Nancy Pelosi, Doctrix of the Church, cites Theologian Obama and calls evil “good”

From CNS:

Pelosi: Her Catholic Faith ‘Compels’ Her to Support Same-Sex Marriage


By Christopher Goins
May 10, 2012
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( – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that her Catholic faith “compels” her to “be against discrimination of any kind” and thus for same-sex marriage.  [She is, therefore, either deeply ignorant about the Catholic Faith, she is deeply stupid, or she is lying.  The Catholic Faith cannot justify condoning a redefinition of marriage to include same-sex unions.  The notion is absurd.]

A reporter asked Pelosi: “Many of the people that are opposed to gay marriage cite their religion as the reason why they’re opposed. You’re a Catholic that supports gay marriage. Do you believe that religion and the idea that you can support gay marriage can be separated? And how do you grapple with the idea that you support gay marriage as a Catholic?”

Pelosi responded: “My religion has, compels me–and I love it for it–to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider this a form of discrimination. I think it’s unconstitutional on top of that. ”  [While I don’t agree that it is unconstitutional to define marriage as being between one male and one female (of prescribed ages) a justification of the same on the basis of  the Church’s teaching, from natural law and revelation, is impossible.  She is therefore ignorant, thick, or lying.]

Pelosi spoke glowingly of the comments President Barack Obama made Wednesday when he said he supported same-sex marriage.

“So I think that yesterday was a great day for America because the president in a very personal, as well as presidential way, made history, and hopefully this will bring people together on the issue,” Pelosi said.  [Let’s not pretend that anyone thinks the President’s remarks were strictly “personal”.  They were a signal, much as his remarks about the sad case of Trayvon Martin in Florida were a “signal”.]

Pelosi also said that the president “went a long way” in shortening the difference between the “inevitable and the inconceivable” of the introduction of same-sex “marriage.”

It’s a matter of time. It’s all about time. And on these issues, what is inevitable to some of us is inconceivable to others,” she said. “And what we want to do is shorten the difference between the inevitable and the inconceivable,” she continued. “And I think the president went a long way in doing that yesterday.” [Evil.]


Piling public scandal upon public scandal upon public scandal upon public scandal.

For the love of God and His Holy Church….

Cardinal Wuerl?  Archbishop Niederauer?

Where are you?

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  1. Kat says:

    I don’t believe she said anything about her religion being Catholic. I believe she’s of the Church of Obama, and clearly her beliefs mirror that.

  2. disco says:

    Woe to you that call evil good and good evil. I can only offer prayer for the conversion of ms Pelosi and all the supposed ‘Catholics’ of her cohort.

  3. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    Truly grotesque.

    One writes from England, where this argument is in full bay, but noone here at least has dared to argue religious justification. At least they have the honesty to criticise the Catholic faith (wrongly) for the principles it holds to be true.

    This woman is beneath contempt. As you say – EVIL. A daughter of Satan.

  4. St. Louis IX says:

    PLEASE STOP posting that picture of pelosi and pres….I am running out of barf bags.

  5. jasoncpetty says:

    Cardinal Wuerl? Archbishop Niederauer? Where are you?

    Clinking glasses at Pelosi’s (who’s very rich) fundraisers? No, in all seriousness (since I don’t know that that’s true), I believe both are probably very, very sad at having to exercise an empty, purely symbolic teaching authority they (or more likely their predecessors and their predecessors’ predecessors) long ago ceded. They let their teeth rot out and now their flocks are calling on them to bite the wolves.

    Sad, really.

  6. Simply Horrid. Nancy Pelosi appears to have a Protestantized notion of religion; to wit, notice how she refers to “my religion.” It is certainly her own, not the objective, independent, external forum of the Divine and Catholic Faith of all ages.

