Question to priestly readers

Are any priests who are readers here thinking about going to Rome for the time of the conclave and, hopefully, inaugural Mass (which I’ll guess could be on the Feast of St. Joseph)?

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  1. idelsan says:

    Maybe. It depends on the date. It’s quite cheap an easy to find tickets from Spain. The flight costs about 30 or 40 euros. And I could be in Rome and back the same day.

  2. OdeM says:

    Only in my dreams… Well, at least some of my confreres are there… Sigh.

  3. Random Friar says:

    Ditto what OdeM said. Unless some parishioner decides that it would be better for me to be far away from the parish, I cannot pinch anywhere near the U.S. pennies needed.

  4. don Jeffry says:

    Very possible, very probable!

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