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MSM and liberal view of Francis v. Benedict

The folks at Rorate got something right about Pope Francis and treatment by the slobbering mainstream media and catholics. How the mainstream media (and many Catholics) view the papacy “What on earth is that Hitler Youth member doing with those … Read More

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HEY DISSENTERS! Pope Francis says negotiating away parts of the Faith is “the path of apostasy, of disloyalty to the Lord”

Some people are all quivery about Pope Francis new humble style. “Isn’t he wonderful?”, they exclaim. “He’s getting rid of all that fancy stuff for liturgy!  The days of that obviously arrogant old Pope Benedict are over.  Now we have … Read More

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8 April – a great Catholic anniversary!

It is great to be Catholic.  And fun too! The Italian site of ZENIT informs us that on 8 April we celebrate the 750th anniversary of the finding of the incorrupt tongue of St. Anthony of Padua! YES!  It is! On … Read More

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Pope Francis and confessions (and liberals)

Liberals are crowing about how wonderful Pope Francis new liturgical style is.  “Everyone should imitate him!”, they exalt. Okay, my little friends, hearing confessions, the Sacrament of Penance, is LITURGY. Here is something I picked up from Catholic World News. … Read More

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Obama Admin in Army Reserve brief lumps Catholicism in with Al Qaeda, Hamas, KKK

I call it “creeping incrementalism”. Liberals will state or propose something outrageous.  There is an outcry against it.  They back done.   They wait for awhile.  They do it again.  There is an outcry, but the outcry isn’t quite as … Read More

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