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What does Fr. Z really say? A response to critics on the left and the right.

Back on 2 April – which in blog years is like a decade ago – I offered a brief manifesto about how I think we ought to approach Pope Francis. In fact, there are any number of entries I have … Read More

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CNN insinuates that Archbp. Vigneron “dialed back” his words about promoters of same-sex marriage and Holy Communion

There is a deeply flawed, perhaps even mendacious, piece on CNN about Archbishop Vigneron’s comments about Catholics who promote same-sex marriage and reception of Holy Communion.  I posted about that HERE. The CNN article suggests, implies, hints, that the Archdiocese … Read More

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New Secretary of State coming… soon

My spidey-sense suggests that there may be an appointment of a new Secretary of State very soon.  It is safe to say “soon”.  How about maybe as soon as tomorrow… well… today (it’s just after midnight where I am). This … Read More


Comment Registration, Blank Pages, Banning, Thanks, and You

In order to comment here, readers must register and I must approve the registration. This is for two reasons. First, were I not to place this restriction, the combox would be a demonically crazy place.  My traffic here would go … Read More

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