“In The Wild” – “Lockstep Sheep and Papist Throwbacks” Z-Swag

I always enjoy photos people send of Z-Swag out there “in the wild”. Here is a “Lockstep Sheep and Papist Throwbacks” mug in use.

Here is a note from a reader:

As per your request for more WDTPRS mugs in use, I snapped this photo of the Lockstep Sheep mug accompanied by a robot tea infuser. I use them together to remind me what a thoughtless automaton I am. ;-)

To get one of these (and many other things, too) click HERE.

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  1. MKubes says:

    Looks good! Beside some nice Fortnum & Mason tea, no less.

  2. LadyMarchmain says:

    Yes, but where can I get a robot tea infuser?

    [Indeed, just click HERE!]

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