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Some are reporting registration, access trouble

Some readers are sending email saying that they are having a hard time with this blog’s registration form. I had to turn up the security option to “paranoid” mode to keep out spammers. Also, it may be that your browser … Read More

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Pope Francis recites the Rosary – POLL

POLL BELOW The Holy Father is, as I type, at Santa Maria Maggiore for recitation of the Most Holy Rosary. Do you say the Rosary? Some shots from the live feed. In Italy it is customary to end the Rosary … Read More

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Mystic Monk Monthly Memo

The present Coffee of the Month offered by the Wyoming Carmelites is perfect for those of you who desire triumphalistic liturgy. Isn’t it time to refresh your coffee supply? (That’s a trick question.  The answer is YES!) And for you … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can I hire a Mason to work on my house?

From a reader: I need some repairs doing on my house. We found a man who seemed competent and honest, and his price is good. Unfortunately, I noticed he was wearing a masonic ring (a pentagram I think). Should I … Read More

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CNA: Theologian (a real one) dismisses call for women ‘deacons’

A while back some proponents of women’s ordination got all excited because a German archbishop said that, during a meeting of their conference, the topic of deaconesses came up. Now a real theologian chimes in. From CNA: Theologian dismisses call … Read More

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QUAERITUR: “The Gospel, the good news, of the Lord.”

From a reader: After the Gospel, one of our priests pronounces the acclamation by saying “The Gospel, the good news, of the Lord.” It has been quite distracting for me personally when he does this because it is not the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can a regular Latin priest say Mass in the Anglican form?

From a reader: With all the hullabaloo in the past with bishops not allowing priests to offer the EF Mass, I’m wondering if Latin Rite priests are allowed to celebrate the Anglican Rite in an Anglican Use Ordinary? I consulted … Read More

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