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BOSTON: Saint….?

I am in Boston. Guys from BC picked me up at the airport.  Being a Gopher Hockey kind of guy, I was a little conflicted about that.  They won me over with a nice supper at a place with a … Read More

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My view for a while

On the road. I feel sort of human. The antibiotics may be helping. Fairly short flights today and everything seems to be on time. None of Pres. Obama’s artificial, inflicted, political flight delays … yet. Yes, this is the book. … Read More

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Theologian responds to Archbp. Marini’s less than helpful comment on same-sex unions

A noted Swiss theologian has responded to the non-theologian but former-papal MC, Archbp. Piero Marini, in the matter of Marini’s approval of recognition of civil same-sex unions. Archbp. Marini, Piero (not to be confused with the present papal MC Msgr. … Read More

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An unusual combination of words

I like this story from Fox. Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop comes to aid of woman being attacked A Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop helped a neighbor woman escape a Tuesday morning attack by a man who had been stalking her. Kent … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Communion outside Mass for the sake of First Friday and Saturday

From a reader: I know Catholics can receive communion outside of Mass for certain reasons such as being sick and unable to attend Mass on Sunday, or as Viaticum, etc. I’m wondering if it’s possible for Catholics to receive communion … Read More

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