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The Feeder Feed: surprise Goldfinch

I am at the Met (big surprise) and I have been surprised by Christological Goldfinch in an unusual place. On the one hand our finch is is in usual place: baby Jesus hand. On the other hand, our finch is … Read More

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Pink Lunch!

Ahhh Veselka! I try to get here at least once per visit. Cold Borscht! It’s too hot for anything else. GAH! As I eat my crunchy and cold soup, I am processing last nights procession and wishing I had photos. … Read More

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GUEST POST: A priest on attending a Novus Ordo Mass in the congregation

Some people argue that the Traditional Latin Mass is too hard to follow because of A, B, or C. Let’s turn that sock inside out. It is actually, often, too hard to follow what is going on most celebrations of … Read More

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Bp. Nickless (D. Sioux City): we must “exorcize” the “spirit of Vatican II”

I have mentioned Bishop Nickless of Sioux City before. This is from LifeSite: Sioux City Bishop Calls for “Exorcism” of “Spirit of Vatican II” By Kathleen Gilbert SIOUX CITY, Iowa, October 16, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Catholics must learn to “exorcise” … Read More

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Nuns on the Bus: the pro-abortion sequel

It’s time again to break out that old fav: The Nuns on the bus go ’round and ’round! The last time these dissenters got on their political … hobbyhorse, they went ’round and ’round with a wymynpryst.  HERE  This time … Read More

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