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  1. priests wife says:

    Today I have a clothes dryer, dishwasher and garbage disposal after months of doing without- luxury!

    We and the extended family are healthy and doing fine- but please pray for my friend’s son Joey (with Down’s Syndrome) who is fighting leukemia (he was healed of heart trouble after visiting Lourdes)- the good news? He will probably be ok

  2. Matt R says:

    I decided that I will be attending Franciscan University in the fall!

  3. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    A formerly protestant couple that I helped lead into the Catholic Church (by the grace of God) last year just had their first baby a couple of days ago and will be baptizing the child in a few weeks.

    Another friend of mine that I helped bring into the Catholic Church will be moving with his new wife back to within a few hours of my city after sojourning on the other side of the US for the last couple of years.

    My wife is due to deliver our 3rd son at the end of May and so far everything has gone smoothly with the pregnancy and the baby is right on track.

  4. Philangelus says:

    I finished the draft of my novel and got the whole thing typed in, and now I’m doing edits. This is huge progress for me because I was stalled for so long.

  5. Quanah says:

    Just paid off a credit card today.

    @ Matt R,
    I tried not to go to Franciscan University, but God had other plans. I am very blessed to have studied there.

  6. restoration says:

    My wife is nearly 20 weeks along with our 4th child and doing great! The pregnancy was the answer to many prayers over a long period of time. Now, I just need to return to work…please pray for jobs for veterans!

  7. marylise says:

    Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680), Lily of the Mohawks, granted a favour on her first official optional memorial as a saint in the liturgical calendar (April 17) to someone entangled in a business problem that was potentially quite expensive. In answer to prayer, St. Kateri first enabled the person to stay calm and renounce all sinful anger. She reinforced in the person’s mind her own guiding principle: “Who can tell me what is pleasing to God, so that I may do it?” (Upon embracing Christianity, Kateri lost interest in anything except pleasing God and remained steadfast until death without a single relapse.) Once the person became detached enough to accept the possibility of a financial blow (without anger or anxiety), suddenly out of the blue St. Kateri solved the problem. She took a tangled mess and turned it into a fragrant flower. Kateri is a powerful contemplative saint, and a gracious friend to citizens of the United States and Canada. Prayers to her do not go unanswered.

  8. inexcels says:

    Passed my master’s defense. Should be done with classes forever after this semester so I can go into research-only mode for my Ph.D. Also have reliable employment for the next year.

  9. Matt8006 says:

    My wife will give birth to our first child in August. What an awesome gift from Our Lord!

  10. StJude says:

    My business is finally doing well enough that I can afford insurance for my son and I! This is an answered prayer.

    I saw some women on a busy intersection today offering to pray for people. They had signs that said “Got Prayer?”
    I pulled over and they prayed for my intentions. Isn’t that cool? Yesterday I read how Priests in Boston stood on the sidewalk offering to counsel people and pray with them. Then today… I saw those women.

  11. mamajen says:

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant and doing well, all things considered. I didn’t know if I would get this far. Very appreciative of the prayers I have received!

    My dad has been very helpful with some much needed house renovations that needed to happen before we could get the baby’s room ready. He has made a tremendous amount of progress, and I’m feeling at ease that everything will be done in time. His help has enabled us to save quite a bit of money, too.

    And, finally, the weather has improved. We have sunshine and can go without coats!

  12. Charivari Rob says:

    Safe travel in some crummy weather last week.
    A long-overdue weekend with my parents.
    Taking Mom out to a hymnal workshop.
    The staff at the nursing home who take care of Dad.
    Springtime! The forsythia was in bloom in NJ.
    A loyal dog.
    Progress – slow, but there (some, finally) – in getting off my rear end and clearing the decks of personal issues.
    Good neighbors and learning to ask them for help once in a while.
    Cousins from Canada who specifically set aside part of their US vacation to visit my folks.
    Finally getting some traction in the grad course I’m auditing.
    As horrible as Monday afternoon was here in Boston, the proximity of many and/or qualified responders likely kept the death toll from being much worse.
    I suspect the mild weather has likely helped the investigation here by not washing away evidence from the scene of the crime.

    Much good news for which to be thankful.

  13. JoAnna says:

    I’m pregnant for the 7th time (baby #5 here on Earth) and am due October 8. Despite a tumultuous beginning (a week of bleeding), baby seems to be doing well.

