Brick by Brick in Brazil … Indiana. Priest starts up a TLM. People come.

For your Brick by Brick file,

Fr. John Hollowell in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis at his blog On The Rock says he has started celebrating Holy Mass in the Usus Antiquior of the Roman Rite… once a week.

I quibble with him calling it the “Latin Mass”, because the Novus Ordo can and ought to be said in Latin. But, that aside, his news is positive.

He has several videos in his blog entry.  In one of them, you can hear that the congregation is making the responses during the prayers at the foot of the altar.  Some of you will pounce on that.  That is a discussion for a different entry.  No rabbit holes.  This is about the happy event of a priest starting up the TLM in a parish.

He also says:

We’ve had a great turnout so far – we probably have two or three times the number of regular daily Mass attendees who come out for the Mass in Latin.

This is a concrete step for the New Evangelization.

Friends, I think we will be seeing more and more of this.

If the implementation of Summorum Pontificum has been slower than some would prefer, more and more young priests, the newly ordained, seminarians are interested in saying the older form of Holy Mass.  As they get ordained and as they are made pastors of parishes, we will see quite a few more places where TLM is celebrated.

The gravitational pull will increase even as the biological solution clears the way.


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  1. benedetta says:

    Great news!

  2. jbas says:

    The video is a brilliant idea. This is a good shepherd.

  3. jkm210 says:

    To be fair, in the first video, he calls it the “extraordinary form, commonly referred to as the ‘Latin Mass.'” Remember, people who don’t spend all of their free time on Catholic blogs, as I suspect many people in Brazil, IN, do not, are not as familiar with the terms “extraordinary form,” “usus antiquior” and “TLM.” Even more rare is it to find anyone who celebrates the OF in Latin, so I think the usage is pretty commonly understood.

    Fr. Hollowell’s the man! We went to high school together, though he was a few years older than me. His brother who was in my class and another younger brother are now in the seminary, and their father is the president of our alma mater. I am about to move back to the archdiocese and look forward to seeing good things from the current and future Fathers Hollowell !

  4. Dustin and Jamie P. says:

    This is fabulous! My mother lives in Brazil and I have visited Annunciation parish several times with my children. In fact, I’ll be visiting her in a couple of weeks.

  5. transparent2one says:

    Father Hollowell is a solid, respected and loved priest.

  6. transparent2one says:

    And here is another great piece from Father Hollowell

  7. transparent2one says:

    And here is another great piece from Father Hollowell.

  8. Bea says:

    “The gravitational pull will increase even as the biological solution clears the way.”

    Amen to that

  9. Gratias says:

    Amazing the difference one Holy priest can make. Hope his two brothers are equally effective.

  10. chantgirl says:

    More good news from Indy! My friend who was just ordained a priest this past spring, Fr. Jerry Byrd, just learned to say the EF. He will be saying EF Masses at Holy Rosary Church (which has the EF Tuesday through Sunday every week) in Indianapolis December 21,22,23 ( you’d have to call them for the times). I am so excited about these brand new priests stepping out on a limb to celebrate the EF.

    Also, Father Michael W. Magiera, the administrator of Holy Rosary, has a section of the parish’ website devoted to questions and answers about the EF.

  11. Adam Welp says:

    I have cousins that are members at Annunciation. Looks like I need to visit them for a couple days!

    This is great news! Now all we need is for a priest here in the New Albany Deanery to start saying the TLM and I think we would have all four corners of the Archdiocese covered.

  12. Matthew says:

    This is good news. But I’m not sure about the coverage across the diocese. There still isn’t a latin mass anywhere between Indy and louisville. That’s the whole southern half of the state. A mass near Bloomington or Columbus would be very helpful. When we lived down there, it was an hour each way to mass – not a family friendly proposition!

  13. transparent2one says:

    Go to Mother of the Redeemer retreat center in Bloomington. Its not the ext. Form but the ordinary form the way it should be.

  14. joan ellen says:

    This is good news! May all be blessed at Annunciation – Fr. and parishioners and visitors.

  15. joan ellen says:

    I went to 7:00 a.m. Novus Ordo Mass on Monday at
    Saint Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church – 1506 Washington Street, Michigan City, Indiana 46360. Fr. Ciesla celebrates Tridentine/Latin (so says the bulletin) Sundays at 12:30 p.m. and also Wednesdays at 7:00 a.m. First Friday Tridentine at 8:00 a.m. and a Holy Hour.
    The Church is just beautiful. See here:

  16. jkm210 says:

    Holy Rosary is kind of becoming the home for everyone because they now have Anglican Use Mass along with EF and OF. It’s really nice to see a place where all of those forms can coexist peacefully!

    To Matthew, Saints Philomena and Cecilia in Oak Forest also has EF Mass, but it’s not really between Indy and Louisville. I’m sort of surprised there isn’t EF Mass at St. Ann or St. Joseph in Jennings County.

  17. Midwest St. Michael says:


    The Farm has *public* Sunday Masses only on their retreat weekends, as I understand it. (third weekend of the month)

    I understand Archbishop Buechlien requested it to be this way to not take attendance away from local parishes.


  18. Adam Welp says:

    MSM, nice to see you again! We need to meet up one of these days when I’m back in Jasper as I have misplaced the contact info you gave me the last time we met.

  19. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Hey Adam. :)

    I’ve been leading a faith study at Holy Family on Wednesday evenings. (apologetics oriented) Will be doing it again in the winter semester.

    If you want, google the parish website or diocesan website to get the contact info for the DRE there.

    Her name is Mary. Tell her I sent you. Give her your contact info or ask her for mine (she has my email addresses).

    God bless!

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