Both funny and quite sad: women “priests” simulated “mass” video

Sometimes you don’t want to look at road-kill, but you look anyway.

So it is too with this video of a simulated “mass” by some “women priests”.

It is at the same time both funny and quite sad.

The way they change the texts reveals the deep confusion in which these people wallow.


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  1. Dr. K says:

    If this video doesn’t make you want to bash your head against a stone, check out the blog of the “bishopess” who is concelebrating in the clip:

  2. SonofMonica says:

    I am shocked at how many young people are there. This must be a forward-looking movement! Progress!!!!

  3. Supertradmum says:

    Is that a swimming pool or baptismal font in the back? The wording is so weird. How do people get so confused? Disobedience. And, the Father (Mother, they would say) of Lies….

  4. Trad Tom says:

    I am embarrassed and irritated at the number of people in the “congregation” who are my age and older who should know better! It infuriates me that they are even there, much less that they buy into this whole heretical priestess nonsense. Yes, I will pray for all of them, but it still just makes me ANGRY!

  5. Supertradmum says:

    And, the Brigid Cross has been co-opted by these females, (on the side of the round table, which is also on purpose, rather than an altar shape) as it has been stolen here in Ireland by the New Age nutsies and the wiccans. These “ladies” see Brigid as a priest. I give you one site, but there are several I have seen, and probably more I have not had the stomach to look up at this point. [Good one! Some geezer says the wrong prayer when intending to give the woman the veil of a nun and, bingo!, she’s a bishop!]

  6. ByzCath08 says:

    Watching the video made me want to throw up

  7. JKnott says:

    They could be so happy if they embraced the nature God has given them.
    St. Therese said, “The only joy on earth is to do the Will of God.”
    By choosing to usurp a man’s role they lose all the real power that they are erroneously seeking and resemble weak funny little toads croaking away their grace.
    Well, if we don’t pray for them, a cool dip in that pool, may eventually turn into a hot dip in the abyss.

  8. Supertradmum says:

    Dr. K., I looked up the link you gave and did you notice the anti-USCCB and pro-abortion, pro-contraception statement by the said woman “priestess” who runs the blog? Disgusting and proves that if one is disobedient in one area of truth, one is most likely disobedient in many. Here is part of it, if you missed it.

    “Yes, indeed, get in touch with your congressional representative as the bishops advise, but tell him to support women’s health, freedom of conscience and religious liberty to chose when to bring children into this world. 98% of Catholic women have used contraceptives, the bishops do not represent them in this campaign. The bishops cannot continue to discrimnate against women and blame Obama for it. (as in Obama health care that mandates insurance coverage for contraceptives.)” Horrible and more horrible.

  9. Praying for the Holy Father? They’re not in communion with Rome, so why are they praying for someone who condemns them? [to give the illusion that what they are doing is legit.]

  10. Jim Ryon says:

    The Protestants are right. Their are catholics who worship a piece of bread. Not funny. Just very, very sad.

  11. APX says:

    I find it ironic that in their abhorrent disobedience, they frequently make reference and implore Mary, who was ineffably obedient.

  12. Fiat Mihi says:

    Do the traffic cones at the start of the video serve some “liturgical” purpose?

    I wonder if they have “liturgical synchronized swimmers,” hence the need for a pool?

    Nothing would surprise with these people.

  13. APX says:

    Do the traffic cones at the start of the video serve some “liturgical” purpose?

    Gender neutral MC’s to direct the flow of flow of the processional.

    It’s a good thing they laid out that corporal to catch the crumbs from their bread given that Jesus’ body, blood, soul and divinity are truly absent in their little backyard get together.

  14. Captain Peabody says:

    This isn’t a Mass. It’s a backyard pool party with after-dinner comic entertainment.

    Hire the Womynpriests (TM) to come perform for YOUR child’s birthday party! Graduations! Barbecues! Bar-Mitzvahs! Guaranteed to entertain, or your time in purgatory reduced! Book us now, and you’ll receive a FREE Womynpriest Ordination Tambourine (TM) at no extra cost!

    Womynpriest Entertainment Corp: “Fighting Oppressive Heteronormative Patriarchal Power Structures Since 1972. Yuk yuk!”

  15. jesusthroughmary says:

    “No one can say, “Jesus is Lord”, except by the Holy Spirit.” Until I watched this video, I never knew just how true it is. The demonic influence is palpable – they CANNOT bring themselves to call Him “Lord”. [I, too, thought that was pretty telling.]

