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Sobering photos

Sometimes when I hear talk, often vapid, about the New Evangelization, I cynically wonder when it was that we completed the Old Evangelization. On the other hand, we are living in a post-Christian era, most of us in countries that were … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Should people make responses during the Traditional Latin Mass?

From a reader: I have been attending the TLM almost exclusively for four years now. Where I used to live the responses were always given by the servers and we were expected to unite ourselves silently. However I’ve just moved and here there … Read More

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TODAY – NYC: Corpus Christi – Mass and outdoor procession in Manhattan

Today, Thursday, 30 May, is in the traditional Roman calendar the Feast of Corpus Christi. Today at the Church of the Holy Innocents in Manhattan (37th between Broadway and 7th Ave – easy to reach by subway) at 6pm there … Read More

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