    God have mercy on her soul, on the President’s soul, and on our nation, which is so quickly and thoroughly going to the dogs.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more, jasoncpetty, thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  8. Captain Peabody says:

    “It’s a matter of time. It’s all about time. And on these issues, what is inevitable to some of us is inconceivable to others. And what we want to do is shorten the difference between the inevitable and the inconceivable.”
    -Nancy Pelosi, Catholic heretic

    “For the fact is that wherever this plague rages today most fiercely, everyone did not catch the disease in a single day. Rather the contagion spreads gradually and imperceptibly while those persons who despise it at first, afterwards can stand to hear it and respond to it with less than full scorn, then come to tolerate wicked discussions, and afterwards are carried away into error, until like a cancer (as the apostle says) the creeping disease takes over the whole country.”
    -St. Thomas More, Catholic martyr

  9. Charles E Flynn says:

    Should we revive this ritual?

    Excommunication Scene from “Becket”.

  10. Central Valley says:

    The Bishops offer weak words and absolutely no action.

  11. wmeyer says:

    Indeed, where are the bishops? Where is the USCCB? I believe that Phil Lawler was right in his recent comment on Catholic Culture that the bishops are moving on too many fronts. Religious freedom is the primary battle, and it’s right now. It comes before even abortion, which is, after all, a long-term battle. But religious freedom is a critical and immediate issue. They need to focus, and they need to direct priests in every parish to be unrelenting in presenting homilies on the issue, weekly.

  12. Dr. K says:

    Cardinal Wuerl? Archbishop Niederauer? Where are you?

    The latter is (hopefully) preparing for retirement within the next year, while the former looks ahead to his retirement in a few more.

  13. AnnAsher says:

    How sweet (vomit) a kiss from the Messiah of Death

  14. Springkeeper says:

    Is it even remotely possible that someone high up in the Catholic food chain told Pelosi that her position is acceptable? I pray that is not the case, of course, but she (and her ilk) keeps coming up with these horribly satanic notions and no one in that diocese seems to ever make any statements about it. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors but something doesn’t seem right. Matthew 18: 17b says “And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican.” There is a time to be “pastoral” but then there comes a time to make a stand for Christ and His Church. Luke 11:23: “He that is not with me, is against me; and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth.”

  15. AnnAsher says:

    Yes to ritual excommunication ! How I’d love to see our Bishops gathered, humongous candles representing the life of their souls, and watch them cast to the ground, the flame snuffed out, “Anathema Sit!”

  16. Bob B. says:

    How about having Biden, all the so-called Catholic politicians in Congress and the Administration meet at, say, the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle (you’ll need a lot of room and a cathedral might be enough – or perhaps Georgetown will do) at 9:15 on a Sunday (because we know that all good politicians go to church, right?)?

    Then have Cardinal Wuerl give the ushers boxes of pre-printed excommunication papers (we’ll call them 915’s) to distribute – either let them fill in their own names (we know who you are) or have Pelosi pass out the papers for House members and, since there are fewer members, any Senator can pass out those for the Senate. Biden and Sebelius can receive theirs directly from the cardinal.

    Wait a minute. Since the cardinal doesn’t believe in Canon 915 (or informing Georgetown that they are no longer a Catholic university), perhaps the individual bishops could do something similar in their own dioceses.

    Wait a minute, what if no bishop does it (after all, no one has done anything yet, have they)? How about the laity gathering signatures (say 915) for each pseudo-Catholic politician and deliver them to the Apostolic Delegate to the United States?

    Hold on. With Cardinal Wuerl’s recent appointment to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, perhaps he’ll succeed in repealing Article 48 of the Apostolic Constitution on the Roman Curia which states, “The proper duty of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is to promote and safeguard the doctrine on faith and morals in the whole Catholic world; so it has competence in things that touch this matter in any way.” Since the cardinal doesn’t believe in Canon 915, perhaps things will stay the same as they are now (or get worse)! It’s for sure that the pseudo-Catholic politicians aren’t worried that the Church will do anything. Talk about scandal!

  17. wmeyer says:

    I think ritual excommunication cold be beneficial, but for the politicians, I would welcome a public list of those proscribed from receiving communion. Let it be well known that they are committing a grave sin, and the public pressure from the faithful will take care of the rest.

