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Boston’s Wake

In your charity, please pray for the victims in Boston and for their loved ones. As some prepare for wakes, this is a wake up call for a country and for families and individuals. One of the most important petitions … Read More

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Sr. Simone Campbell spins the CDF smackdown of the LCWR. Hilarity ensues.

In a story about the CDF smackdown on the LCWR, USA Today quotes Sr. Simone Campbell of the ultra-poltical, ultra-liberal Nuns on the Bus crowd. Sr. Campbell is too smart actually to believe this, but let’s read it anyway: […] … Read More

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Pope Francis: “Where there is calumny, there is Satan himself.”

Today, in his fervorino at Mass, Pope Francis again mentioned the Enemy of your soul, the Devil. He talks about the Devil frequently when speaking off the cuff. From the site of Vatican Radio with my emphases and comments: The Pope … Read More

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Fr. James Martin’s spin on the CDF smackdown of the LCWR

The spin continues. Another example comes from Fr. James Martin, SJ of America Magazine.    (Remember his Twitter campaign to show appreciation of the nuns?) Martin’s arguments against despair over CDF’s smackdown of the the LCWR do not convince.   … Read More

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Fishwrap starts to spin Holy See’s smackdown of the LCWR

Let the games begin! The Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) is now between a rock and a hard spot. The NSR and LCWR are practically one flesh.  At the same time, NSR has been crooning about Pope Francis new “humble” … Read More

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Recent LCWR statements – context for the Holy See’s smackdown

Today the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith smacked down, hard, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  This is, as you may remember, the group of leaders of communities of women religious (not all the religious themselves, but the … Read More

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Will this be the moment the National Schismatic Reporter crowd turns on Francis? This is new.  It does NOT refer to their meeting of some months ago. From news.va: COMMUNIQUE OF THE CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH CONCERNING … Read More

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