  14. Mary Jane says:

    Baby #3 on the way! I’m 10 weeks along, due in November.

  15. frjim4321 says:

    Had a great day off with a decadent 2-hour nap outside in the sun.

    Going through recipes and getting ready to bake a chocolate marble grand marnier cheesecake for brother-in-law’s birthday.

    A primo day off. No drama, just relaxing. Maybe dinner at the Mexican place on the hill.

  16. katerosemar says:

    hmmm, the things I’ve been most worried/prayed/worried about the last few months have all worked out. I’m grateful, but I’m also thinking I should have worried less about these and more about Greater Things (Matt 6:25-34).

    I dread moving & travel and worry about funding for next year. Here are my top 12 good newses:
    1) found an apartment easily–the search seemed daunting, but the first place I actually walked through worked well, even negotiating three things to make it even better
    2) even found moving supplies easily and free, and friend “helpers” came forward without my having to ask.
    3) travel for a required work convention went totally smoothly, unlike any airline trip I’ve ever had before.
    4) also unlike any earlier trip, I did not get sick with a cold/flu/etc.
    5) I had travel funding from work, rather than having to pay out of pocket.
    6) with my chronic medical condition, I had a minor flareup but NO relapse after the travel and stress of the convention.
    7) I have academic work for the summer AND for next year, against the odds.
    8) the car repair estimated at $900 was about $200.
    9) I’ve had enough focus and energy to get rid of clutter, making this move easier.
    10) my current supervisors and colleagues are collegial and support my work, and I just got accepted to another conference [no airline travel / overnight stay required].
    11) It’s springtime. I have my favorite flowers on my table. It’s Paschaltide. Alleluia!
    12) Several of my family members also have good news lately. I’ll be seeing them soon.

    These next two months will be unprecedentedly busy for my work. I pray that I may make good use of the opportunities and graces. And I ask you and my patron saints for prayers for good health of mind and body and grace to root out my predominate fault (which I shan’t mention here, but God knows!).

  17. Indulgentiam says:

    Congratulations to all, especially the Daddy’s and Mama’s with little ones on the way.
    More souls to glorify The Lord !!!
    I am grateful for, year three in remission from cancer, more strength to keep working and a son contemplating the Priesthood. DEO Gratias!!!

  18. ryanmatthew says:

    Fr. Z, I hope you’re ready for this:

    Friday: I watch the video about St. Peter’s Omaha. I call parish. I watch Fr. Cook’s video about his vocation journey. He says, “Be bold.” I listen. Receive email from Adult Education director at my parish-I may receive Confirmation in a few weeks.

    Saturday: Wake to phone call from Fr. Cook. We talk about Omaha, St. Peter’s, vocations. He prays for me and decides to give my number to Vocations Director.

    Sunday: Difficult conversation with female friend with whom I’ve been a bit entangled. The day takes us on a journey to make her feel better about things. Conversation ensues about vocations. She hadn’t considered religious life. She is blown away about the idea. A tumbler falls. She might be a nun. End the day with Mass at St. James Cathedral. Pray for a sponsor for my upcoming Confirmation.

    Monday: Walk into work and first person I see is my Catholic buddy. I tell him the good news about my Confirmation. His first words: “Do you need a sponsor?”

    Tuesday: Meet with old friend (evangelical) and his wife, she a Catholic and pregnant with their first child. I ask if the baby will be baptized Catholic. Conversation follows about the Sacraments, their efficacy and power, sacramental participation in the life of Christ versus Protestant Sola Fide. He’s happy for me. And jealous. Seed planted.

    Last 10 days: Episcopalian grandmother receives Rosary from family friend. Turns out she had wanted to convert decades ago but a terrible time with nasty people in the Church turned her off. St. Barnabas in Omaha is Anglo-Catholic. She knows St. Peter’s. I hatch a plan/
    Mother was almost a Catholic until turned off by bad experience with a priest. Made promise long ago to become Catholic. Asked me what to do.

    I hope that this cheers you up! And I welcome any prayers that a commenter/reader who happens upon this comment may offer up.

  19. aviva meriam says:

    A Good friend in AZ recovered dramatically from serious neurological complications of infection….. He beat the odds and is home less than one week after brain biopsy.


