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Men want arguments!

With men, as men, about things that matter. No passive aggression tonight! I’m on my home turf this evening, at St Augustine’s in S. St. Paul, MN. Happily I am here on the date of what has become a huge … Read More


How the LCWR, Magisterium of Nuns, get around the Church’s teaching and hierarchy

I missed this the other day. On review, it is important enough to post about. Over at Fishwrap, the National Schismatic Reporter, there is an interview with the head of the LCWR, Sr. Florence Deacon, from 7 May, while she … Read More

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The Pope wasn’t killed by a nail to the skull

Because of the abdication of Benedict XVI we had reason to turn the pages of our history books back to the resignation of Celestine V. Who can forget that image of Benedict, then Pope, laying his pallium on the glass … Read More

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