  18. BillyHW says:

    I see that the pastoral approach continues to work wonders.

  19. PostCatholic says:

    I don’t think Speaker Pelosi is ignorant, thick or lying. I sincerely believe that her faith compels her to back marriage equality. What I think she is, is cowardly. Her faith is not Catholic and she ought to have the courage to say so.

  20. She is therefore ignorant, thick, or lying.

    Why not all three? They are not mutually exclusive!

    I will be baptized in 16 days. Hopefully the Coronal Mass Ejections and/or God’s Wrath will be at least partially withheld until that date.

    You know, Obama saying he supports “gay” “marriage” is one thing, a wrongness, an error. Bringing his daughters into it was despicable. Invoking Jesus Christ in support of his “opinion” is making me phyiscally ill when I think about it. I am not using this as a figure of speech.

    If he could have just left Christ out of it I could believe it was just error. This is blasphemy, and I say that knowing how serious that charge is. Biden and Pelosi are right behind. I don’t think either one said Jesus loves homosex but aren’t they implying that?

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  22. ContraMundum says:

    Her faith is not Catholic and she ought to have the courage to say so.

    For once I agree with PostCatholic. Canonically and metaphysically Pelosi is Catholic, but the faith she follows is no longer the Catholic Faith, but rather the Church of the Zeitgeist.

  23. SegoLily says:

    In a reasonable world, Catholic shepherds would gather together, perhaps call a press conference and condemn the President’s, Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s words on the matter. They would teach all who care to listen the intrisic evil of abortion and same-sex marriage and describe what actions will be taken to all Catholic public figures who promote these evils. It would take all of five minutes. They would be applauded in much of the Catholic world, and be despised by secularists everywhere. No matter, they will have shepherded. Faithful Catholics have been thrown under the bus.

  24. PostCatholic says:

    Oh, I don’t know that it’s the Zeitgeist. There are many fine traditions, Christian and non-Christian, that don’t oppose the expression of affection between loving partners. I think Pelosi, who has at many times stated what her personal Christian devotional practices are, ought to find a place that furthers her spiritual journey. I think it’s cowardly she hasn’t reached out to one of them and the ecclesiastic conflict she contends with does her no spiritual good.

  25. PostCatholic says:

    I think the reason your shepherds don’t do that, SegoLily, is that most of their flock is out at the periphery and doesn’t agree with them but does stroke them a check for the Sunday collection upon which they depend. If you really want the divisions to be that clear and the Church to be that cohesive, I applaud you because yours is a desire for honesty. Too many people think they are Catholic who do not think like the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, it also means a smaller, less influential Church that can’t claim that 25% of the American public is Catholic.

  26. robtbrown says:

    Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    One writes from England, where this argument is in full bay, but noone here at least has dared to argue religious justification. At least they have the honesty to criticise the Catholic faith (wrongly) for the principles it holds to be true.

    It’s mostly an American phenomenon, due to the influence of Protestantism with its subjective concept of the Faith. Euros seem to understand that someone is either a Catholic or not. And if they object to Church doctrine, they are not.

  27. Clinton R. says:

    “Cardinal Wuerl? Archbishop Niederauer?
    Where are you?”
    What’s that I hear? Sounds like crickets chirping. Where are our bishops indeed? Are they afraid if they speak out against sins like homosexuality that there will be a massive rebellion and they will no longer get donations or have seats of honor at liberal parties and functions? And how did Cardinal Wuerl get appointed to the CDF? He is infamous for his dislike for Catholic tradition and orthodox teaching. Just ask Fr. Guarnizo. The armies of Satan are gathering and moving in. May Our Lord have mercy upon us. May Our Blessed Mother pray for us. +JMJ+

  28. Former Altar Boy says:

    And the bishops wonder why church attendance falls off (although most seem most concerned about the dwindling collection plate)! When the poorly catechized see that the Church won’t even enforce its own beliefs and laws, not to mention God’s law, is it any wonder they go looking for something else?

  29. ContraMundum says:


    What you describe is neither fine, nor Christian, nor a tradition.