  16. ChronicSinner says:

    Probably won’t see too many mantillas or kneeling to receive communion [= piece of bread] in that crowd.

    Seriously, though…what is really preturbing is that these types consider themselves so cutting edge and progressive, as if they somehow are advancing the cause of salvation by flipping the liturgical bird at “the man” via a mutilation and sinful paroday of the Holy Mass. Ironically, there is nothing new here, and indeed, this attitude is older than the hills and was first seen in Lucifer’s “non serviam”. What’s also ironic and lost on these “Catholycs”, in a dark way, is that at least Lucifer and those who follow him today by offering a Black Mass believe in the Real Presence…which sadly, can’t be said with any confidence about those participating in this video.

    What’s also sad, and indeed more insidious, are when validly ordained priests traffic or flirt with such banality, by monkeying with the liturgy or using it to foster dissent or to advance the gospel of social justice ahead of the Word of God, and hence turn the Sacrfice of the Mass into a back yard hootenany, just like these ridiculous people. Indeed, that is worse than this tripe, since at least these jokers can’t be taken seriously by any good Catholic who is honestly trying to follow Chruch teaching.

    As I was watching this, I thought how cool it would have been to live next door to these folks. I could have pulled out my old AC/DC or Black Sabbath albums and thrown my own pool party right along with them! Better yet, maybe Michael Voris will move in next to them some day!

  17. FrCharles says:

    The stole is worn under the chasuble, not over it.

  18. jbosco88 says:

    Not a single Ordination Tambourine in sight. Traditionalists!! [And to think that I didn’t notice that. Good catch!]

    That table cloth could be fashioned into a lovely alb…

  19. lisajulia says:

    As a Catholic woman, i have never ever felt ‘excluded’ from the Church. There is SO MUCH good that can be done within the Church that it makes me more sad than angry to see this video. There are some incredible Sisters and Nuns who have all kinds of Apostolates. Why not help in that way or become a lay member of a religious order. Off the top of my head there are the Pauline Cooperators and Lay Dominicans….so many ways to do so much good regardless of gender. Women posing as bishops and priests are just sad to me.

  20. And the cross is worn under the chasuble too. This was horrible to watch…time for penance.

  21. lucy says:

    I had to stop it at 1:37

  22. KFT says:

    Wow. Our Father and Mother who art in Heaven…. I had to stop. Takes a lot of nerve to edit Jesus’ prayer.

    The whole thing is awful.

  23. Genna says:

    Oh dear. Let’s pretend. It proves the warning by the great, late Alec Guinness: Never let an actor near the liturgy, especially a bad one.

  24. RichR says:


    All the local young Catholics are at the Latin Masses.

  25. Elizabeth D says:

    I had to stop it before the simulated “consecration”. But it is as funny as advertised, for instance the moment when the camera turns and you see they are in front of the swimming pool. No one could parody these folks better than they parody themselves.

  26. skull kid says:

    Not in my back yard. Women priests indeed.

  27. Luvadoxi says:

    And Mary the mother of Jesus, not mother of God…

  28. Rachel K says:

    Sorry, just can’t take this seriously! Thanks for pointing out that the windmill thingy on the tablecloth was a St Bridgid Cross!!
    And what was the relevance of the swimming pool?? The whole thing looks like some dodgy barbecue!!

  29. We’re Dames of the round table:
    We danced when we were able;
    We do routines and parlor scenes,
    spout language theo-BAYble. . . . .

  30. digdigby says:

    Really, how mad can you get? Have you ever seen anything so listless and dreary and sad? Meanwhile ‘catholic charismatics’ under the sanction (or at least tolerance) of the church roll around on the ground in quasi-sexual hysteria and ‘summon the holy spirit’ like a genie that is at their beck and call. It is certainly some kind of spirit but I doubt if it is holy.

  31. MarnieBarcelona says:

    Fiat Mihi ,
    The cones signal the UFO where it can land. Let’s hope it come soon and takes them away.

  32. John Nolan says:

    Anybody, but anybody, can do anything they like in their back garden and post it on the internet. It has no significance whatsoever and 30 years ago they would only have been able to video it in order to bore their friends and neighbours. What is the point of this post?

  33. amenamen says:

    “Where the Wild Things Are”
    They told the two ladies at the beginning walk like Max, with their arms held high, to frighten away the wild things.

