Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the merchants of death at Planned Parenthood

About a zillion people were pushing me to post about the news item that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation stopped giving money to the merchants of death at Planned Parenthood (originally set up to kill of black people).

Something about that story bothered me and I was also super busy and didn’t get to it.  Now I see that “Komen” has reveresed its decision and will, in fact, give money to the merchants of death at Planned Parenthood.

“Komen” apparently was on the receiving end of a mighty whipping.  Private institutions are no longer permitted by death merchants and their familiars to dispose of their money as they please.

At this point, I want to quote Ed Peters from over at his fine blog In The Light Of The Law:

I feel sorry for Komen, they seem like a nice bunch of people pursuing a worthy goal. But now Komen stands as an object lesson for other non-profits: run with the likes of Planned Parenthood for a spell, and just see what happens when you try to go your own way.

Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent.

At the same time, Nancy Brinker who runs “Komen” worked for and with Planned Parenthood.  No?  And because of the controversy, donations to both are up, right?

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  1. NoTambourines says:

    I had heard that Komen had seen an influx of donations in approval of their first decision.

    Will people who gave in support of their disconnection (or who had been holding back because of the connection) from Planned Parenthood get their money back?

  2. Girgadis says:

    If Planned Parenthood does one thing well besides killing babies, it’s spreading lies. PP does NOT offer mammograms to women, as they would have the unsuspecting public believe. They offer referrals for mammograms which women can get anywhere. What’s more, the amount of charity care available for breast cancer screening has increased to the extent where even those who might have been served by PP can easily obtain more comprehensive and meaningful care elsewhere.

    If the merchants of death can raise $1 million based on hysteria and lies, it’s apparent they do not need taxpayer funding or money from the Komen Foundation.

    The latest statement from the Komen Foundation is ambiguous. Unfortunately, it sounds like they’ll wait and see just how much backlash they suffer before deciding whether to lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas again.

  3. ppb says:

    It was suggested on several pro-life websites that people should contact Komen in support of their original decision, which I did. Too bad that they’re reversing course now. I did kind of doubt that Komen was acting out of principle on this, but hoped that they would be encouraged in the correctness of their original decision if they got a lot of pro-life support out of it. With that said, I have to say the way PP unleashed their fury on them was truly despicable. No other non-profit could treat a granting organization that way and get away with it.

  4. ray from mn says:

    Austin Ruse of C-FAM in New York City posted the following:

    “What happened this week was nothing short of a Mafia shakedown campaign by Planned Parenthood against the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

    Planned Parenthood told the Komen Foundation ‘either give us money or we will destroy you.’ They were aided and abetted in this hostage taking by the mainstream media.”

    Somebody who is knowledgeable in the subject should start to bombard Koman with all the information linking abortion and breast cancer. They don’t realize that they are consorting with the enemy.

  5. bmadamsberry says:

    It actually seems that Komen has not changed decision, but apologized to Planned Parenthood for the decisions. Big difference!

  6. Sandy says:

    This reversal decision is so disappointing, had not heard the latest. Just proves what we’ve seen for many years – the devil has repeated the scene in the Garden of Eden over and over again. He has seduced women into believing the feminist pro-abortion lie and other lies.

  7. wmeyer says:

    Well, the wording of the announcement from PP is a challenge to decipher. However, my sense of it is that the investigation pending does not meet the terms for which Komen would disconnect. Someone with legal training may be needed to unravel the tangle of words.

  8. jasoncpetty says:

    It was also my understanding that it wasn’t properly a “reversal”–but even my lawyerly eyes can’t decipher the SGK message. That said, if it is a reversal, that will be a nice line in the sand for Catholics who, in the past, weren’t sure what the SGK-PP link was. It will be clear from that point forward.

  9. wmeyer says:

    jasoncpetty, thanks, I thought after the second or third reading, when I was still cross-eyed, it might be me. ;)

  10. jasoncpetty says:

    The only “out” I can see for SGK from that statement—if they are, indeed, withdrawing support from PP—is that they’re saying they’ll keep funding grants they’ve already approved (and that includes PP), and they’ll take applications from anyone in the future. So SGK’s escape to save face—if they are withdrawing support from PP in the future—is that PP won’t be getting any money in the future.

