Black Pastor blasts The First Gay President. Must see video.

Did you see this video?  It is on The Daily Caller.

Get a load of this! A black pastor reacts to The First Gay President’s pro-sodomy pandering.

Remmeber, dear readers, that “same-sex marriage” is NOT NOT NOT a civil rights issue! It is NOT! Never accept that premise!

Black pastor accuses Obama of condoning child rape by supporting gay marriage

By Michelle Fields

The leader of a group of black pastors opposed to gay marriage lashed out at President Barack Obama during a Tuesday appearance at the National Press Club. In his remarks, Rev. William Owens accused Obama of being “unprofessional” for ignoring him and insinuated that Obama had condoned child molestation by endorsing gay marriage.

“For the homosexual community and for the president to bow to the money as Judas did for Jesus Christ is a disgrace and we’re ashamed,” said Owens, the president and founder of the Coalition for African American Pastors.

“If you watch the men who have been caught having sex with little boys,” said Owens, “you will note that all of them will say that I was molested as a child. A man molested me in my home, wherever they will say they were molested. And for the president to condone this type thing knowing the full facts is just irresponsible.”

Owens added that the “president is in the White House because of the Civil Rights movement, and I was a leader in that. And I didn’t march one inch, one foot, one yard for a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman. So the president has forgotten the price that was paid … where they gave their blood to have equal rights in the United States.”

Owens said that Obama endorsed gay marriage “because of money” and bellowed: “there are more people that want marriage to be right than there are homosexuals, I assure you, in this country, and I think he’s going to learn that lesson.”

Goodness gracious! What a bishop he would make? This redolent of the early Church!

WDTPRS kudos!

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  1. dominic1955 says:

    Good for him calling it like it is. He makes some kinda free associations but overall he’s right-Obama is just another politician who could care less about real rights or freedoms. The leftist activist cabal is the squeekiest weel doling out the most $$$ right now, that’s why their (very) minority concerns are so important.

  2. God bless him for his courage. Now if his group will speak out against abortion as being a virulent for of Afro American genocide he would be doing a great service to all the american community.

  3. Phillip says:

    While I applaud the Rev. Mr Owens for speaking out against same-sex ‘marriage,’ I’m disturbed by his conflation of homosexuality with pedophilia. They are not one in the same, and the implication that those who want to contract an unnatural union are more likely to be potential child molesters than those in heterosexual unions seems to me like an example of rash judgement on his part. Maybe others interpreted his remarks differently.

    [Yes, it had to happen, close to the top of the comments. Someone would run this into a rabbit hole. It was inevitable, I guess.]

  4. Peggy R says:

    God bless Rev. Owens. This is a big day for the culture of America. We are standing up!

    Say, can we call Obama the (Unintentional) “President of Christian Unity in America”?

  5. lucy says:


    I agree with an above poster – he should equate homosexuals with child molestors. They are different. And sometimes they are the same…

  6. lucy says:

    That should say, he should NOT equate….

  7. Joe in Canada says:

    I agree with Phillip et al. Mixing issues just gives the opposition a chance to deflect the issue immediately into something else, the proverbial rabbit hole.[Like you are doing now.] Rev. Owens could certainly stick to “we need more help to support children in families that exist now, we don’t need to be diverted into something else.”

  8. Supertradmum says:

    Let us pray for his conversion and get him to be bishop of Orlando, Austin, or Minneapolis.

  9. HyacinthClare says:

    Supertradmum, LOL!! Love it!

  10. Maybe we’ll win this thing yet. The courageous voices are beginning to come to a boil.

  11. ReluctantLiberal says:

    The conflation of gay men with pedophilia is simply wrong. [Unless it’s right.] I’m finding it difficult to come up with a better word for it than bigotry. What do you call falsely accusing a group you oppose with one of the worst crimes you can think of?

    But yeah, I don’t think Obama’s support for gay marriage was motivated by money, but I do think the timing could have been.

  12. wmeyer says:

    The conflation of homosexual men with pedophiles is usually wrong. With ephebophiles is sometimes wrong. The best description for it is recognition of sad but real connections. Statistically evident.

  13. Okay… the point about conflation of groups has been adequately expressed. That’s about it.

  14. wanda says:

    Bravo, Rev. Owens. Thank you for being bold enough to state publicly what many think quietly, but are afraid to say. Amen, Rev. Owens, keep telling the truth.

  15. acardnal says:

    Homosexuality and pedophilia may or may not be related. But they are both perverted behaviors and described as “disordered” by the Church when those inclinations are acted upon. Grave sin.

  16. JKnott says:

    Very nice, heartfelt with no absolutely no ambiguity. I can just picture an intimidating interview with a liberal news person in the media asking, ” Do you really mean that you think Obama……..?” And the dear Reverend , unlike many Catholics or some conservatives, looks him straight in the eye, and with no apologies or nuances, says “Yes.” Period.

  17. LisaP. says:

    The sociology is definitive on the two not being related — unfortunately, however, I no longer trust sociology to be scientific in areas of sexuality. So these days I don’t know what to think. I would not identify one behavior with the other myself, but I’m not inclined to label a long term pastor who has probably counseled thousands of people through difficult times as a bigot for doing so, either.

    I find his statement about not marching one inch so a man can marry a man to be very direct and clarifying. I also wonder what he is referencing when he says the administration ignored him, I’m guessing there’s a story there.

  18. LisaP. says:

    Whenever I see amazing, brave, loving, creative, independent, etc. Protestants I get a little bit sad, thinking of what schism has cost the Catholic Church. I’d have liked to have had this man, and so many others, under our roof.

