Of Tea and Coffee

From a reader:

Father Z, don’t forget to let everyone know that Mystic Monk has great tea!

I’m abstaining from coffee (decaf) until Obama leaves office!
I’ve been off for 2 months. God bless you!


Did you know that the Wyoming Carmelites also have a variety of teas (real and herbal)?

While some of you are buying your Pascha Java, others are choosing Earl Grey.

BTW… I noticed that some of you are opting for a coffee blend I had not seen before: Easter Sunrise Blend. (Higher caffeine!)

Mystic Monk Tea… it’s swell!

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  1. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus says:

    Hey – is that a dark roast decaf? I emailed them about a month ago requesting decaf in Espresso Roast or a Dark French Roast. I loathe light coffee and their current blends of decaf, which are presumably a medium blend, taste more like light. I was buying Starbucks espresso beans, but stopped some months ago for conscience reasons, and now get French Roast decaf beans from a local fruit market. I would really like to support the monks with purchases, but just don’t care for the lighter roast of the decaf they offered. Wish I could have the caffiene, but it’s a no-no for me. I got a response back from them acknowledging they did not have a dark roast decaf and would consider it in the future. I would switch in a heart beat if they offered it, and it lived up to the dark roast name.

  2. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus says:

    YIKES – I saw the GREEN and thought it was decaf!!!

    That’s not good to put it in green.

    I repeat: They need a dark roast decaf and I’ll switch

  3. Velle Mere says:

    Last month, I purchased the tea gift set for my mom’s birthday. She RAVED about the Peaceful Monk Blend tea (chamomile).

  4. Andrew Rota says:

    It seems though that their tea only comes in bags. Do they have any loose leaf tea to brew in a tea pot?

  5. justanothercatholic says:

    I am gonna get that high caffeine stuff.
    I take coffee as a medicine for my chronic need of sleeping 8 hours a day…
    I really don’t like it.

    Any chance any of this stuff works on an espresso machine?

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