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If you build confessionals, people will come … and use them

At Religion News Service there is something about confession and confessionals. Putting real confessionals in churches… that’s what I call promoting the New Evangelization. Let’s have a look at this excellent brick by brick story. DERBY, Conn. (RNS) The Rev. … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Vote for the Sisters!

A while back I posted about the  Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (decidedly not LCWR types!) participating in the TV show with the American Bible Challenge HERE. I was sent an email, which says: GSN recently launched the American Bible Challenge … Read More

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Sacred Liturgy Conference in Rome 25-28 June

At site of the Cardinal Newman Society I saw a note about a presser with the French Bishop, Dominique Rey, one of the supporters of a great conference on liturgy which will take place in Rome this summer and to … Read More

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Benedict XVI returns to the Vatican

Benedict XVIreturned today to Vatican City after his sojourn at Castel Gandolfo.  He will live in a building in the gardens behind San Pietro which also houses some religious. Here is a shot of the helicopter with Benedict.

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WDTPRS: St. Athanasius – propugnator, champion

In both the traditional Roman calendar and the post-Conciliar calendar today is the feast of St. Athanasius, Doctor of the Church. Let’s have a quick look at the Collect for the Mass for St. Athanasius in the Ordinary Form.. 2002MR: … Read More

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MSM double standards

They who control the topics control what people think. The mainstream media controls what people think because they control the topics being discussed. How to combat this? A long-time reader sent this by email: I don’t follow the NBA very … Read More

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Collegiality’s dark underbelly

There is a trend you need to be aware of.  Indeed, this is a virus you need to help inoculate others against. Here are a couple examples of the virus that is spreading. First, turn your attention a piece on … Read More

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