  11. Legisperitus says:

    It’s a bit like using the embryonic stem-cell lines that already existed…

    Looking back, those were the days.

  12. digdigby says:

    Komen Foundation held its international conference a few years ago in Cairo (Egypt, not Illinois) and the Muslims refused to allow twp Israel women to be present. Komen Foundation went along with it and ‘dis-invited’ these Israeli women who provided services for both Jews and Arabs with life threatening illnesses. When the s-storm hit Komen foundation they back-pedaled and ‘re-invited’ the women which is great except the conference was virtually over.
    Tiny Israel has done an astonishing amount of cutting edge cancer research. The level of free medical care provided to Palestinians and even Gazans with advanced and deadly diseases is unequaled anywhere. Egyptian medicine? What there is of it comes from the West.

  13. Dustin and Jamie P. says:

    It seems that there are a lot of similarities between PP and the mafia depicted in the movie “The Godfather”

  14. Joseph-Mary says:

    With abortion and birth control pills contributing to the rate of breast cancer, it has always been ironic that Komen would give money to planned parenthood which is in the business of abortion and giving out low dose birth control pills that have a tendency to fail. As Carol Everett, the former director of three abortion mills said: the goal was 3-5 abortions for every girl. PP is in the schools and sexualizes children at an early age and encourages promiscuity so that pregnancy and abortions occur. Roughly a million tax dollars go to PP for each baby killed–you can look at it that way.

  15. Marcy K. says:

    Fr. Z, you were right to sense something wrong with this story. I never trusted Komen. I agree with Teresa Tomeo who asked for caution all along the way here: They don’t share our pro-life goals so why should we support them? Komen just happened to try to get out of bed with our enemy so everyone got all excited. Their decision was not an affirmation of us and we should stop trying to make it so. I would rather give my money to the pro-life Breast Cancer Prevention Institute where at least they try to educate to prevent this scourge of a disease.

  16. digdigby says:

    The huge and unbalanced charity push for a particular anatomical cancer is rather strange and a misplaced and irrational feminism. Any major breakthrough in cancer will be in preventing the spread and multiplication of cells, not initial causes and such a breakthrough will help dozens of different cancers of both men and women. How many millions go to Komen instead of the ACS? Komen crushes any small charities that use ‘for & cure’ in their name or the color pink or magenta. They force small charities to hire expensive lawyers by suing them thus drain away millions just to keep their extensive ‘trademarks’ which number OVER 200!!

  17. Supertradmum says:

    I had this on my blog and a reader wrote to me of the switch. I took it off. Komen caved. And, I want people to stop judging those who have had or will have breast cancer. Not every woman who gets it has had a history of contraception. I had breast cancer and have suffered the consequences. I did not contracept. In fact, I did not even use NFP. This is a great evil of judgement among some Catholics. There are many reasons, some not known, for such cancers. I personally feel badly about the Komen situation, as a person who can no longer get health coverage for a pre-condition, that is cancer, I would like to have used their free screening for women like myself who cannot afford it. The PP connection is so sad.

  18. New Sister says:

    Supertradmum, I am very sorry to hear of a trend among some Catholics to negatively perceive women with breastcancer in this way. I can assure you that, as a Traditional Catholic, I had never heard of such prejudice in the Church until reading your post. (but God has also blessed me with an exceptional circle of Catholic friends and associates.) Amongst my more lukewarm Catholic friends, I know breast cancer survivors who are extreme in their activism for The Cure. They take offense at people like me who do not embrace the Susan Komen-sponsored events and commercial promotions. I really do not mean to offend or sound insensitive, but I have never trusted the Susan Komen pink stuff, amost by instinct. I saw it as too powerful, too accepted by the mainstream media, and thus likely to have some kind of liberal activism in its motor. Even when news broke about their breaking ties with PP, I was sceptical. Unless I can be assured that the organization pursues science divorced of politics, I shall stay away from Komen.

    P.S. my sponsor into the Church once told me, “when science and politics mix, science becomes the prostitute.” How true!

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