VIDEO: Bp. Morlino (D. Madison) critiques Nuns On The Bus, defends Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). INTERVIEW on EWTN!

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I received this from the nice people who produce Raymond Arroyo’s The World Over news show on EWTN.

Below is a clip from an interview with the great Bishop Robert Morlino (D. of Madison) which will air on Thursday night 21 June 21 at 8pm ET.

This week the Nuns on the Bus campaign, (I wrote about that hilarious event HERE.) which has received lots of spittle-flecked positive coverage from the MSM, stopped in the Diocese of Madison in order to picket the offices of Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI – District 1 overlaps with the Diocese of Madison) in protest of Ryan’s budget plan. Bp. Morlino defends Cong. Ryan calling him a “responsible Catholic layman” who has created a budget “in accord with Catholic principles.” Bp. Morlino also calls out the Nuns on the Bus campaign, suggesting that the sisters should “witness holiness” “rather than busing around for political issues.”

Bishop Morlino is the first bishop to criticize directly Sr. Simone Campbell’s bus tour.


Most Rev. Robert Morlino in the interview:

“Congressman Ryan has made his prudential judgment about how best to serve the long term needs of the poor. He has done that in accord with Catholic principles. I don’t have to approve his decision, or his budget or anything else. What I do approve of is that he is a responsible Catholic layman who understands his mission and carries it out very responsibly. I feel very strongly about that. The details of his solution are not mine to approve or disapprove. That’s not my field. So, I would think that the religious sisters, though, should concentrate on giving that witness of holiness of all of the wonderful works that they do rather than busing around for political issues. Because, when anything happens like that, if I were to come out in a very political way, I would probably win more followers for the opposition. And, there are many Catholics who feel that very way about the sisters. They really don’t like this. They feel that, their expectation from the sisters is really not this kind of leadership.”

Pray for Bishops. They have their work cut out for them.

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  1. DBuote says:

    Pray for our Bishops!!

    And for the poor misled sisters of the World…

    Cor Iesu Sacratissimum, Miserere Nobis.

  2. Andy Milam says:

    Bishop Morlino is spot on. I said something very similar in my blog, with regard to when they were in Des Moines. I said, “In my humble opinion, the sisters should be about their work of spiritual and corporal works of mercy and what their foundress wanted, not protesting the Republican Party.”


    “I think that it is more that the sisters need to take into account where they would be doing the most good. I don’t think that it’s on a bus tour. I think that it is in the convent praying. And I think that the sisters of Sr. Simone’s ilk have forgotten that. They have become so enamoured of their view of “social justice” that they have lost sight of the true mission of all Religious, not just women religious.”


    Is it really that hard for liberals to understand and accept their roles within the Church. Why must they constantly be trying to protest or re-evaluate? Do they have no sense of self worth, to simply accept what is in front of them and celebrate that?!?

  3. kelleyb says:

    The Most Rev. Robert Morlino makes me smile and pray a thanksgiving to God for this man, and the other courageous Bishops. They are fortified and guided by the Spirit.

  4. Nicole says:

    Does “Nuns on a Bus” sound like “Snakes on a Plane” to anyone else?

  5. albinus1 says:

    Yes! Nicole beat me to it!

    My mother once commented that some nuns have gone from being Brides of Christ to Brides of Frankenstein.

  6. heway says:

    I am so glad to finally hear a Bishop who is not calling Paul Ryan names and I am sick of these nuns questioning his moral fortitude!
    Baloney, those gals are in the wrong line.
    They should take care of their own problems and leave elderly people like myself to determine what is best for ME! God bless the bishop and the congressman, and God help those nuns.

  7. Elizabeth D says:

    Hurrah for my good bishop! He will be at the Rosary Rally on the State Street Steps of the WI State Capitol at 7pm TONIGHT, that is in 1 hour, to kick off the Fortnight for Freedom! Please join us in prayer!

    Nicole, you’re right, Nuns on a Bus DOES sound like Snakes on a Plane!

