Some Z-Swag “in the wild”!

Over at The Chant Cafe I saw a couple photos of some Z-Swag “in the wild”.


And since a motorcycle fuel tank has two sides…

I saw Lex Orandi car magnet out on the highway the other day.  Gratifying.

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  1. momoften says:

    OK- I love all the swag. I have bought the magnets, and shared extras. But now the seminarians feel
    left out. Will there be any car magnets made to pray for seminarians? I know a few who would
    be happy to see them.

  2. momoften: I’ll do something about that soon. Thanks!

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    oh that’s so cool! It must feel gratifying. Good job, Fr. Z.!

    By the way, you saw your “mention” in USA Today, the article about the nuns? [Which one?] You’ve made it to the radar!

    Did anyone happen to hear what happened to MassResistance, the website in Massachusetts? There is a gay activist, a sex offender who has admitted having sexual relations with a 14 year old boy, who has managed to shut down the website, MassResistance. This activist contacted the server for the website, threatened them with lawsuits and whatnot, and the server caved, and dropped this perfectly legal group, and won’t be their web server! Despite the fact that the website is perfectly legal, and above board, the server dumped them just to satisfy the gay activist. Sad and surprising.
    But what happened next is really disturbing. The website World Net Daily covered this important and worrisome situation, indeed, wrote twice about it, but the activist contacted them, threatened THEM, and they took the articles about what happened to MassResistance and who did it, off their site!! They were threatened, and they caved.

    Hopefully this story gets out to the public at large, because this is a new strategy in the gay activism war on society. Threats, extortion, lies, manipulations, are all part of the arsenal. It is necessary to at least get this “out there” and talked about. I have contacted MassResistance, given my verbal support, contacted the server, the site World Net Daily, and expressed my profound unhappiness at their cowardice, and am just trying to get the word out. Please see MassResistance yourself, for the particulars. It is pretty discouraging, but here’s where we have to be heard, keep talking about it, keep the pressure on entities to resist being cowed by these tactics. Freedom of speech, the press, means little to many of these activists. They know they can scare individuals and entities by being “in their face”, screaming, protesting, threatening. They are not afraid to knock the signs out of elderly ladies hands, as we have seen as Prop. 8 demonstrations, where gay activists intimidated an elderly lady who carried a sign that simply gave support for Prop. 8. Big tough guys taking on an elderly lady, who was badly frightened.

    Put on the armor of God, ladies and gentlemen. It’s about to get rough.

  4. Subdeacon Joseph says:

    Too cool! It appears to even be on an American v-twin Harley Sportster with the beautiful peanut tank. Wow! I am going to have a good day.

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