  34. Phil_NL says:

    @Jim Ryon
    It’s very debatable if these people are even catholic anymore. Besides, there are catholics aplenty committing all kinds of sins – such is human nature – so that line could be adjusted to a whole lot of other distatseful accusations, and for some catholics (or ex-catholics) they’d be true.

    That doesn’t make true in general.

  35. APX says:

    Not a single Ordination Tambourine in sight. Traditionalists!!
    No, it was a low “mass”. Here’s some Ordination Tambourine for you…literally.
    It appears “prysts” and “byshyps” aren’t the only ones who don’t know how to wear their stoles. Deacyns now too.

  36. lgreen515 says:

    They look like Episcopalians to me. Are you sure they aren’t Episcopalians?

  37. APX says:

    They look like Episcopalians to me. Are you sure they aren’t Episcopalians?
    They’re not Episcopalians. They’re excommunicated catholics who started up their own dress-up and play pryst gig, Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP). I almost fell for their gig while I was away from the Church until I realized something didn’t seem right.

  38. priests wife says:

    sorry Fr Z- I disagree- there is nothing “funny” here

    – only sadness and worry for their immortal souls (and perhaps more importantly the people participating as ‘lay people’ who are being dragged down with the prysts)

  39. Matthew says:

    I think I might have pushed them in the pool.

    Is this just an American thing? I’ve lived in Mexico and Spain and worked in the Philippines for six months or so and never heard of such a thing there. I think it is some type of affluent white woman problem.

    I’m off to the Saturday Vigil, our priest is an old white fellow, but at least he is orthodox!

  40. AnAmericanMother says:

    No, they are not Episcopalians. Episcopalians may be a bunch of screaming loons, but they are NEVER that tacky.
    Lace on the tablecloth on the round picnic table! Swingset in background! Swimming pool! Vestments that don’t fit, worn incorrectly! Bad hair! “Cheat sheets” flapping as the wymn have to check to make sure they’re saying the wrong words. The two of them looking admiringly at each other instead of what they are doing . . . .
    Son of Monica, I don’t see any young people except the one detailed to ‘bring up the gifts’ – a sawbuck says she’s the (highly mortified) daughter of one of the perps. Notice also how shamefaced all the men look. If they were manly men and not neutered, henpecked husbands, they would have put their feet down long before this point.
    Shameful but fortunately not too attractive to anybody with any sense of decorum or taste at all. (What am I saying? You’d have to be blind to think those giant puppets look good.)

  41. APX says:

    I think I might have pushed them in the pool.
    I was hoping one of them would fall into the pool. Is that bad? Do I need to confess that tonight?? I still can’t believe we have one of them in our city. *shudder*

  42. wmeyer says:

    I see nothing funny here, it is sad, even tragic, for souls to be so misled.

  43. ipadre says:

    Is that a local nursing home?

    “Hey Betty, let’s play priest!” “What Mabel?” “Maybe after we play Mass, we can play John the Baptist in the pool.” “Ok Mabel, that sounds like fun.”

  44. Warren says:

    I think enough has been rightly said about the utter futility and folly of the participants on the video. So, I’ll briefly add that the people on the video already have their reward. They worship a god fashioned in their own image. They shouldn’t be surprised, then, that when the day of reckoning arrives and they pass from this world to the next that the Lord (they expunged from their mockery filled rites), the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that is, God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, honours their unwillingness to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and they are simply shown the door… to the outer darkness.

  45. Doggone it, all the good comments have already been offered!!

    The fact that these ladies–who insist they are real priests–couldn’t manage to carry out the ritual properly is–well, it should be–embarrassing. The priestess to our left realizes–just in time–that she didn’t pour the wine into the cup or add the water. Cheat sheets flapping in the wind? They couldn’t manage, I dunno, a binder?

    Did you notice the omission of, “look not on our sins…” from the prayer before the sign of peace? It was a self-caricature. These remarkable people have no sins?

    Finally, I can’t help recalling that when I was a boy in the 70s, this business of Mass-at-home, where everyone sat around in lawn chairs, was the latest thing. It’s now 40-plus years later. Seriously, they couldn’t find an Episcopal Church to use for an hour?

  46. Texana says:

    There is nothing humorous here–only blasphemy and demonic influence.

  47. Chrysostom says:

    I think that they refrain from saying ‘Lord’ because of the masculine gender; they could say ‘Lady’, but that sounds patriarchal as well. So, ‘God’, which is easier to blur.

