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  1. StJude says:

    I have great news.

    My son (19) just got a job.. not only that.. but this job will pay a huge chunk of his college bill.
    The 2 things I pray for… my son to find a direction and a way to be made to pay for college.

    Thank you St Jude for favors granted.

  2. AnnAsher says:

    Congrats St Jude !
    My son, same age, had an interview for a better job (better hours, better pay). He’s also decided on paramedic school – which he can pay for without debt – in the interim while discerning whether he’s called to the Priesthood.
    Other Good News – made it to TLM every Sunday this month!

  3. mamajen says:

    I became a godmother for the third time yesterday, and I have a fourth one on deck.

  4. DBuote says:

    I’ve graduated with a philosophy degree, and I’ve been accepted to start theology in the fall!

  5. Burke says:

    Came across these words while reading the Imitation of Christ last night:

    Everyday we ought to renew our purpose, and stir ourselves up to fervour, as if it were the first day of our conversion. And to say: Help me, O Lord God, in my good purpose, and in they holy service, and grant that I may this day begin indeed, since what I have done hitherto is nothing. As our purpose is, so will our progress be. XIX: 1,2

    Very inspirational. Gave me a real lift & encouragement to do better.

  6. Leslee says:

    Last Saturday attended the second of three First Holy Communions in our Parish this year, we have 102 children receiving the Sacrament for the first time.

    In two weeks time we have confirmation, we have so many candidates we have to have two Confirmation Masses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  7. jilly4ski says:

    Well, not yet. Two days after my due date and still pregnant. You would think third children would be quicker. But maybe later today I can update with great news.

  8. theidler says:

    I have great news – my little blog at http:/// was featured on New Advent and!!! I feel very blessed by God to be given a chance to do what I do (write) in His service…I am so thankful.

  9. This is three days old, but oh well. We had a beautiful liturgy* Friday evening in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield, Illinois, to kick off the Fortnight for Freedom. The principal celebrant was Bishop Thomas John Paprocki. As Bishop Paprocki noted in his homily, the day also was the feast of his two patrons, Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher. It also was the two-year anniversary of Bishop Paprocki being installed as our bishop.

    I already knew this, but he reminded us in his homily that the Fortnight for Freedom was his idea. Thank you, God, for sending us a great shepherd in Bishop Paprocki. We’ve come a long way.

    *Part of what made the liturgy so lovely was the complete lack of women in the sanctuary, including no girl altar servers. All the acolyte positions were filled by seminarians, vested in crisp cassocks and surplices. Wonderful!

  10. Bea says:

    Thanks Burke
    I needed that. It’s Monday so maybe I can start day/week with more of an aim for the day/week
    I have my Imitation of Christ sitting on my desk open, but unread.

    2 sons were visiting. One left Friday. Another still visiting

    Good to have them home.

  11. Jenice says:

    Three pieces of good news:

    1. Attended a NO Mass in a liberal parish but found out that the priest there hears confessions 3 times/week.

    2. A priest here in town says both forms of the Mass, and I can see that TLM influences how he says the NO, and I am reminded of the tension and influence that the Mass forms will exert on each other. Priests like this will raise up the NO!

    3. A friend has been accepted into the Dominicans.

  12. StJude says:

    Congrats AnnAsher!!!

    Best of luck to our sons!! its an exciting time in their lives!

  13. Joan M says:

    My 15 year old grand daughter, whose parents both abandoned the Church about 13 years ago, had her first Confession last Thursday, and received her First communion (along with two boys from the Confirmation class) yesterday morning. She will receive Confirmation on Saturday (June 20th).

    She decided that she wanted to receive Confirmation – possibly because a number of her friends would be in the same class – and has persevered. I am her sponsor.

    Just back from seeing my oldest brother, in Wales – that was a lovely visit, particularly our daily Mass, celebrated in the oratory in his home. Just the two of us every day, except Thursday, when I had to make my way to Gatwick.

  14. SouthTxMom says:

    Attended a wedding Mass in the extraordinary form this weekend. It was wonderful and amazing! Ecclesia Dei wedding Mass booklets were used by the congregation…amazing. [ordering a couple of these booklets to share with a couple family members, and for the prayers for husband and wife]

    We usually attend the EF Mass on feast days, and when we can. I am understanding more and more how people fall in love with the EF Mass. To use a Fr. Z reference :), it seems to me that the “cracks” through which we glimpse the mystery are somehow bigger in this form of the Mass…
    Did I mention it was amazing?

  15. Juan says:

    Last Friday my wife and I confirmed that she is pregnant :)

    We had a wonderful evening telling our families the good news.


  16. Kathleen10 says:

    I read all of your entries with a smile. How wonderful your good news is! :)

    My good news is that next week, my son and daughter-in-law, and two gorgeous grandsons, are visiting us for 9 whole days. I have many fun activities ready and we are going on some day trips. Cannot wait!

