Of Holy Cards, Magazines, and Your Donations

I received a note from folks who are putting out the “Magnificat” style magazine but for the Traditional Roman Rite, Laudamus Te. They have put their project on hold for a bit as they work through translations and so forth. You may want to visit their site and boost them with a subscription.


They included a great Holy Card of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots!   What a great title!


Speaking of Holy Cards, you may recall that in March when I was in Rome for conclave and subsequent election of Pope Francis, I had the very day of the election stopped at a couple souvenir type stores to buy packages of Holy Cards with some image of St. Peter on them.  I could find really good ones, but… hey!  In any event, I hauled them around in my back pack all day and then to the square in the evening for Pope Francis appearance for the first time… and his Urbi et Orbi blessing.  It is generally the intention of the Popes to bless objects people bring for that purpose.

In any event, when I got them home, I ordered ink stamps so that I could mark them with the necessary information about the who, where, what, etc.



Again, they are what they are.

I am sending them out by snail mail to readers who send particularly generous donations (involving 3 digits).  It is my great pleasure to do so.  Since some people clicked the waving flag (I am raising money for a liturgy conference in Rome at the end of June), today I was happy to write up a few more envelopes for Mr Postman tomorrow!

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