    But, seriously, ‘Our Father and Mother’? If they want to be consistent, they should say ‘Our Parent/Caregiver in Heaven…’. Then they wouldn’t be discriminating against non-nuclear ‘families’.

  48. Jim Dorchak says:

    Whats the big deal?
    They are just two former alter girls doing what they have been training for right?

  49. Random Friar says:

    As young Mr. Wiggums would say, “It’s funny, but not ‘ha-ha’ funny…”

  50. FXR2 says:

    I am especially offended by the use of St. Brigid’s Cross. I named one of my three daughters after her. Does it ever end? She was a contemporary of St. Patrick and one of the saints removed from the calendar after the council as was St. Christopher. Lord Have Mercy!


  51. NoTambourines says:

    Watch that before turning in for the night? Nah-uh, I want to be able to sleep!

    They might say, “We are church.” But, taking that grammatical disaster and running with it, and also taking a page from Sojourner Truth, ain’t I Church?

    As a Catholic woman, I’m appalled at their presumption. They certainly don’t speak for me. And I am Church, too. Or is it I are Church? Or I Can Haz Church?

    One way or the other, that’s no church of mine on the video. I are not that church.

  52. @digdigby No offense intended, my friend, but please remember that the Catholic Renewal has the support of two Popes, Paul VI and Blessed John Paul II, and has been accepted positively by the Church as an asset to the continuing conversion of the entire Church, so long as one maintains their Catholic link to Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium. Admittedly, many Catholics involved in the Renewal don’t do this, and that is terribly sad. That does not mean you ought to mock and speak ignorantly of Catholic mysticism as Saints have experienced throughout (have you honestly never heard of ecstasies, miracles, and prophecy in the lives of Saints and Blesseds?) the entire history of the Church, going back all the way to all of the Apostles on Pentecost. I am a Charismatic Catholic who also happens to be in love with ALL of Sacred Tradition, including Latin, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, traditional prayers, sacramental use, everything. I accept everything Good, True, and Beautiful, including ever-deeper and more beautiful and intimate communion with the Spirit of Christ, flowing into His Body the Church from the Holy Eucharist. God bless~

  53. Michelle F says:

    I noticed they used the phrase, “Jesus our brother.”

    The religious sister who was in charge of my RCIA class tried once to get us to pray like that. We knew immediately that it was wrong. The way she said it, we knew she meant for us to address the Lord as our equal. We all looked at each other (she had us seated in a circle, of course), and we all had the proverbial “deer in the headlights” look on our faces. Finally, one of the catechists told her we didn’t want to pray that way.

    The sister looked at us like we were a bunch of idiots, something we got frequently, but she let us skip the “Jesus our brother” bit.

    So, I must respectfully disagree with Fr. Z. None of this is funny; it is sick, evil, and frightening.

  54. Anglian says:

    This is deeply sad and disturbing. The theological illiteracy, not to mention the plain heresy of praying to God as ‘Father and Mother’, is both sad and disturbing, and there was something about the people in the clip which suggested both adjectives applied to them.

    There have always been those in the Church who have felt they knew better than the Lord, but it is only in our era, saturated as it is with individualism and relativism, that this sort of thing could happen. Still, heresy has been with us from the beginning, and I guess this lot have nothing on Marcion!

    We should pray for them – and for anyone who is led astray by their pride and folly.

  55. Kerry says:

    A colossal “know not what they do” performance.

  56. Stu says:

    My sons, when pretending to say Mass, are more liturgically correct than this bunch.

  57. Glen M says:

    Obviously this video was made last year as they are still using the “for all” instead of “for many”.

    Imagine what their neighbors must have been thinking. Now I understand why some people think Catholics are pagans.

  58. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. My Irish temper makes me want to punch someone in this video. It’s an embarrassment to Catholic women everywhere and it makes my heart hurt to see out good Priests insulted so.

  59. Amyjo says:

    I made it through about 30 seconds of the video. So sad. I’m a convert. The Catholic faith is precious to me. I just don’t understand how people can completly reject what is true.

  60. Poimier says:

    Well, I didn’t last as long as Lucy (1:37) and I wish I hadn’t even clicked. It is sickening to see the Mass mocked like that.

    Father Z, I am sorry to say, it didn’t amiuse me, I don’t see the point of the clip and I hope you won’t find any more. And I am sorry if my saying it offends you.