    The other good news I have is that I just discovered the most wonderful author! I picked up a book at a yard sale the other day called “How to tell your friends from the Apes”. The author is William Cuppy, someone I had never heard of. Apparently he had written a few books, and was a reviewer of history books. I was laughing out loud just reading the Forward. When I checked him out online, I can see he gets rave reviews from other readers as a wonderful “humorist”. If you need something amusing to read, I highly recommend him, or at least, this book. He writes as a nature writer, and see what you think. Here is an excerpt…

    The rooster is rather conceited and so would you be. He is a bad example to the young and also to the old because he is noisy, impertinent, contumacious and fond of spring onions. He has been called the Bird of Morn because he spoils the whole morning with his frightful yells. He is not mentioned in the Old Testament. The clarion cry of the Rooster is one of Nature’s devices for increasing nervous prostration. The rooster wakes up and crows at 2:00 A.M., a habit variously attributed to peculiarities of the epiglottis, original sin, and pure meanness. It is probable that the crowing of the ancestral Rooster or Bankiva Jungle Fowl of India accounts for the widespread desire for Nirvana among the Hindus as well as the practice of suttee. There are people who like it. The Rooster has wattles and hackles. His brain occupies an empty space near the sinciput. The Rooster is a medium husband and father. In defense of his loved ones he will often attack a fullgrown Grasshopper, Spider, or Fly. Besides, he makes the sun rise. The Rooster has no ideal Hen. When his wife hatches Ducklings he is jealous. He jumps to conclusions. The Rooster is not really wicked or vicious. It’s just his way. It is not true that Roosters are all alike. The Dorkings are fine old birds but they have extra toes and are very unhappy. The Buff Orphingtons (of the Lincolnshire Buff Orphingtons) are somewhat pretentious. They claim the right to be eaten by royalty. Light Brahmas are handsome enough but they have ankle fluff. Bantams are not worth talking about.

    I wonder if anyone else thinks that is as funny as I do. I am greatly enjoying this old book, written in 1931.

  17. Mary Jane says:

    Only 5 more weeks until our second bundle of joy makes his appearance! :)

  18. heway says:

    Alleluia! The Bishop came by surprise and celebrated the vigil Mass this past Saturday. We have waited 8 years for this to happen. Amen
    His homily was on decreasing for Christ to increase; Fortnight for Freedom; people who are too lazy or otherwise occupied and do not fulfill their Sunday obligation.
    Just hope the next time he gives us fair warning.

  19. NoTambourines says:

    Good news, big and small:

    – My birthday is this week, and I’m better off than this same time last year, thanks be to God. It was a very difficult year, but well worth it.
    – My mother is visiting soon, and I can’t wait.
    – Blueberries are in season and on sale. Simple pleasures.

  20. Marg says:

    Amazing weekend! Confirmation of a new convert friend in the EF form. My “outgoing” friend told the Bishop that the EF Mass converted her. When he asked her what faith she converted from, she said, “All of them, except Luthern”.
    Sunday we attended the Solmn High Mass of a newly ordained priest we know. The hour and half went by very quickly. It was sung beautifully. This must be a small preview of heaven.

  21. Matt R says:

    Off to Philmont with my dad, brother, and Venture Crew tomorrow for 11 days in the glorious backcountry of New Mexico!

  22. Mrs. Bear says:

    My daughter graduated from Grade 8 at our Home School camp last week!

  23. bsjy says:

    Archdiocese of Atlanta is participating in a Fortnight for Freedom, starting with a mass rally at the Marist School last Friday and ending on the Fourth of July. Individual parishes are participating as they see fit. My parish, the Cathedral of Christ the King, held a Patriotic Rosary last night. The Patriotic Roasary was written by a member of the Caritas Community in Alabama. It dedicates one Hail Mary to each state of the U.S. and asks God ‘s protection of and guidance for the nation. Before each decade, we had a short quotation by some Founding Father or other great American from history.

    We had over 400 people gathered for Adoration, a homily, and the Rosary. It was confirmation that Catholics are aware of the attack on the Church. Those unalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence are indeed the foundation of our hope for social justice. We cannot make any progress if we lose the right to liberty or life, and the freedom to follow one’s religion in public is at the heart of liberty and the key to Life.

    Before the fourth decade, we heard a quote from Jedediah Morse, part of which I will share here: “In proportion as the genuine effects of Christianity are diminished in any nation, either through unbelief, or the corruption of its doctrines, or the neglect of its institutions; in the same proportion will the people of that nation recede from the blessings of genuine freedom, and approximate the miseries of complete despotism.”

    Perhaps this Fortnight for Freedom will be remembered as the day the frog finally hopped out of the saucepan before the water began to boil. Perhaps the American people will reclaim its liberty and be renewed by the Holy Spirit.

  24. KAS says:

    Youngest Member of our family is being Baptized TODAY!


  25. mamajen says:

    I thought I’d share a fun little story that happened today. Some people on a forum I belong to were discussing the merits of those St. Joseph “house-selling kits” (that involve burying a statue upside down in the yard). A lot of them weren’t Catholic, but they were pretty gung-ho about the idea because it has “worked” for so many people. I chimed in and said that as a Catholic I didn’t feel right about using a statue of St. Joseph in that manner or for that purpose. It just rubs me the wrong way, even if it is not officially forbidden.

    My home has been on the market for two weeks, and we’ve had three showings, but no offers. We are rather anxious to sell because we have a contingency offer on another home. I was a bit discouraged when other Catholics chimed in on the forum post saying that not only didn’t they see anything wrong with the practice, but that they sold their houses in one day to the first person who looked, etc. So, I said a prayer to St. Joseph aloud that went something like this: “Dear St. Joseph, I’m not going to bury a statue of you upside down in the dirt, but I hope you will help us sell our house as soon as possible.” Shortly thereafter, my realtor called with a “surprise”–another agent who had showed the house a week ago was sending in an offer! This may not be the answer to our prayers as the buyers lowballed us and we will need to counter, but I thought it was uncanny timing, and completely unexpected. I was so shocked that it took me a little while to remember that I had said that little prayer earlier. Even though this whole process makes me sick to my stomach, I feel like God (and my favorite saints) have been making themselves known in little ways as we trudge along. I have faith that we’re on the right path and everything is going to work out somehow.

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