Pres. Obama and four treaties which would harm the USA

I saw an interesting video on Here is the caption:

President Obama is about to sign four treaties which surrender our sovereignty, enact gun control, cede the power to go to war to the U.N., and tell us how to raise our children.

I guess when Pres. Obama isn’t golfing or conducting a war against the Catholic Church and the 1st Amendment, he is working on way to redistribute wealth around the globe and and undermine the 2nd Amendment too.  It’s next on the list, right?

I don’t know how to embed Morris’s video here.  You have to go there.  You don’t have to sign up for anything to be able to watch it.

You might look back at his archive of daily videos.  He has interesting comments about the GOP primary process.

Like him or not, Dick Morris is a pretty shrewd fellow.  It’s dreadful stuff he is talking about.  His point about the media not covering these treaties is spot on.

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  1. digdigby says:

    Our black white Hawaiian Indonesian Kenyan Christian Muslim Community Organizer knows what is best for America. If you think Dick Morris has exaggerated these treaties just consider the ramifications of the child protection treaty. He has greatly understated how evil this is, especially for Catholics.

  2. NoTambourines says:

    It has seemed to me from time to time that, in many ways, the elite faction of Democrats wants to remake America as the the western-most country in Western Europe with respect to the welfare state, immigration, national sovereignty, etc.

    But how well is the European social and economic model, such as it has evolved, really working for Europe?

  3. Ezra says:

    Would be more convincing if he provided some evidence for his claims.

  4. wmeyer says:

    I believe Obama’s goals for us are far worse than parity with the sad state of Europe today. If we should suffer a second term, and are unable to see control of the Congress removed from
    Democrats, I am afraid we will, before his departure from office, have been converted to a socialist people’s republic. We will certainly have a broken economy and a devastated currency.

  5. filioque says:

    Fortunately a treaty is not effective until it is ratified by 2/3 of the Senate. But he is showing his true colors

  6. Dan says:

    filioque is right. There are constitutional checks in place that prevent the executive from signing away our second amendment rights, or for that matter, imposing any domestic policy on Americans. For a treaty to become the law of the land, it must be raitified by the senate by a two thirds majority. The Supreme Court has also held that while the President enjoys plenary power over foreign policy, his treaties and executive orders cannot have any domestic affect unless ratified by the legislature, who alone can make laws that bind American citizens.

  7. transparent2one says:

    HHS mandate is a distraction to sneak in something else?

  8. HeatherPA says:

    Interesting, as I have become convinced that Obama’s next stop is supreme commander of the UN. This certainly sheds a light on that idea.

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