  20. KosmoKarlos says:

    Regular school.
    Lots of cool wind here in SoCal, which is really nice, compared to the fact it can get really hot, and I’m not a big fan of hot. ;)
    Going to practice with the church choir, and possibly learn a new chant.
    Thanks to the Lord.

  21. acardnal says:

    how can any one call sleeping for two hours a “nap”?

  22. HyacinthClare says:

    TAX SEASON IS OVER! Actually, the best one in years. I asked God for 225 returns to do (200 last year) and I got 226!

  23. Tim Ferguson says:

    I’ve been accepted as a seminarian for the diocese of Marquette, and will be returning to priestly formation later this summer!

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  24. acardnal says:

    Matt R,
    look up fellow freshman and home-schooled “Renaissance Man”,
    Ben Yanke, ( when you get there. I am confident that the both of you, working as a team, can get a daily TLM/EF going there at FUS!

  25. acardnal says:

    Let’s see. . . bombs in Boston, ricin in letters, nukes in Iran and North Korea. So what’s the good news? The Lord left us the Sacrament of Confession. Go. Go now!

  26. Gregg the Obscure says:

    I was able to sleep through the night last night as one of my recent physical injuries is completely healed and the other three are getting close.

  27. Suburbanbanshee says:

    1. I’m still employed, my little brother is still employed, my parents are still well, and everybody got through the winter okay.

    2. I Kindle-published my translation of the first two books of St. Beatus of Liebana’s Commentary on the Apocalypse, and have gotten six sales! (Next task, marketing!)

  28. yatzer says:

    All my tulips are blooming and none of my children are in a crisis (that I know of).

  29. tmhester says:

    I have a beautiful wife and two incredible little children! What better news could I offer? Well, let’s see… Despite the chronic pain from my spinal fusion I was able to teach high school students about the commandments and morality today. The pain itself is good news because I have legs that can feel pain, unlike so many of our brothers and sisters in Boston right now. I have a good job, a beautiful home in which to live, and a share in Our Blessed Lord’s suffering which I all too often wish to reject. But the best news of all is that He brought me to the altar this evening to receive Him in the Eucharist. God be praised!

  30. ajemiand says:

    President Obama is speaking tomorrow at the Mother Church of Boston, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Under normal circumstances I would compare this to his receiving a degree from Notre Dame. But I am glad he has chosen a Catholic Venue to address the nation on this tragedy, and that Cardinal O’Malley is amenable to it.

  31. frjim4321 says:

    Acard: because it was in the middle of the day?

    The priest’s day off is essential and not to be trifled with.

  32. acardnal says:

    frjim, LOL. I hope you got a good tan.

  33. frjim4321 says:

    Not yet. By First Communion.

  34. paul_leone says:

    My sister had surgery today to remove pre-cancerous cells and all went well, thanks be to God!

    (In more trivial affairs, the first draft of the second novel in my Vatican Vampire Hunters series is almost done – with any luck, it’ll be out by this fall.)

  35. Indulgentiam says:

    Can’t believe i forgot. I blame old age. I am Especially grateful for the example of holy Priests and Monks and Nuns. Sparks of light in a dark world. DEO Gratias!!!

  36. Kathleen10 says:

    acardnal, if you’re over 50, that’s a nap. :) I have no idea if Fr. Jim is, just guessing.

    I am so happy for everyone’s good news! Thank you Lord.

    My good news. My husband went to Confession today. First time since 1983! He says he feels great, and he wants to go regularly.
    My son was just given a bonus and a promotion at work. His fourth in three and one half years. He struggled to find his way, and now he has. He has a lovely wife and two beautiful sons.
    I feel blessed.

  37. Jackie L says:

    Late this Summer, Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Detroit will be hosting it’s first Traditional Mass since the 1960’s.

  38. HeatherPA says:

    My husband has retired from the USMC after 20 years and in one, whole piece, praise The Lord.
    Thanks be to God through the intercession of St. Joseph the Worker, he found a full time, excellent job right away.
    Our son is considering Mount St. Mary’s or Christendom College after he graduates high school next year.
    Our five month old continue to be a rich blessing- healthy and sweet.
    Please pray our house sells so we can all live under the same roof!
    Glory be to God!