    Regardless, it is irrelevant. Pelosi is not embracing some other culture, she is rejecting the culture into which she was born. This is like the hoopla over such texts as the “Gospel of Judas”: there were plenty of people who thought that Christians would be taken aback by the mere existence of such a document as though it somehow disproved the canonical gospels, but even they did not believe everything said by the “Gospel of Judas”.

  30. rodin says:

    Pelosi is a politician, and a Democrat, ergo she lies a lot. Was not St. Paul also at one time a minion of the state? God arranged a cure for that. Do you suppose a swift kick on the head might straighten Pelosi?

  31. nbt says:

    Is it not ironic that she uses the term inconceivable in discussing gay “marriage?”

  32. ContraMundum says:

    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  33. kkroll says:

    Former alter boy,
    You are absolutely right!

  34. JKnott says:

    It is probably too much to hope that Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Niederauer will exercise the Spiritual Works of Mercy on this one. I wonder if anyone will appeal to the Congregation of the Clergy to exhort the clergy to break this huge scandal of silence .

    Saint Anthony, Hammer of Heretics, Patron of the Army, pray for the bishops.

  35. Kathleen10 says:

    Politicians and media are said to live in a bubble, and it’s a liberal bubble. Nancy Pelosi is no different. In her world, she very well may hear many encouraging words about her belief system, from people within and without the Church, after all, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from the pulpit, “don’t discriminate”, “judge not, let ye be judged”, “love the sinner” (not mentioned is ‘hate the sin’) and so on. The onslaught of moral relativism that we are ALL subjected to, public school students more than we, even, renders alot of people unable to discern wrong from right. It’s mind numbing, how many times this has been part of the sermons I have heard over the years. How can one speak out for “discrimination”, which is really discernment? Discrimination is not at all what we are doing of course, but that is the perception, and that saying “perception is reality” has some truth to it. It is made especially hard when the ones you ought to be able to look to for sound instruction, or moral support, have all developed laryngitis, they cannot speak, and even if they could, they have these other things to attend to, and there is the religious liberty thing going on…well….they’ll get to it later….
    We have a superabundance of Catholics who DO NOT KNOW THEIR FAITH, nor what is expected of them in it….how could they? Only by delving into materials, investigating faithful blogs such as this one, or in some other way educating themselves, would they have any idea! The majority of Catholics don’t do this, they may go to Mass now and then, but if that’s the only time they get to hear truth, and truth told unabashedly, they are —- out of luck. And so aren’t we all, because these are the same people who are on the side of President Obama, and yet call themselves Catholic. In their world, it’s just another day. Lots of people agree with them, so anyone who does is a narrow-minded extremist.

  36. Kathleen10 says:

    Anyone who “doesn’t”, I should say.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, where’s the Bishops? How about the President of the USCCB, if not Wuerhl? This just needs to stop, and very publicly and loudly. Not dialogue in private, public excommunication. Oh, this just makes me sick at heart that the Church in this day and age has come to this. No consequences.

  38. poohbear says:

    SegoLily says:
    10 May 2012 at 6:31 pm
    In a reasonable world, Catholic shepherds would gather together, perhaps call a press conference and condemn the President’s, Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s words on the matter. They would teach all who care to listen the intrisic evil of abortion and same-sex marriage and describe what actions will be taken to all Catholic public figures who promote these evils. It would take all of five minutes. They would be applauded in much of the Catholic world, and be despised by secularists everywhere.

    They are already despised by secularists, so they have nothing to lose there. And I don’t think they are respected very much by faithful Catholics due to their inaction, so they have a lot to gain. But it won’t happen. I had high hopes after all the talk with the HHS mandate, thinking the Bishops had grown a collective backbone, but the Bishops seem to have retreated back to their hiding places. Our Church is under attack and the generals have deserted. Very sad.

  39. Geoffrey says:

    Would someone please send this woman a copy of The Catechism of the Catholic Church?! Or how about even the Compendium? It’s in an easy-to-read Q&A format!

