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QUAERITUR: Greek island without a Catholic church on Sunday

From a reader: we will be on a Greek island without a Catholic church on a Sunday: can we attend the Greek mass and/or receive the Sacrament? You can, and I think should, attend the Greek Divine Liturgy if attending a … Read More

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Praise ye him, O sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars and light.

I was struck today by the image of a galaxy posted at Astronomy Pic of the Day. On the full screen it is amazing. Click it. Note other galaxies in the background. Sometimes I consider why the visible cosmos is … Read More

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Pope Francis on the possibility of salvation for atheists

People are sending me notes about Pope Francis’ fervorino from Mass yesterday.  News outlets (and panicky emails I am getting) are suggesting that the Pope said that atheists go to heaven.  HERE Alas, we never get what the Pope actually said in … Read More

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A Pastor’s Page: We are Catholic to the extent that we accept Church teaching in its entirety.

My dear friend, the great Fr. George Welzbacher (Class of 1951!), on my list of the smartest men I’ve ever known, has one of the best “Pastor’s Page” weekly offerings you’ll find in any parish bulletin. Before you read what … Read More

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