  39. LarryW2LJ says:

    Maybe, just maybe …… I might be getting nibbles regarding a job? Still leaving everything in God’s Hands and trusting Him completely.

  40. frjim4321 says:

    K10 – – –

    Yup, 50+, going on 22!

    Love naps … love getting up super early on Saturdays knowing that there will be a glorious nap in the afternoon!


    – – – Fr. Jim

  41. monmir says:

    Was praying for a young man whom I thought could be discerning for a vocation, prayers answered and prayers continue joyfully.

  42. Charivari Rob says:

    Can’t believe I forgot this with my earlier post –

    First Communion class at the Mass where I was visiting this weekend. Pre-Mass gentle reminder announcement about the dignity due the Sacrament and relatives NOT to be taking photos as children received – and they complied!

  43. Bea says:

    My husband’s cancer (PSA) has not progressed.
    Had an enjoyable lunch with friends and shopping day after his visit to the Dr. this Monday
    My bookkeeping balanced on the first try for our semi-yearly audit.

  44. beefcake73099 says:

    Gun control went down in the senate today so there’s that :)

  45. Catholictothecore says:

    We got the good news an hour ago that my 95 year old uncle (mom’s lone surviving brother), is past the danger zone now. He had brain surgery (subdural hematoma) on Divine Mercy Sunday. His prognosis looks excellent, beyond some doctor’s expectations. We are quite pleased with this news. Prayers are a powerful tool.

  46. av8er says:

    Wife signed up for an A.C.T.S. retreat next month. Not even conceivable 6 months ago. Thanks be to God! Went to my first EF mass Sunday. Please remember my wife in your prayers for her continued conversion to the faith.

  47. CGPearson says:

    In September, the Church of St. Agnes in St. Paul, MN will begin offering a weekly Extraordinary Form Low Mass on every Sunday morning at 7:30am. This is in addition to their 10:00am High Mass, which is offered in the Extraordinary Form every other week.

    I’ve also been told verbally that the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, MN will also be adding a Sunday Extraordinary Form Mass to their schedule in the future, though I’ve yet to see that anywhere in writing. Given that Fr. Ubel, who was transferred from the Church of St. Agnes just last year, is the current rector of the Cathedral, I’m hoping there’s merit to this story.

  48. Inigo says:

    By the grace of God, my father returned to the sacraments this easter, my mother is on her way to conversion to catholicism, and their marriage has started to heal. Deo gratias!

  49. NoraLee9 says:

    Geico found in my favor and there will be no deductable after someone in a Beemer hit my driver’s side door on the toll plaza for the lower deck of the Verrazano.
    There is no ding on the rental car after a deer hit me (it could only be me; other people hit deer. In this case, the deer hits me). She was trying to escape from an on-coming car in the opposite lane. This was NOT good news for the deer, however.

  50. Microtouch says:

    I am a Grand Pop again!!

  51. JonPatrick says:

    Over the next couple of weeks my wife and son start a new phase of our lives that will mean less money but we feel will provide him with a solid future. My wife is looking forward to a side benefit – more time, perhaps even be able to attend daily Mass / adoration more often.

    Oh and Spring seemed to have finally arrived here in Central Mass. And the Red Sox have gotten off to a strong start.

  52. Skeinster says:

    Thanks, Fr. Z! Love the Good News.

    Daughter and sil have found a good doctor to help them deal with their son’s anxiety issues. So grateful for this, as it is a beating for them all, especially him.
    Making much progress on a ruthless de-cluttering of the house. Sending your stuff out to bless someone else- priceless!
    After much prayer, at peace with a tough decision.
    The 26th will be my 28th anniversary of being received into the Church.

  53. PA mom says:

    What fabulous good news, everyone!
    The kids are healthy, my grandmother and her long time beau have married, and my husband has been reading and finding inspiration in some daily spiritual emails.
    I am grateful for the general, temporary calm.

  54. Soporatus says:

    I discovered this amaZing website!

  55. Jeannie_C says:

    Our daughter is back to work after successful surgery, thank God! Good to hear you are well, Mamajen, I’ve been praying for you and your family. It is good to read of all these blessings.

