QUAERITUR: De precum recitatione et potionis “coffeae” bibendo

Ex e-litteris nuper a lectore acceptis:

Andreas philologus patri Z pacem Christi dicit:

Consuetudo est mihi, pater optime, ad primam auroram Laudes offere. Cum habitem enim solus, etiam solus precor, ad quas autem preces nuper superadditum est aliquid alium, quod est coffea. Hoc modo progredi assuesco. Primum est psalmus, deinde sorbilo, dein psalmus secundus, deinde sorbilo rursus! Estne nefas, pater optime, mihi psallanti ita sorbere? Si enim sit nefas, quo tamen tempore deceat, sive antequam sive postquam laudavi, potum bibere matutinum?

Cura ut valeas in Christo

Andreae Ioannes sacerdos in Christo s.p.d.

Secundum auctores a nobis approbatos, officii recitatio excludit actiones quae internam applicationem impediunt. Vitandae sunt idcirco actiones quae cum attentione interna sunt dissonae ut fructus orandi uberiores percipientur. Fortasse ergo licet nobis orare dum manducamus, non tamen licet manducare dum oramus.


Omnia quaeque in Christo optima exoptans.

His scriptis, Carmelitorum Wyomingensium Monachorum nucupatorum Mysticorum grana arabica coffea ex vestigio abunde emitote!

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  1. Mary Jane says:

    I couldn’t actually read what this post said…but I think it said, among other things, “get yourself some Mystic Monk!” ;-)

  2. ivan_the_mad says:

    Saepe precor et simul bibo coffeam :)

  3. NoTambourines says:

    Coffee is the international language.

  4. Andrew says:

    Mea quidem sententia (hominis stulti et indocti) non decet potum (nec cibum) sumere dum oramus: oportet enim diligenter animo attendere maiestati divinae (nam “Dominus Deus noster ignis consumens est, Deus aemulator”) quod quidem homo qui caffeum sorbillat toto animo, toto corde, tota mente agere nequit. Fortasse doctor angelicus aliquid hac de quaestione scripsit?

  5. papaefidelis says:

    His scriptulis lectis, fabulola olim dicta mihi a sacerdote sancto ad mentem revocabatur. Quidam sacerdos ab vicario parochiali juniore rogatus est utrum nefas sit inhalare fumum tabaci dum liturgiam horarum (vel officium divinum, si tibi placet) recitet. Brevi cogitabat et,”Tantum interest,” ipse respondit, “utrum illud tabacum sit optimum tabacum necne. Si certe optimum est, deinde dignus est uti dum breviarium tuum recites.” Tandem subrisit ab aure ad aurem.

  6. FrCharles says:

    First things each day: Coffee, Invitatory, Office of Readings. Now I feel better about it!

  7. Johnny Domer says:

    Venerabilis Fulton Sheen olim dixit coffeam esse utilissimam ante meditationem ac orationem; fructi inquit meditationis multiplicati sunt mirabiliter coffea.

  8. Patruus says:

    Aliud est bibere dum oratur, aliud dum inter orationes requiescitur.

  9. Elizabeth D says:

    This post is Greek to me, pater optime. Well you might be saying in there somewhere that it is okay to pray while eating, but not to eat while praying.

  10. ghp95134 says:

    Courtesy of Google Translate:

    From e-letter recently received from a reader:
    Andrew learned the peace of Christ to the Father Z says:
    The custom is to me, the father of the best way, to the praise and the first to offer the morning light. For only together with a habit, even alone, I pray, to which I had recently Moreover, the prayers, there is something superadded to another, which is the Coffee. Used in this way to proceed. The first is the song, then the SIP, then the second song, then the SIP again! Is there anything wrong, good father, so I psallanti sip? If it is a crime, which, however, the time is appropriate, either before or after he was on, drink, drink in the morning?

    Care of your health in Christ

    Andrew John, a priest in Christ s.p.d.
    According to authors, from us, be approved, the application of a hindrance to the internal actions which excludes the recitation of the office. Therefore they are to avoid actions which are clamorous with attention inward to the fruit of prayer more collected. Perhaps, then, may we pray when we eat, it is not lawful to eat when we pray.

  11. APX says:

    The gist I got out of it was when praying the daily office, one is not supposed to drink or eat whilst doing so, as it interferes with one’s interior disposition. I could be way off, though.

  12. Dennis Martin says:

    This confirms what I long suspected–Google Translator may succeed in some remote sense when handling German or French but it’s totally useless with Latin (presumably with any highly inflected language).

    So, if it’s okay to smoke good tobacco but not inferior tobacco while praying the office, as per the story told by the holy priest upthread, then surely, it would be okay to drink Mystic Monk coffee while praying but not any other, inferior, kind of coffee???

    How would one express the adverbial “upthread” be in Latin????

  13. Supertradmum says:

    eeiuu, eating while praying….

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