  8. Timbot2000 says:

    LOL! Now all I can think of is Samuel L. Jackson playing a Bishop! :)
    The description he gives of Congressman Ryan reminded me of a recent appearance by Rep. Ron Paul on MSNBC where he was challenged by the leftist panel as to whether he wants to abandon the needy by doing away with medicare and SS. His answer was in principle yes, but in practice no because so many are dependent on these programs, but unless major cuts and changes are made soon, the economic collapse will devastate these vulnerable populations, thinking long-term. Again, prudential judgement.

  9. DBuote says:

    How long is nuns on a bus supposed to last?

    What if the bus breaks down?


  10. Kathleen10 says:

    If possible, make the case in support of the Bishops and the Church, priests, etc., on any secular websites. In some ways, this is a “numbers game”, in that the public needs to see there are people who disagree with the nuns on the bus, love our faith, and fully support the Bishops as the rightful authority in our church. When the voices are all for hating the Bishops, the church, it seems to gain traction. People love to join others and have common ground. “Better to light one candle….”
    That little action is activism, and puts you in the real position of the Church Militant. Imagine the good spiritual company you are in!
    Keep at it. Pick one media outlet, and stay with it. If you see an article that is likely to bring out the venom, all the better! When I see an article anywhere on the HHS mandates, the Bishops, Nuns, the Church, I’m there, building my defense, rebuttals, etc. We have a right to our opinion (so far) and if nothing else, I point out that sometimes what people say hurts ME as a practicing Catholic. If it’s ridiculously vulgar and evil, I point that out too.
    The more we do this, the more the authentic Catholic voice is out there, pushing back, resisting the very real onslaught! They need to know we are here, and sometimes, to borrow an old phrase, “loud and proud”. It just occurred to me that we now can have signs that say “We’re here, we’re Catholic, get over it!”, because I’m sure many people expect Catholics to just dry up like the Fall leaves.
    Onward Christian soldiers!

  11. BillyHW says:

    OMG, a bishop with intellectual humilty! Pinch me.

  12. JLCG says:

    Don’t disparage women. Their power is immense. Recall that scene in which a young rabbi is asked by his mother to do something for people in need and he answers curtly and obviously annoyed that he has nothing to do in that affair but that woman, the blessedest of all, tells the servants to do what he will command. And he obeys and does his first miracle.
    I don’t see why women that are called religious should be prevented from having opinions. As a matter of fact the present secular state wants all of us Christians to go into our inner rooms and pray there but have no effect on the society at large. When you ask nuns to do that you are playing the hand of the secular state.

  13. Supertradmum says:

    JLCG, if the nuns acted like women, I would support your criticism. However, as one who is not afraid of my femininity and who tries to act and live like a woman, I can assure you that most of the nuns in question have not pursued the spirituality of the female.

    Wearing pants is just a start. Not being in habit is a huge problem. Having very short hair and lacking in manners, using male tactics of aggression, etc. are not marks of a Catholic woman who is happy with her feminity.

    Our Lady, (note the word, Lady) is our example, and I would start a criticism of the nuns with the fact that Mary is no longer their model. I am not passive, nor merely “in the home”, but in the market place, but I can assure you, I embrace my womanliness. Opinions are fine, but if one has become a Bride, one tries to tune one’s mind to that of the Bridegroom, Who, is this case, is Christ.

    I think they have forgotten their first Love. I know some have, by discussions and comments. Christ is not a real Lover to them, but an idea. They are afraid to confront a Real Man, because they are not real women.

  14. Gail F says:

    JLCG: Just because someone is a religious sister, her opinion is not automatically right. These sisters are being nutty, and there is no obligation to say otherwise. They have the right to travel around the country in a bus and profess anything they want to profess. Our respecting their right to do so does not mean we have to agree that what they want to profess is correct. Those are completely different things.

  15. Dismas says:

    None of this has to do with disparaging women or questioning their power. This has everything to do, however, with disparaging vowed religious who professed poverty, chastity and obedience in service to our Church and Magisterium, who joined themselves in a mystical union to it’s Head, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In word and deed they no longer honor this mystical marriage, they no longer act or think with the same heart and mind as our Church or it’s Spouse. They willfully cause scandal, division and confusion for those that do.

