a woman is using “the pill” it prevents the embryo from implanting in the uterine wall.

    At this stage of development, which is some days after conception, the embryo might be 4 to 16 cells… or a little cluster of cells. So, if a woman uses the pill, most of the time it stops conception, but sometimes it prevents implantation of an already conceived embryo.

    The Catholic Church teaches that this is abortion. The “morning after” pills also do this, but they are designed to do it.

    When Fr. Maletta referrs to “abortion” in his sermon, this is what he’s talking about. He does not make clear in his sermon that unlike Catholic teaching, most people consider this to be contraception, not abortion.

    Since most Catholic women use some form of these, Fr. Maletta was basically telling most of the women sitting in the pews in front of him that at some point in their life they’ve been guilty of killing their own children.

    Someone who is not well-educated in these issues could easily mistake Fr. Maletta’s comments to mean that the Catholic Church was being forced into paying for abortions (in the sense that most people consider abortion; killing something that is visibly recognizable as a baby.)

    In fact under Obama care the Church would not have to pay into a plan that covers any kind of abortion at all — abortion as understood by most people.

    Under President Obama’s proposed compromise, which has not been written into the rules yet, this is what would happen for a Catholic institution:

    1. Employees of a Church proper would get a plan that has no access to contraception at all.

    2. Secular employees of a Church-owned institution (like a hospital) would initially also get a plan that does not cover contraception.

    3. Should such an employee decide that they want contraception coverage, they would have to contact the insurance company directly themselves without the knowledge or approval of the employer.

    4. The insurance company would give them the contraception coverage at no charge to the employee OR the employer. In other words the Church would not have knowledge of this nor would they give approval nor would the Church have to pay for it.

    Now the Bishops are maintaining that even this proposed compromise, even if it is written into the rules, would be a gross assault on the religious liberty of the Catholic Church, and Father Maletta seems to be of the opinion that all hospitals, schools, and service organizations should shut down rather than to give in to this.

    It’s fine with me if he wants to make that case, but I think he could be a little more fair when he’s describing the Obama administration and he should also make clear that people listening to know what he’s specifically referring to when he says the Church will be forced to pay for “killing Babies.”

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