  40. wlinden says:

    So…. when am I going to hear a coherent explanation of why it is “not discrimination” and “not hate” to define marriage as between two and only two people? How dare They demand that polyamorous Americans deny their deepest feelings and be treated as second class citizens?

    (I know living, breathing polyandrists, and they did not disappear when I chanted “There’s no slippery slope, there’s no slippery slope…”)

  41. I guess Pelosi missed Mass this morning. She would have heard a reading in which “unlawful marriages” were not permitted from the very beginning of the Church. Even the priest in an “in-the-round church” at a Novus Ordo Mass with a piano near the sanctuary and people in the congregation calling out prayer intentions could not miss the irony of Obama doing what he did the day before today’s first reading and made sure to condemn it.

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  43. SonofMonica says:

    To those suggesting that Cardinal Wuerl is lying down on the job, I would ask you to remember all the competing things that could be taking up his time. Surely somewhere in the archdiocese there is a faithful priest trying to protect the Blessed Sacrament that could use some public humiliation. There are only so many hours in the day, after all.

  44. Johnno says:

    But it’s still okay for her to receive Holy Communion, right? Right?

    Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get a letter saying how very ‘disappointed’ the bishops are with her, tsk, tsk… That maybe someday they can hold hands with her and ‘work together’… then everything will magically be alright…

  45. tnconvert says:

    Man up, Bishop! Oust this woman publically ! Satan is using her to undermine the Faith. It is a spiritual work of mercy to instruct the ignorant. The father of lies is using her to propagate his own agenda. Let us pray for her deliverance ( and ours!) Mater Dei, ora pro nobis!

  46. Kerry says:

    Is she A) Ignorant, B)Thick, C)Lying, or D) All of these. (Soto voce in oce of Chico Marx, “Psst. Pick D.”)

  47. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Has anyone read a review or library copy of ‘Credere e conoscere’ (I do not know I could buy a copy in good conscience, and my Italian is pitifully slow even if I got a copy in hand)? How does its ‘teaching’ differ from that of “Doctrix of the Church”, Pelosi, and “Theologian Obama”?

    Holy Father, anyone, anywhere, in the Hierarchy, where are you, indeed?


  48. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    By way of comparison, Michael Nazir-Ali (former ‘occupant’ of the See of Rochester, so to put it) lately expressed his hope “that the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans will begin to show us how the Church is to gather, how to pray together, how to decide together, what to teach and also how we include people and also sometimes sadly have to exclude people, for the sake of discipline. Exclusion, by the way, is real in the New Testament but always for the sake of restoration”.

    Who, where, in the Hierarchy is even saying as much as this about discipline and exclusion?

  49. Mark Windsor says:

    Cardinal Wuerl? Archbishop Niederauer?

    qui tacet consentire videtur

  50. Dr. Eric says:

    How long, O Lord? How long?

  51. tealady24 says:

    These people are long ago sucked into Satan’s world. They belong there, they want to be there, and I wouldn’t lift a finger or a prayer to save them. And I’m talking about the BISHOPS, not Pelosi and her ilk! They can all burn in Hell together.

    God help them.

    [Yes, indeed, may God help them. But let’s all be clear that we could, all of us, wind up in hell unless we persevere to the end in charity, love of God and neighbor. It seems to me that the two-fold command of the Lord in this regard prompts the ready and generous Christian soul to pray for those who are at risk of eternal separation from God.]

  52. Supertradmum says:

    There is some value in being poor, powerless, unknown and completely without any status in the world, totally reliant on God and His Grace…I do not have this poor woman’s temptations. God forgive her and me….

  53. Springkeeper says:

    There is not a soul in this entire earth that I wish would go to hell and I think if we had even the slightest clue how unbelievably horrible hell is, we would spend a whole lot more time praying for the conversion of sinners. I thank God for His infinite mercy and grace without which I would be doomed. “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls into heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy. Amen.”

  54. PA mom says:

    Bishop Tobin has a short but clear response posted to his diocese website regarding O’s statement the other day.

