Pres. Obama’s commitment to abortion results in open hypocrisy

Even as The First Gay President seeks through mandates imposed by the unelected minions of his administration to repress the consciences of Catholics and others, in defending an abortion issue he uses the conscience card.

From LifeNews:


In 2010, they pressed ObamaCare—a top-down, healthcare system takeover—on the American people, and earlier this year, they followed with their abortion pill mandate: a conscience-trampling decree forcing all employers to pay for insurance to cover abortion pills for employees who want them.

Then, on May 31, with the possibility of the passage of legislation in the House of Representatives that would have banned gender selection as a determining factor in abortions, the White House opposed the bill on grounds that it would have “intruded in medical decisions or private family matters.”

In other words, the Obama administration was arguing that the bill would allegedly intrude into decisions best left to individuals. Or, dare I say, it would intrude upon matters of conscience?


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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Big difference between “My conscience tells me this is wrong, so I won’t do it” and “My conscience tells me this is okay, so you can’t stop me and you have to give me money and help me do it!”

  2. Johnno says:

    The logic doesn’t matter to these people. Means justify ends. Obama gets money. Abortion clinics get money. Crazy environmentalists and economists for population control and reduction are happy. Those who have committed murder feel better the more people and government agree with their actions, some will think of it as ‘group salvation.’ Hey, everyone was doing it, can’t single me out! And the devil is pleased to see the object of his hatred, mankind, fall and destroy itself.

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  4. pm125 says:

    Not even nice.
    When people want to end the life of an innocent baby, do not mandate limits because reason’s not a matter for legislation. These should be protected from the law causing a worrying conscience about what they are doing as long as they are doing it. This is a mandate from the Executive Branch to the House of Representatives (of some).
    When the Catholic Church and other Christians object to being accommodated for a little while from a mandate to make abortifacients part of employee benefits due to conscience and religious belief, Executive Branch belittles faith, reason, and conscience with scorn, derision, and intimidation of those who consider the situation.
    Just ‘Forward’ …

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