Stellarum Bella

I would love to see a whole tapestry of the story:

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  1. Southern Baron says:

    Only problem, it almost sounds like Vader is denying being the baby daddy.

  2. John Fannon says:

    It’s a bit late in the UK , so it took a moment for the penny to drop!

    Wonderful. Hilarious!

  3. Margaret says:

    Love the words for lightsaber & Skywalker, but can anyone help me out with what “IMO” means?

  4. Lucas Whittaker says:

    But Dad!! How could you?

  5. Gregory DiPippo says:

    Baron Australis, inspice duplicia puncta, pausam denotantia inter “Non” et “Ego sum pater tuus.” Graviter tamen deliquit qui “lux” loco “lucis” scripsit et “verus” loco “verum”.

  6. Deacon Nathan Allen says:

    And shouldn’t “LVCIVS” be “LVKAS”?

  7. Paulo says:

    Very, very funny!

  8. Legisperitus says:

    This should almost qualify as Just Too Cool.

  9. Southern Baron says:

    Gregori: duplicia puncta video.

  10. pseudomodo says:

    All this on the day that Richard LeParmentier, General Motti from ‘Star Wars,’ Dies At age 66.

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing…”

    Translate to latin?

  11. Cafea Fruor says:


    I’m a bit tired, so I did wonder for a bit what on earth “Luxgla” is, and then I realized “Luxgladium” is split into two lines. :-)

  12. Cafea Fruor says:

    Oh, and for those who wonder about the “Non ego sum…”. With punctuation, it’s “Non. Ego sum pater tuus.” The script runs thus:

    Vader: “Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.”
    Luke: “He told me enough! He told me you killed him!”
    Vader: “No. I am your father.”
    Luke: “No… that’s not true! That’s impossible!”

  13. acardnal says:

    Margaret, “IMO”= In My Opinion in the texting genre.

  14. ghp95134 says:

    That rates right up there with the “O Devs mevs! Mactavervnt Kenney, eos bastardi!” Bayeaux Tapestry rendition I once saw, but cannot find again! Arrrgggghhhhhh!

    –WWIDO de Poer
    [aka Guy Power]

  15. Margaret says:

    acardnal, I’m familiar with the internet/text shorthand, but In My Opinion doesn’t really make sense in that context. Plus I’d be horribly disappointed. But Google gave me a list of adverbs that work nicely: No! Nay! By no means! On the contrary!

    So— No! It’s not true! works quite nicely. :)

    The biggest potential problem I could see with a whole tapestry series is that Yoda’s inverted word order would be lost.

  16. Tom in NY says:

    Ut φως tecum maneat.

    Salutationes omnibus.

  17. Tom in NY says:

    Ne minus impetum aestimas.

    Salutationes omnibus.

  18. gjp says:

    T-shirts, anyone?

  19. Rich0116 says:

    I read “IMO” as shorthand for “imo pectore” = “from the depths of his chest”, a standard poetic phrase for when someone is deeply moved or saddened.

    As for “I find your lack of faith disturbing…” … hmmm … Quod fides tua deest mihi dolet… but I wonder is “dolet” is too much

    Gosh I need this on my wall. And on a t-shirt.

  20. Legisperitus says:

    Margaret: “IMO” here is a misspelling of “IMMO,” which is an emphatic No. Lewis & Short give translations including “No indeed” and “By no means.”

  21. Legisperitus says:

    Addendum – Sorry, it seems you’ve found that already.

  22. av8er says:

    So very cool. T-shirt idea is genius. Fr. Z.? You could sell it in your online store.

  23. Mariana says:

    volvens super pavimentum ridens

  24. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    ‘Bella inter Stellaris’? (In any case, many thanks for this delightful tapestry!)

    [Or maybe bella stellaria?]

  25. benstox says:

    I really like the art style, but does Latin actually use ‘non’ to answer questions though? I would have thought that ‘ego sum pater tuus’ was emphatic enough, with out needing ‘non: ego…’, which if you’re not careful does sound like he’s denying being Luke’s father. Also why ‘Darcus’?

  26. Legisperitus says:

    The Dagobayeux Tapestry.

  27. incorpore says:

    Of all the evils Darth Vader has committed, standing on the Communion Rail is beyond the pale.

  28. LarryW2LJ says:

    From trypych to trilogy

  29. Soporatus says:

    Eruditionem Latinitatis commentatorium doctorum nonnullorum libenter miror. Indictiones imperfectionum linguae fere consentio. Pars autem dilectionis subtracta posit, si modi vexillium fortasse neglectum: Levior cibus.

  30. pseudomodo says:

    I was thinking that it would be cool to see the tapestry from the beginning with the latin text scrolling by but then I thought that should I be the one to stroll by the text or should the tapestry be pulled along in front of me whaile I am stationary and then I thought wow it would be cool to see Starwars in latin and then i found out YOU CAN!!!

  31. The Masked Chicken says:

    I think we will see these trapestries in a game coming, soon, he he. Night-century Nintendo.

    The Chicken

  32. Mariana says:



    Consilium Mercatorum avarem Naboonem navibus longis obsidet…

  33. Dom Kilian, Can.Reg. says:

    In order to allow the original artist to get credit, you can find the original here:

  34. Mrs.Abingdon says:

    My thought process: “Stella, star… OF THE stars, stellarum… Bella, war… STAR WARS! Lux gladium tenet!”

    For the first time ever I looked at a Latin text (outside of Mass) and understood it! (I have been reading Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata for 2 weeks, with no prior knowledge of Latin.) This is fun!

  35. Gail F says:

    Legispertus wrote: “The Dagobayeux Tapestry.”
    HA HA HA HA!!!
    Saw this elsewhere yesterday. I didn’t see the punctuation mark that looks like a colon so I too thought it said “I am not your father.” Someone else told me it should read, “No, I am your father” and seems to simply be translated literally from English by someone who doesn’t know that in Latin, “non” is never used for “no” but always means “not.” Thanks to all for the “imo” info, I figured it was some sort of emphatic word but I couldn’t find it.

  36. NBW says:

    Awesome!!!! A T-shirt would be cool!

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