  19. Theodore says:

    It will be interesting to see how reciprocal this administration is with Afro-American solidarity. My guess, audits for the CAAP to follow.

  20. Burke says:

    Amen, Rev Williams! Yowser! Sounds like Pres Obama needs to repent and return to Jesus, & right quick, or he is going to go back to being plain Mr Obama very soon.

  21. JKnott says:

    @LisaP I read that this rather large group of Pastors wrote to Obama asking to see him about their concerns and they never received an answer in response. The Pastors feel that they have been ignored, rightly so.
    This is from
    “Owens said CAAP sent a letter to Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder in May asking for a meeting to discuss the gay marriage issue.

    “We wrote the president and Mr. Holder May the second, requesting an audience with him to discuss this very issue,” Owens said. “He has not given us the courtesy of any reply.

    “The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) consists of 3,742 African American pastors, and he has totally ignored us,” Owens said.

  22. wmeyer says:

    LisaP, when I hear the sociology is definitive, it reminds me of the similar claims about the science of global warming. I tend to treat it as meaning the opposite of what is claimed.

  23. adamFERG says:

    Im glad sombody is fighting this .The whole gay leads to child molestation equation I think is correct. Not because they’re the same thing but I think all degradation of morals is a slippery slope. Even the pagan Roman emperors knew marriage was the cornerstone of society. The breakdown of marriage is always a death sentence for a culture, but the problem is they know it and that’s what people in power want. You allow gay marriage first; secondly you have somebody marrying a Dolphin(really happined in Isreal).

  24. Sissy says:

    wmeyer, I agree. It’s hard to place much credence in any of the studies because so many of them have proven to be self-serving, biased, and unscientific. Given that the organization that removed homosexuality from the DSM is now discussing removing pedophilia doesn’t inspire one with confidence in anything they have to say about the relationship between homosexuality and child abuse or conversely, the relationship between childhood abuse and subsequent sexual confusion.

  25. New Sister says:

    I’m so proud of these men and women for this! God reward them for standing up for Truth. I’m just brimming with gratitude for their moral courage and decency. (Loved having the baby front & center, too!!)

    I have to jump down the rabbit hole: linking the immorality of the homosexual agenda to pedophilia/ephebophilia isn’t wrong – they are related – but it unnecessarily exposed a flank to the enemy he didn’t need to expose. God’s law was enough.
    [According to Janet Smith in “homosexuality, why not?”, ~39% of gay men were sexually abused as children by men. Some researchers say higher – up to 50%. Regardless, the pastor didn’t need to link the two just now — “Be wise as serpents”]

  26. Michelle F says:

    Supertradmum: Amen!

    We need this guy, the one who owns Chick-fil-A, and everyone else like them to swim the Tiber and become leaven in the One True Church!

    God bless all of them (and enlighten them too)!

  27. BaedaBenedictus says:

    Has anyone noticed that the Obamas have gone Christian again in time for the election campaign? It’s post-gay marriage damage control time. Michelle Obama actually gave a rip-roaring sermon last month, asking the black congregation to do right by Jesus by voting (for the Obamessiah).

    Here are a couple of clips:

  28. BaedaBenedictus says:

    Considering he passed away yesterday, I remembered this:

    “Naturally, like most men, I am attracted to adolescent males—this is, by the way, one of the best kept secrets of the male lodge, revealed in a study called The Boys of Boise, where most of the male establishment of that heartland Idaho city (each a mature married man) were revealed to be lovers of the high school football team.”

    the unapologetically honest Gore Vidal, from his memoir Palimpsest

  29. SKAY says:

    You made some interesting points New Sister.

    Obama’s former “Safe Schools Czar” in the Education Department, Kevin Jennings, was a founder of a GLBT organization called GLISTEN. Before Jennings was appointed by Obama to his education post, GLISTEN honored a man closely associated with NAMBLA. (North American Man Boy Love Assoc.) Not long after his appointment I saw a video of Jennings at a meeting stating that he wanted to get books into the school system presenting this lifestyle as normal. When he left his post he said that he had accomplished everything that he wanted to do. I am sure introducing childrens books in schools showing SSM as normal was one of his goals.

    I wish Rev. Owens and his group had spoken out a little sooner–but better late than never.

  30. Kerry says:

    The President believes he has the ‘black vote’ in his pocket. Would that be the back pocket?
    And how stunning to hear what is surely a racist black pastor deny the obvious parallels between the struggle for civil rights and the homosexual agenda. Finally! It’s about time someone with credibility validated that connection. “Bang! Zoom!!” (Sarcasm off.)

  31. NoraLee9 says:

    This just reminds me of how many Good Protestant Folks there are out there. I never watch Joyce Meyer on tv, but I don’t wish I had a crack at getting her to cross the Tiber….

  32. irishgirl says:

    Couldn’t watch the video (I needed a Flash Player installation, but don’t know how to implement it), but all I can say is, ‘Amen, Reverend Owens, Amen! Preach it, brother!’
    I agree with the posters here who wish that the good reverend and the head of Chick-fil-A would cross the Tiber! Would that Reverend Owens become a Catholic priest, and then a Bishop!
    Maybe the ‘sleeping giant’ of opposition to Obama and his nefarious policies has awakened, and will translate into his becoming an ‘ex-president’ come November! We can only hope…..

  33. Lynne says:

    SKAY, that’s GLSEN and yes, it’s an evil organization.

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