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Francis, the G8, and reform of the Roman Curia – some musings

Over here I posted about the new G8 that Pope Francis will call together in October.  They are supposedly to help with alterations to the constitution called Pastor bonus, that governs the Roman Curia. We all agree that reform of … Read More

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Pope Francis convokes a “group” of Cardinals

One month into his pontificate, Pope Francis has done a few unusual things.  Here is another. The G8. Pope Francis invited a group of cardinals to meet to help him, among other things it seems, revise John Paul II’s Apostolic … Read More

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Groovy new recording of a new Vivaldi “Dixit Dominus”

No grooves, as it turns out.  It’s all digital now, isn’t it? A reader passed news to me that La Nuova Musica recorded a newly identified Dixit Dominus (a common first antiphon for Sunday vespers), by Vivaldi.  It was previously thought … Read More

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The Tablet inserts another extremist into the “foot washing” debate!

The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill) has printed a piece about the washing of women’s feet during the Holy Thursday Mass. Let’s see what this extremist has to say, with my emphases and comments. Priests should not wash women’s feet, says … Read More

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