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Indulgences, blessings for a priest’s First Mass – ATTENTION BISHOPS & ORDINANDS! ACTION ITEM!

Here is something useful from Ed “the academic” Peters. NOTE TO BISHOPS and ORDINANDS: It would be great were you to make this known to people before the opportunity has passed!  Consider putting a note about this things in the … Read More

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Pope Francis again speak about the Devil in a sermon about gossip

Pope Francis speaks about the devil often – probably more often than any other pope in modern history. From News.va, part of what he said: Pope Francis further developed this reflection. “When we prefer to gossip, gossip about others, criticize … Read More

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QUAERITUR: How should a bishop carry the crosier?

From a reader: Buona Pasqua!!! [Altrettanto!] I want to ask about the way of bishop’s staff. many people(liturgy experts) said, only the ordinary could turn the tip(i don’t know how to call it exactly) of staff to the congregation. Other … Read More

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A priest asks about exorcisms

From a priest: I am a young priest in the Diocese of ….. A number of months ago you posted from a conference on exorcism you attended in Tulsa. In one of those posts you said something to the effect … Read More

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At the blog Laetificat, run by a sharp gal in Madison (who comments here), there are some marvelous images juxtaposed. First, pictures by kids from last Palm Sunday.  Go there for the back story. Some of Matisse to this… Oh … Read More

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Pope Francis and the cuillère à sauce individuelle and grand liturgy

Last night I watched a movie I haven’t seen in years from a brand new blu-ray disk (thanks CEF!) on the big hi-def screen: Babette’s Feast. This movie has it all. I can say “everything” now because it is the Pope’s … Read More

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