    “The decision of Prez BO… is extremely disappointing but not surprising. This is a very divisive and devious president, who from the beginning… Has pursued a liberal, secularist agenda that discards fundamental moral values such including respect for life and religious freedom. This is a sad day in American history. Even the president of the US does not have the authority to redefine the sacred institution of marriage which has been given to us by God.”

    I like his use of the word devious. It does not leave as much to the imagination.

  55. Thunder Dan says:

    Indeed Fr. Z….where are the good Cardinal and Archbishop. It is time (past time…but start now) for the princes of the church to rise up and show the way. Lead the faithful!! Call evil for what it is….EVIL!!! Not as politically correct politicians, but as warriors gong to battle. The inevitable and conceivable battle of good, truth and light against evil, error, and darkness. Continuing to permit scandal and to confuse the faithful by remaining silent on these so called “Catholics” who fervently promote evil must end. And we the faithful must be ready to fall into rank and file behind our clergy…..and where they are not able or willing to lead….pick up the battle flag and march forward with courage. Like it or not folks….we’re in a fight….a fight for our country, for morality and most of all, for the salvation of souls. Stay faithful all…God is on our side….even (especially) when the odds seem insurmountable. God help us and our country!!!

  56. Maria says:


    I was thinking about all this on my way to work this morning and I was trying to work out which commandments were being broken. After I realised about taking The Lords’ Name in vain, bearing false witness, loving the Lord God with all our heart, mind and strength, loving our neighbours as ourselves (this includes heterosexuals in Holy Matrimony ) may I add, and thou shalt not kill…..I remembered what someone taught me a while back.

    The Holy Ten Commandments are likened to an orange; if one segment is broken away, then the whole orange is broken up.
    Sadly, I have broken up the orange many, many times in my own life and I am not fit to judge others, but I still know what is right, and what is wrong and I know it grieves Our Lord to see His children fallen and lost, so I will offer up prayers to The Just Judge, and He will answer in His own time as only He sees fit. I will pray for Obama, his wife and Nancy Pelosi who claims to be a Catholic. I really wish our Holy Father Pope Benedict could speak out again what Catholics really believe in all this to shut up these lies about Our Holy Mother Church and her teaching.

    I like what Jesus says; “In the world you will have troubles, but take heart, for I have overcome the world”
    Thanks be to God.

    In the meantime, we must push on with the battle armed with prayer.
    Satan, …..and EVEN the ‘charismatic’ Mr. Obama is powerless against Holy Spirit filled prayer.

    Our Father……….Hail Mary………Glory Be

  57. Angie Mcs says:

    No, Father, we should never wish condemnation on anyone and should continue to pray for this woman. She seems to have completely lost her way, either because she has lost her mind ( which i highly doubt- she seems to have all her marbles, as they still remain afound her neck) or decided to pursue the path to power she craves ( I vote for the latter) However, when does she learn that she has to take responsibility for her own words and actions? The comments here on this subject reflect that enough is enough, and that the lack of any action is demoralizing and confusing to many. In the meantime, the Gospel according to Nancy continue on and on and on…

  58. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Thanks to other recent posts, I have resumed reading St. Hildegard of Bingen, and encountered a wonderful letter from her to the Abbot of St. Michael’s in Bamberg that seems very relevant here: unfortunately, I do not have access to an English translation (which would almost surely be in copyright, anyway). But I see that Cardinal Pitra’s selection Analecta Sanctae Hildegardis (1882) is available at the Internet Archive, where the letter appears on pp. 550-51 of the book (but 591 of the indicator at the bottom). One sentence or clause which particularly struck me was, “summa judicia et justitias Dei filiis tuis cum misericordia strenue ostende et cum magno timore” (which might be rendered something like, ‘show your sons with mercy but strenuously the exalted and just judgements of God, and with great fear’).

  59. Supertradmum says:

    Re-reading the military post and this one, I have decided the lady is not very intelligent. Maybe this will save her in the end…she just needs to be obedient if she can’t figure out the Truth when it stares her in the face.

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