    The power of women is indeed immense, both their power to create as well as their power to destroy.

  16. Indulgentiam says:

    Jclg: “Don’t disparage women. Their power is immense. Recall that scene in which a young rabbi is asked by his mother…”
    No, Our Lady’s power is immense. She is a singular creature. She is the Mother of God. No other woman has Her power. She is the perfect example of femininity that every female should imitate. I find it interesting that you would claim her power but not Her attitude.

  17. JimGB says:

    In addition to “Snakes on a Plane” the other thing that came to mind is the kids’ song that I remember well: “The nuns on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round…”

  18. LisaP. says:

    I don’t understand something.
    Every parish I’ve been in, the priests bend over backwards to make sure they aren’t making political statements. My understanding is that the tax laws in the U.S. mean a religious institution that becomes “improperly” embroiled in politics loses its nonprofit/religious exemption from taxation. My understanding is that you can take a position on an issue but not endorse a politician? Is that the line? Isn’t that part of what has complicated the present health care bill/ religious freedom debate, the bishops and priests needing to make sure they are protesting legislation and not telling people who to vote for?

    So, does that not apply to individual nuns when they act in a way that seems to represent the institution they serve? I don’t know whether these nuns have crossed that line or not, but it seems like if they are specifically targeting individual politicians for protest they are skirting it. How does this sort of thing get “policed”? If a priest delivers a homily saying, “If you vote for Obama, you are going against the Church”, is he censured? Does the tax man have a talk with his bishop? Or is it just self-policing? And if so, how does that apply to nuns? If they wish to have authority to speak for the Church, and create a public perception that they speak for the Church (even many Catholics I know feel they do), then do they not have to follow the same rules as priests and bishops regarding political action?

  19. acardnal says:

    @LisaP:It is up to the IRS to enforce any violations of the 501(c)3.

    Curious anecdote: When I was living in the Diocese of Arlington in Virginia in 2008, both the pastor and his parochial vicar stated more than once from the Sunday pulpit NOT to vote for Obama because of his anti-life positions. It would be a sin. They even berated those in the congregation who had “Obama” bumper stickers on their cars in the church parking lot. I couldn’t believe my ears! It was wonderful. I asked the parochial vicar after Mass it this was something the bishop had directed his priests to do and he said “no” , it was something that he and the pastor decided to do on their own initiative. To my knowledge there were not negative ramifications to them or the parish.

    Bless these holy priests.

  20. irishgirl says:

    Bravo to Bishop Morlino!
    And a big fat ‘BOO’ to the ‘nuns on the bus’!
    And yeah, I also like the comparison with ‘Snakes On A Plane’!

  21. Banjo pickin girl says:

    But don’t sisters and nuns have their hair cut very short when they take their vows in order to show they are throwing away their vanity?

    I wear “nun hair” because it is easier to take care of and I am long beyond trying to look a certain way for other people’s benefit.

  22. Tradster says:

    Personally, I think they should have called themselves the Magical Hissyfit Tour.

  23. Banjo pickin girl says:

    “They are afraid to confront a Real Man, because they are not real women.”

    When and how do we get to determine whether someone is a “real” anything. Especially a “real women.”

  24. Supertradmum says:

    Banjo pickin girl, Ok, the hair is cut to hide under the veil, as a sign of no vanity. I would call the bus, the Vanity Bus.

    As to real women, I have some criteria for this. Just check out my blog tomorrow on the Blessed Virgin Mary, a real woman. Catholics are not, as you know, relativists or individualists, who make up our own definitions of “real”. We have Aristotle, Aquinas, and the modern Popes to help us with reality checks. We have a long tradition of teaching on what is means to be a woman, and great examples, including St. Etheldreda, who has her feast day tomorrow.

  25. Ben Yanke says:

    Not to brag, but my amazing bishop has done it again. :D

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