VIDEO Jennifer Roback Morse and Eric Metaxas on Religious Freedom

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From the nice folks at Acton Institute:


Eric Metaxas and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse articulate the grave dangers of the Health & Human Services (HHS) Mandate with regard to religious freedom in America.

Eric Metaxas is a public intellectual and author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, the thrilling biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A German theologian in Nazi Germany, Bonhoeffer is remembered for his clandestine efforts to overthrow Hitler and the Nazis in the struggle for human freedom.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is an economist. She is the Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, a non-profit focused on promoting the sanctity of marriage as the critical foundation for families, communities, and society.

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  1. Dismas says:

    The only reason I’m here today is because both sides of my family sought freedom from religious persecution and war in their native countries. My fathers grandparents escaped Nazi Germany. My mother escaped Protestant Northern Ireland. I know what religious persecution is and it’s deadly serious consequences. We’re a whole country of immigrants here for the same reasons, how frighteningly quickly we seem to forget.

  2. Cheesesteak Expert says:

    You Fr Z, at one level, yes, this is very bad, but nobody talks about the deeper underlying problem, namely that the Church has gotten in bed with the State more and more since the 1930’s, and only NOW the Church is upset? Sorta like the policeman in “Casablanca”, “I’m shocked that there’s gambling going on here”, as he pockets his winnings. Well, not the Church isn’t winning, but nobody is talking about why the Church has been gambling in the first place. What the State giveth, the State can taketh away. Maybe all this is a sign that the Church should go cold turkey and just support itself on direct donations, and not property transfers from the State. Why haven’t YOU brought this angle up? Or do you not agree?

  3. Supertradmum says:

    Very good and I have watched talks by Fr. Sirico. If I had more boys, which I do not, [Girls intern with them too, you know.] I would be encouraging them to work with the Acton Institute, which has scholarships and apprentices worth looking into. That group is the lone voice in the Catholic world which stands up for controlled capitalism. They are not welcomed in many Catholic academic institutions, including seminaries in the States, as socialism has, sadly, been accepted by too many instructors and are not being challenged either by their peers or the students. Of course, we are surrounded, with this administration, with the language of the politics of envy. This potus is the most divisive in his language than any other. Yesterday, according to Drudge,,

    he was begging for money by stating that people should give up their birthday and wedding gifts. He needs to listen to some of the talks from the Acton Institute.

  4. wmeyer says:

    As to the End of America… I find it disturbing when I hear talk show people mention what our strategy should be if O gets a second term–I have doubts whether a) there would be an election in 2016, or b) whether the economy or the Republic would survive.

  5. Johnno says:

    Sadly wmeyer, this campaign to get rid of religion and install Communism, is much bigger than just Obama. There are powerful people and groups behind him and behind the entire United States Political Machine. Not electing Obama to a 2nd term will at best only cause such evil to progress a little slower, but it will not be stopped. I suspect that the assumed Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will pay lip service to religious freedoms, marriage, abortion etc. but if elected will continue to pay lip service, but do nothing. Much like the Conservatives here in Canada pay lip service to these thing, but largely do nothing despite having a majority government. In fact they PROMISED during the election campaign that they would do nothing with regards to homosexuality and abortion in order to garner votes from liberals fed up with the liberal party, but wary of the insanely more liberal NDP party. We cannot rely on democracy or our own governments any more. It was a mistake to rely on them in the first place. Don’t stop fighting using every means at your disposal as you should, but the time to start planning our strategy to deal with the worst case scenario is now!

  6. Laura98 says:

    Well the SB1070 ruling came down today – and the HHS Mandate ruling is supposed to come on Thursday – so I guess we will know by then (on at least a large part of the issue). More prayers being offered up!

    This video was spot on – though most people won’t see it that way. They won’t see the connection. Lack of paying attention, lack of education, or simple lack of caring? I dunno. Or maybe a lot of people have too many other more pressing problems due to the state of the economy… That problem is out there… somewhere. How does that help me pay my rent/mortgage? Put food on the table?

    BTW the Bonhoeffer book was excellent… though I have to admit it scared me too. The parallels to what is going on today was just eerie.

  7. chcrix says:

    I concur with Cheesesteak Expert – it is far too late for their excellencies to call for religious freedom when they have been complicit in many outrageous contraventions of political freedom for Americans over the last 5 decades or more.

    If they wish to be taken seriously they must renounce their supposed “social justice” deals with the devil and stand up boldly for everyone’s freedom.

    If they continue their ‘soft leftism’ they will appear to others as just another special interest group that hollers when their own particular ox is gored.

    They need a consistent political philosophy. They don’t have one.

  8. Burke says:

    Great video. But it’s only got about 3500 views on YouTube as of now. Maybe if folk were to re-post on their Facebook pages & blogs it’d help … maybe even get it to go viral?

  9. Johnno says:

    Here’s another related video worth viewing that goes hand in hand with this:

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