  56. lizaanne says:

    My dear father is doing much better after a very harrowing week of dealing with his chronic depression and anxiety, two hospital visits, and more. Praying his progress continues, and he can help him to break out of the now two year hell of what this illness has done to him. Yesterday was a good day — hope there are more to come.

  57. frodo says:

    My six week old daughter was Baptized this past Saturday.

  58. StanS says:

    My wife had oral surgery today and is doing very well. Blessed be God. Thanks for all the prayers and especially the Mass said by Fr. Akpunonu.

  59. AngelGuarded says:

    On April 6, 2013, my husband of 13 years and I had a convalidation Mass which was a full wedding ceremony in our Church with our most favorite and loved parish Priest. This was the result of both of us coming back into full communion (pun intended) with the Holy Church, submitting our paperwork to the canon lawyers, waiting through a time of no Sarcraments (so hard!), and getting the green light to be married in the eyes of God and the Church. We are so happy! It was a wonderful and holy event that we will treasure forever and ever.

  60. Emily B says:

    The good news is that I have been blessed to be involved with a new website that supports Catholic women who are living the teachings of the church. Last week they ran an article about us in our diocesan newspaper and it sent many visitors to our site!! The website consists of anonymous testimony from women who have accepted the church’s moral teaching and how they have lived the teaching, struggles and all….most importantly how that moral teaching has born fruit in their lives.
    Please pray for our efforts!,22480

  61. An American Mother says:

    Not on the level of most good news here, but still good news . . .
    My youngest Labrador Retriever passed her first Senior Hunter test on Saturday. She was on the absolute top of her game and worked the test like an old pro.
    Good job Miss Katy!

  62. MaryW says:

    Expecting both my ninth grandchild and first great-grandchild this coming Fall in the months of September and October, respectively

  63. Ygnacia says:

    The Latin Mass Community at Mission San Buenaventura, after 15 years at the Mission, was removed by the new pastor. Through the charity of Archbishop Gomez and the pastor, Fr. Preston P. Passos, of St. Mary Magdalen, they now have a new home:
    Saint Mary Magdalen
    2532 Ventura Boulevard
    Camarillo, California 93010
    (805) 484-0532
    10 a.m. Sundays
    They have already doubled their Mass size, and are feeling very welcome in their new home. If you are in the Los Angeles area, please come by to welcome them in their new home~
    They have posted pics of their Palm Sunday Mass at their new location, just beautiful:

  64. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Even on my limited income, I have managed to find the money for two Mass stipends one for a local pastor, and one for our ordinary. Thanks go to the Infant of Prague.

    Son who passed out while serving Mass, as it turns out, has much better medical news that we had thought.

    God bless,


  65. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    I had a moving Holy Week in Rome and Easter Week in Venice. I attended the FSSP churches in both cities, Solemn Vespers on Easter Sunday at San Marco, the Patriarch presiding. On Low Sunday, at the FSSP church in Rome, I thought I had been transported to Paradise. Thanks to all who prayed for my pilgrimage.

  66. Darren says:

    After being unemployed since a layoff the week after Thanksgiving I have finally found a new job, today receiving and accepting an offer of employment. May this be one that last for years and years! I’ll hopefully start the beginning of May.

    Thank you Saint Joseph! and to all who have prayed for me through this…

  67. IngridAiram says:

    In less than five weeks I’m getting married.

    Was able to spend quite some time with Our Lord today, which really brought some rest. Deo gratias.

  68. johnnyDmunoz says:

    Got to drive with windows down…

  69. pinoytraddie says:

    Watched a Documentary on the Pope Emeritus,starting You,Fr Z!

  70. pmullane says:

    Baby boy arrived safe and well on Palm Sunday, Thanks Be to God! Wife and Son are both doing well.

    I am lucky that I have a wonderful and supportive family around me.

    A very dear friend was married last Saturday, and we were lucky enough to share in their special day and catch up with many good friends.

    I have been enjoying the celebrations of Mother Angelica’s 90th birthday on EWTN, I am thankful to the Lord for that special lay whose network has done so much for th faith and the glory of God.

  71. tealady24 says:

    Our grandduaghter will be a year old already in May and she will be a big sister in December!! God is good!

  72. cicada380 says:

    My husband became a Catholic at the Easter Vigil this year. It is such a blessing to receive Eucharist together after 16 years of marriage! Now he is learning the rosary so we can pray together.

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