Prayer request for a priest undergoing brain surgery on Friday

I ask your kindness.

Fr. Pedro Escribano of the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest, in the Diocese of Madison, is undergoing a delicate brain tumor operation today (Friday).

Would you please remember Father in your prayers?

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  1. acardnal says:

    Yes, I will pray for him. I am a member of the same diocese. Please keep us informed of his status.

  2. frhoisington says:

    St. John Vianney, pray for him!
    St. John of Avila, pray for him!
    Father Emil Kapaun, pray f0r him!
    Our Lady, Mother of Priests, pray for him!

  3. rodin says:

    Yes, indeed. There is a priest here in California who has had such a procedure recently and the last I heard he was doing very well. I will pray that Fr. Escribano will be equally fortunate. We are so in need of good priests.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Yes, right now! (Madison is our diocese also.)

  5. dep says:

    Done, and again in a bit.

  6. NoTambourines says:

    Absolutely — done!

  7. Kaneohe says:

    Done, and will continue to pray for him.

  8. StJude says:

    O Almighty and Eternal God, look upon the Face of Thy Christ, and for love of Him Who is the eternal High-priest, have pity on Thy priests. Remember, O most compassionate God, that they are but weak and frail human beings. Stir up in them the grace of their vocation which is in them by the imposition of the Bishop’s hands. Keep them close to Thee, lest the enemy prevail against them, so that they may never do anything in the slightest degree unworthy of their sublime vocation.

    O Jesus, I pray Thee for Thy faithful and fervent priests; for Thy unfaithful and tepid priests; for Thy priests laboring at home or abroad in distant mission fields; for Thy tempted priests; for Thy lonely and desolate priests; for Thy young priests; for Thy aged priests; for Thy sick priests; for Thy dying priests; for the souls of Thy priests in Purgatory.

    But above all I commend to Thee the priests dearest to me: the priest who baptized me; the priests at whose Masses I assisted and who gave me Thy Body and Blood in Holy Communion; the priests who taught and instructed or helped me and encouraged me; all the priests to whom I am indebted in any other way, particularly Fr. Pedro Escribano who is ill and will be going through surgery.
    O Jesus, keep them all close to Thy heart, and bless them abundantly in time and in eternity. Amen. Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for us; obtain for us many and holy priests. Amen.

  9. sawdustmick says:

    That didn’t come out right. Trying to be too clever !

    Anyway I have done / am doing it.

  10. marthawrites says:

    Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary…Our Lady of Lourdes, heal your good priest so that he may continue to bring souls to your Son.

  11. Liz says:


  12. KJA says:

    Fr. Pedro’s doctors have successfully reached the brain tumor (6 hrs procedure, so far). Now, his surgeon is removing the tumor. Could be another 3-4 hours (total operation, 9-10 hrs which would be approx 7 or 8 central time). Please continue to pray for dear Fr. Pedro.

  13. The Cellarer says:

    Sts Benedict and Scholastica, pray for him.

  14. GirlCanChant says:

    I am praying and will continue to do so.

  15. Random Friar says:

    There shall be prayers for him here!

  16. KJA says:

    Thankfully, Fr. Pedro is out of surgery and it has gone well.

  17. AnAmericanMother says:

    Continuing to pray, now for an uneventful and speedy recovery.

  18. JayDeee says:


  19. Centristian says:

    Holy brothers and doctors Cosmas and Damian, with Saint Luke, hasten to the bedside of our brother, Pedro, a priest of the Lord, who stands in need of your ministrations and intercession. Present him by your prayers to Jesus Christ, our Divine Physician, asking Him to stretch out His healing hand to His servant in his moment of danger and need. May the Holy Virgin cast her mantle of motherly care about him, and may his own angel obtain from God the tender mercy that He loves to grant his faithful children. Amen.

  20. norancor says:

    Prayer to the Divine Physician

    O good Jesus, Divine Physician and light of our darkened souls, may Thy suffering servant N. accept willingly this sickness which it has pleased Thee to lay upon them. May they confide all their pains to Thy Sacred Heart, and beg Thee to unite them with Thy bitter sufferings, and thus perfect them by making them Thine own.

    Since they cannot render Thee the praise due to Thee because of the multitude of their sorrows and afflictions, we ask Thee to praise God the Father for all they suffer, with the same tribute of praise Thou didst offer Him when Thine agony on the Cross was at its height.

    As Thou didst thank Him with all the power of Thine Adorable Soul, for all the sufferings and injustice which He willed Thou shouldst endure, we pray Thee, render unto Him thanks for this suffering soul’s trials as well. Offer their sufferings, both physical and spiritual, to Him, together with Thy most Holy pains, to His Eternal Honor and Glory. Amen.

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