  61. digdigby says:

    JonathanCatholic –
    I’ve seen enough of ‘charismatic Catholicism’ to find it repugnant. Also, I think that St. Escriva’s book, The Way is somewhere between fortune cookies and Kahlil Gibran in the ‘spiritual splendor’ department, but then who am I? I don’t believe any other Catholics need the “Digdigby Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”.

  62. For anyone who enters into discussions with anyone about women’s ordination, or specifically about the women who have attempted ordination, here’s a comment…

    Thus far, I have yet to see any Catholic woman who attempted this, who didn’t make an absolute mess of the liturgy. Further, I recall a story about Dagmar Celeste, who was the wife of our former governor, who also attempted to be ordained a Catholic priest, who was quoted saying she had someone surreptitiously bringing her holy communion from a Catholic Mass! (I.e., she either didn’t believe she could offer Mass herself, or else for whatever reason was not doing so.)

    Here’s my point: these women claim to be serious; they expect to be taken seriously. Their advocates and apologists take them seriously as Roman Catholic “priests.” In this video, the women pray, “in communion with Benedict our pope.”

    OK, fine…then please explain why–based on your own “best foot forward,” you haven’t got a clue about the liturgy?

    This sort of thing serves to demonstrate that what’s really going on is another agenda, and a good dose of narcissism.

  63. Mrs. Bear says:

    I couldn’t watch the entire thing – but I went closer to the end to see if they all jumped into the pool.
    They could have – we just didn’t see the entire thing.
    Hello! “Winter of the Church” – not sure if you realize that the Springtime has come to the Church!

  64. I was wondering if the opening hymn might have been “A pretty girl is like melody1”

  65. smmclaug says:

    Don’t laugh. These things are always pathetic-looking and ridiculous when they get started, but they seldom stay that way for long. The only possible good outcome is the repentance of these women, and the shaking loose of whatever demonic force is on them.

    Anybody who doesn’t think this stuff could become really widespread hasn’t been watching for, oh, the last forty-five years or so. There is no heresy, fad, or outright abomination that cannot gain a large following. Sure, it’s on a different level from people raising their hands during the Lord’s Prayer, and people of really good will aren’t very likely to get sucked in. But there are enough of the other kind about, and let’s face it, under future left-wing administrations, who is to say the Church will not be “mandated” to honor such grotesquery?

  66. aladextra says:

    Is it not possible to sue them to prevent them from calling themselves “Roman Catholic”?


  68. Wow…they are…nuts, totally nuts. But despite having totally the wrong idea about, well, everything to do with the Church they need lots and lots and lots of prayer that their eyes will be opened and God can show them the truth about His Church.

    You know, I was half expecting some liturgical dance shoved in there somewhere…or with that pool in the background some synchronised liturgical swimming?! *shudders at the thought*

  69. Re: story about St. Brigid —

    Couldn’t bear to listen to their version, but here’s the true gen. Kildare had a powerful bishop, because Brigit’s monastery of Kildare was big and powerful. The Kildare see claimed precedence over all Irish sees except Armagh (the primate’s see, where St. Patrick was and where he was buried). The abbess may also have been one of those that had the (high medieval) right to have crozier, mitre, and gloves associated with her abbacy, like some abbots in Europe did.

    Anyway, Kildare therefore had a legend about Brigid as a backup for their precedence, and often portrayed Brigid with a crozier. Places in the US where lots of Leinstermen or Brigid devotees moved, you’ll also see this portrayal. (Like in that old church in Alexandria VA.)

    A lot of Irish saint legends are about monastery precedences and provenances and teaching traditions.

  70. Supertradmum says:

    Suburbanbanshee, there were great women leaders of monasteries, such as St. Etheldreda, for whom I named my blog. But, they, as you know, were not bishops, but abbesses. Crazy New Age interpretations.

  71. rgueret says:

    There is a very good book on the Church’s response to women priests and is written by a former woman priest supporter.

    The name of the book is “The Catholic Priesthood and Women – A Guide to the Teaching of the Church” by Sr. Sara Butler MSBT. ISBN 978-1-59525-016-2

    She was a guest speaker in our diocese to explain to the clergy the Church’s lack of authority to ordain women into the priesthood. She was able to provide answers to the most common arguments used by proponents of women’s ordination and background in this teaching.

    She also explained the use of the Ordinary Magisterium and why the Extraordinary Form would not have been appropriate.

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